[No Longer Supported] Buy Cloud Server Hosting with Bitcoin

by Immad Uddin Khan  June 25, 2015

Note: Cloudways no longer supports payments through Bitcoin.

Cloudways is exuberant to bring our customers the option of paying with Bitcoin. It gives more people the opportunity to host their website on our state-of-the-art Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

Bitcoin is now the fastest growing payment revolution around the world. With the addition of Bitcoin, many from across the globe will be able to host their websites on the innovative Cloudways Managed Cloud platform. The mission of Cloudways has always revolved around innovation and how to bring the best in cloud hosting to the cloud community, and we believe that the integration of Bitcoin as a payment method will help us accomplish our mission.


You ask: “Why the need for Bitcoin?”

Here are some reasons why we decided to accept this virtual reality.

Exponential Growth

Bitcoin is changing the landscape of finance and is gradually moving towards becoming the largest payment method in the world. Google and Yahoo finance now have Bitcoin price tickers even available to meet the increasing demand.


Bitcoin, not credit cards, were designed for online transactions. It reduces the risk of having your identity compromised on the internet. However, with Bitcoin, you can be sure that your “Wallet” is protected by layers of information, making it hard to breakthrough.

Global Access

Not all those who are online have a bank or PayPal account to avail the services they would want to. However, most of the population has a smartphone. And that is all you need for a Bitcoin. After the integration of this additional payment option, we will now have more people joining our cloud community.

How to Pay with Bitcoin?

1. Log in to your Cloudways account and go to the My Funds tab.

2. Select Bitcoin and then click on Add Funds.

"Add Funds" Screen

“Add Funds” Screen

3. After that, you will be redirected to the authorized payment processor page, BitPay.

"BitPay" screen

“BitPay” screen

4. Click on Pay and you will get the following page with 2 options for processing your payment. You can either pay via the QR code or your Wallet.

"BitPay Processing" Screen

“BitPay Processing” Screen

5. Once your payment is processed, you will be redirected to the Cloudways Console page.

Cloudways is always looking to refine its Managed Cloud Hosting Platform to provide ever improving services to its users. Bitcoin payment option adds a new dimension to our user experience.

Cloudways is a Bitcoin Cloud Hosting Platform which allows you to pay for your websites or ecommerce store via this digital currency!

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