Cloudways vs Hostinger

Cloudways is the Hostinger alternative that keeps your business-critical site running as it should

Don’t lose business due to a poor-performing site on a shared server. As a top Hostinger alternative, Cloudways delivers fast, reliable sites your business can depend on.

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Unlike Hostinger, Cloudways offers a free trial with no CC needed

More performance without breaking the bank

“The performance of my website has improved dramatically after moving to Cloudways, speed is what it’s all about and Cloudways delivers.”

Steven Lafontaine

Marketing Manager

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Ease of Use

Hostinger web hosting score: 8.5
Web hosting average: 8.6

Quality of Support

Hostinger web hosting score: 8.7
Web hosting average: 8.2

Ease of Setup

Hostinger web hosting score: 8.8
Web hosting average: 8.5

Performance issues threaten your growth

Cheap hosting plans can save you a few bucks now, but slow-loading sites with excessive downtime can cost you multiple sales and big opportunities in the long term. A top Hostinger alternative like Cloudways can help with that.


Hostinger users say they suffer consistent speed and performance issues

“Every 2nd week their server is down for long hours […] After getting completely frustrated, I lost $800 and I am shifting.”

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Verified Hostinger review on G2

“Servers are slow compared to most of the other web hosting services and it could affect the on-page SEO of your website.”

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Verified Hostinger review on G2

“It’s really important to consider performance over money spent because Hostinger lacks resources.”

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Verified Hostinger review on Trustpilot

“Hostinger is a budget hoster with a multitude of operational issues that business owners looking for a reliable partner to host their service should be aware of.”

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Verified Hostinger review on Trustpilot

“The bounce rate of our website has increased since we migrated to Hostinger, and traffic has decreased.”

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Verified Hostinger review on Trustpilot

“We’ve been waiting for a week to get a domain simply renewed. This has caused damage to our business as they have not provided a remedy.”

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Verified Hostinger review on Trustpilot
Cloudways is serious hosting for businesses who are serious about growth

Cloudways is serious hosting for businesses who are serious about growth

When you rely on your website to run your business, Hostinger’s lengthy downtime and server issues will hamper your growth. Nothing but a top Hostinger alternative will help you scale.

Unmatched cloud-hosting speeds

Choose from the world’s 3 biggest cloud server providers for unrivaled performance.

Change plans as your business does

With Cloudways you’re not locked into long contracts, so your hosting plan can grow alongside you.

Unlimited websites and visitors

Cloudways understands you want room to grow, giving you unlimited websites and visitors on any plan.

4 more reasons to choose Cloudways over Hostinger

Choose blazing fast servers from top providers

With Cloudways you have access to DigitalOcean, AWS, or Google Cloud with all the top performance benefits of each.

“We can host a few of our websites with Digital Ocean. All of our websites are operating with superfast speed without any complications.”
Ankit Sharma

Pay for premium features only when you need them

With Cloudways you can pay-as-you-go without being locked into any long contracts. Upgrade, downgrade and change plans as your business requires.

“Fast hosting platform that doesn’t keep you locked into 3-year contracts.”
Brenly McCulloch

Host unlimited sites, even on our lowest plans

As a Hostinger alternative, we focus on resources, not site numbers. Launch as many websites as you want without sacrificing performance.

“You get *unlimited* applications, even with the most basic plan, which is a w e s o m e !”
Yanay Reingewertz

Stop sharing server resources with others

Shared hosting killing your sites’ speed? That’s because you don’t get a Hostinger dedicated server. Cloudways gives you the performance you expect from a dedicated server, with every setting matched to what you need.

“Running a dedicated server has never been this easy.”
Chris Wormhoudt
“Cloudways is simple to use and scale vertically as your projects get bigger.”
Brenly McCulloch – Marketing Director at Dick Dyer & Associates
Cloudways vs Hostinger

At Cloudways, you’ll find someone waiting to help whenever you need us

With Cloudways you get free, 24/7/365 customer support with access to Live Chat. And if you’re managing sites where every minute matters, you can get priority support via phone, email, and Slack.

Cloudways customer support performance
Q3 2020 – Q1 2021

  • 2.1 minutes

    Initial response time

  • 30 minutes

    Average time to solve and close a support inquiry

  • 90%

    Percentage of support inquiries closed with a happy and satisfied customer

Dedicated Account Manager
Private Slack channel
Phone Support

Get help — even before you contact support

Never get stuck with +150 articles to guide your set up, optimization and monitoring work in our beginner-friendly knowledge base.

“Cloudways has made cloud hosting available to non-technical IT people like myself. Their step-by-step hints, plus their extensive knowledge base, made setup super easy.”

Chris Arndt – Director Online Sales at Christopher Arndt Postcard Co

Cloudways vs Hostinger

Cloudways is optimized for performance, straight out of the box

  cloudways performance test
Content Delivery Network (CDN) availability
Only with 12, 24, or 48 month plans
CloudwaysCDN on any plan for as low as $1/mo
Auto healing servers
Not available
Protects your websites from crashing
Optimized caching
Not available
Memcached, Varnish, Nginx and Redis caches all ready to use
Supported PHP apps
WordPress only
Drupal, Magento, Laravel, Joomla and WordPress
Cloudways vs Hostinger

Cloudways’ lowest plan gives you premium features without premium prices

  cloudways performance test
Lowest cloud hosting package $9.99/mo
Digital Ocean
Vertical scaling
Stuck with your current plan
Upgrade and downgrade as you need
Websites included
Unlimited sites
Server monitoring
Not available
Your server is being monitored in real-time 24/7/365
Automated hourly backups and 1-click restore
Data centers available
Only 5
Staging sites
Not available
Unlimited staging sites

Hostinger plans hook you in with a deal, but then charge more than twice the price at renewal

With no minimum term contracts and pay-as-you-go pricing, Cloudways gives you the flexibility to upgrade performance and change plans as you need.

Know exactly how much you pay today, tomorrow and next year, too.

Cloudways Affiliate vs Hostinger Affiliate

Earn lifetime commissions with Cloudways

  cloudways performance test
Commission structure
60% on sales
Up to $125 per sale Or $30 per sale + 7% lifetime commission
Lifetime commission
Only pays for the initial purchase of a new use
True lifetime earnings
Payment method
PayPal & bank transfer*
PayPal & wire transfer**
Cookie storage
30 days
90 days
Sales tracking
Affiliate dashboard
Affiliate dashboard
Dedicated affiliate managers

Migrating from Hostinger to Cloudways is free and easy

Our experts handle your 1st site migration absolutely free, from Hostinger or any other provider. Move your site over to your new server quickly and with zero downtime.

We guarantee absolutely no bugs, errors, or lost data. Our migration pros will work with you to ensure that everything gets done smoothly and efficiently.

“Best hosting provider I’ve used. It is super simple to set up and provides all the needed tools for you to easily migrate from any other host you were using.”
John Heatz – General Manager
Hostinger vs Cloudways

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed cloud hosting is the kind of hosting service where your web hosting provider (like Cloudways) handles every aspect of your server platform including: administration, management, security, and maintenance.

What that means to you is that all you need to do is select the plan you want, the data center you want to base your server at, and the operating system you prefer. We handle the rest. Our team of administrators, developers and security experts will ensure that your server is properly managed along with proper CDN to ensure maximum uptime as well as data security and upkeep.

Note that Cloudways’ managed platform offers WordPress hosting and supports most other major CMS and Ecommerce platforms such as: Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and many other PHP-based apps.

Cloudways is committed to removing all of the stress out of website management. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in resources, support staff and other tools to ensure that our customers always have support when they need it.

Our support process breaks down like this:

Standard Support: 24/7/365 access via Live Chat and support ticket system. Fully trained Support Team members are always available.

Advanced Support add-on: For more customized support, proactive monitoring of various systems and other services, we offer this level at a nominal cost. Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll give you a quote.

Premium Support add-on: This support level is for businesses that run intensive and mission-critical sites where every minute of uptime matters. We’ll provide even quicker response times, phone support, a dedicated Account Manager and a private Slack channel that can be utilized by your staff to communicate directly with us in a real-time group setting.

At Cloudways, we take security seriously. In fact, it’s our top priority. Rest assured that our staff takes a proactive approach to keeping our servers safe and secure from malicious traffic, malware and attacks.

Keep in mind that the following security measures are available on ALL plans:

  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 1-Click Free SSL Certificate
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Regular Security Patching
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Bot Protection