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Best WordPress Managed Cloud Hosting for Higher Performance

Whether you are launching a portfolio website, a web app, ecommerce store, or an affiliate business, you need a reliable web host. With traditional web hosts, consistency in site speed has always remained a problem. However, Cloudways solves this problem with ease. With its simple yet powerful dashboard, now launch your WordPress store on five different cloud hosting providers and witness a significant increase in site performance.

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magento ecommerce hosting

Best Magento Hosting UK to Enhance Store Performance

Improve your Magento store performance even further by switching to cloud today. Get a managed hosting stack with built-in cache to double your site’s speed, enhance security, and grow your overall business. Cloudways comes with a built-in caching system that allows Full Page Cache (FPC) along with CloudwaysCDN for fastest speed. It ensures that you can focus on your core business operations while Cloudways expert team will handle the rest.

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PHP Ecommerce Hosting

Finest PHP Cloud Hosting Platform UK Has Ever Seen

Zero downtime, Powerful features, Ironclad security, Boosted app performance, and tons of other hosting features… that’s what you get by hosting your web-app on our PHP cloud hostong platform. Whether you want to create a website, an affiliate website, a web app, or a custom ecommerce store, PHP cloud hosting UK is all you need for faster performance, scalability, and the lowest cost. Enjoy maximum flexibility, complete freedom, and a problem-free deployment.

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Feature Rich Managed UK Hosting

All your cloud servers are managed to ensure prompt email delivery via the integrated Rackspace email addon.

Git Integration

As a developer, you need control over your source code deployment. Cloudways takes care of this by integrating Git within the system.

Developer Friendly

The Cloudways platform was built keeping in mind the needs of developers. This is why developers find it easy to build, test, and deploy servers for multiple clients at once without facing any issues.

Built for Ecommerce

The robust Cloudways environment is the perfect built for ecommerce stores like Magento. Since online stores thrive on super-fast hosting servers and year-round uptimes, your store needs only the best.

Free SSL

Security is of utmost importance. With Cloudways you can deploy Let’s Encrypt, the industry leading free SSL in just one-click. The platform has a unique built-in SSL tool to help you integrate Let’s Encrypt with ease.

Nearest Data Centers

Cloudways has 45+ data centers around the world which helps reduce latency for your Magento website visitors. Data centers near you and your target audience mean quicker sales and conversions without any delays.

Secure Hosting Servers

Security is at the top of all priorities at Cloudways. Servers on our platform are always up-to-date and receive regular security patches. All this ensures that you never have to worry about security on our platform.


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