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Get Best-in-Class Support As Much You Need, Whenever You Need

We’re here to take the worry away and save you time.

Three Levels of 24/7/365 Support

Choose the level of support that you need to stay focused on what you do best.

Standard Support

Our Standard Support is free and includes guidance on application level issues. Whatever operation you’re performing we can talk you through it via Live Chat. Our highly-trained Support Team is available every hour of every day.


Advanced Support add-on

Speed up response time and open up a wider range of Cloudways expertise for you to call on. The expanded support services cover server configuration changes, customization, plug-ins and themes, email add-on, and database issues.

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Premium Support add-on

An even closer partnership comes with the Premium Support add-on. Get all of Advanced Support with even quicker response times, and connect with us through a dedicated Account Manager, private Slack channel and direct phone support.

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Features of Advanced and Premium Support

Turn us into your extended team for greater peace of mind.

Priority Support

24/7/365 priority Live Chat and ticketing support from our Senior Engineers, with improved SLAs.

Plugin/Theme Troubleshooting

Our Support Engineers will help you troubleshoot errors and conflicts with plugins and themes.

Performance/DB Optimization

On-demand optimization tweaks to ensure your application is performing well.

Server Error Investigation

We’ll collaborate with your team for deeper investigation of common server errors (500, 502, 503, etc).

Proactive Monitoring

If your server or stack is down, we will go beyond sending you alert and proactively start investigating.


Customization of your stack/server, e.g. deploying additional packages, specific configurations etc.


Dedicated Account Manager

Your primary contact at Cloudways is here to help and guide you, whatever you want to achieve.


Private Slack Channel

24/7/365 private Slack channel connects your team directly with our Senior Support Engineers. We partner with your team to help you grow.


Phone Support

Call our Senior Support Engineers any time for in-person support.

Compare Support Add-ons

Pick an add-on that best suits your business needs.

Standard Advanced Premium
Live Chat – 24/7/365

Ticketing – 24/7/365

Detailed, searchable knowledge base and community forum

We fully support all requests related to the Cloudways Platform including:

  • Adding servers/applications
  • Cloning servers/applications
  • Server scaling
  • Domain mapping
  • Backups
  • SFTP/SSH connection issues

In case of issues (including server launch/start/scaling) related to any of our infrastructure partners, we will coordinate with the cloud provider until a resolution is achieved.

Advanced and Premium support levels offer server customizations (including deployment of additional PHP packages and NGINX/Varnish specific configurations). You can ask Cloudways for these server configuration changes that will follow it through the different platform processes (including clone, restore, and transfer).

Advanced and Premium support add-ons include help/advice on application-level issues such as:

  • Troubleshooting of plug-ins and themes
  • Investigation of server error messages
  • Database related issues
  • Proactive monitoring for servers and stack
  • Cloudways API troubleshooting

Our engineers will guide you through the tools and knowledgebase available on our Platform.

Private Slack channel with your team members – 24/7/365
Phone Support with Senior Support Engineers – 24/7/365
Coverage (Coverage is explained below in detail)      
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Standard SLA
  • Live Chat (24x7x365)
    – 20 minutes max chat duration
  • Ticketing System
    – 3 hours (High Priority)
Read full details about our
Service Level Agreement
Improved SLA
  • Live Chat (24x7x365)
    – 30 minutes max chat duration
  • Ticketing System
    – 30 minutes (High Priority)
Read full details about our
Service Level Agreement
Premium SLA
  • Live Chat (24x7x365)
    No Limit (Chat offered via private Slack channel)
  • Ticketing System
    – 10 minutes (High Priority)
Read full details about our
Service Level Agreement

* Both add-on plans require a 6-month commitment.

Starts from $100/mo

$100/mo or 10% of your invoice
(Whichever is Higher)

Starts from $500/mo

$100/mo or 10% of your invoice
(Whichever is Higher)


* Both add-on plans require a 6-month commitment.

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Turn us into your 24/7/365 extended team of Senior Support Engineers Now

Our Premium Support add-on provides dedicated human support whenever you need it. Enjoy the assurance that comes with an expert, round-the-clock technical support team. This instant and extended support is ideal for growing agencies and businesses with critical websites or web applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Advanced and Premium Support add-ons apply at the account level. If you add Advanced or Premium Support, it is available across all the servers in your account.

Contact us to request either Advanced or Premium Support. The add-on will be activated within 24 to 48 hours.

Support add-ons are not available during your free trial period. You need to select a hosting plan before adding Advanced or Premium Support.

Advanced or Premium Support become part of the hosting plan that you already have with us. There are no upfront charges. The only extra requirement is a minimum commitment of six months.

Read our Scope Of Support to see exactly what we cover, and what we don't, through Standard, Advanced and Premium Support. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

Yes. Whichever support add-on you choose, the respective amount will be billed every month to your Cloudways invoice. There are no upfront charges.

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