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Rock Solid Canadian Web Hosting

Our Hosting Infrastructure Providers

We offer reliable Canadian web hosting on industry-leading cloud infrastructures.

For Canada:

Other Providers:

Supported Applications

Cloudways supports multiple applications for cloud hosting in Canada including WordPress hosting with Canada based data center support.

PHP Hosting
Laravel Hosting
WooCommerce Hosting
Drupal Hosting
Magento Hosting
WordPress Hosting

More Reasons To Love Cloudways

All your cloud servers are managed to ensure prompt email delivery via the integrated Rackspace email addon.

Easy Platform UI

No matter what background you are from, you’ll find Cloudways platform easy and intuitive to use. You don’t need extensive technical knowledge to manage your server or apps because everything is just a click away.

Nearest Data Centers

Cloudways has 45+ data centers around the world which helps reduce latency for your WordPress website visitors. Data centers near you and your target audience mean quicker sales and conversions without any delays.

Server Monitoring

You can monitor your server’s performance from within your console. This means if you see a drop in performance, you can take timely actions or get immediate assistance from our 24×7 Expert Support.

Free SSL

Security is of utmost importance. With Cloudways you can deploy Let’s Encrypt, the industry leading free SSL in just one-click. The platform has a unique built-in SSL tool to help you integrate Let’s Encrypt with ease.

Super Fast Hosting Servers

Online businesses cannot thrive without super fast hosting servers and with Cloudways, that’s never a concern. Cloudways delivers on performance so you can focus on delivering to your customers.

24/7 Human Support

With our 24×7 always available support, you never have to wait for assistance. Highly trained professionals are ready to help you any time through our Live Chat and Ticketing System.


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