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Convenient And Reliable German Hosting

Our Hosting Infrastructure Providers

We offer reliable web hosting in Germany on industry-leading cloud infrastructure providers.

For Germany:

Other Providers:

Supported Applications

Cloudways supports multiple applications for German hosting including local data center support for WordPress and Magento hosting in Germany.

PHP Hosting
Laravel Hosting
WooCommerce Hosting
Drupal Hosting
Magento Hosting
WordPress Hosting

Highly Secure and Managed German Cloud Hosting

All your cloud servers are managed to ensure prompt email delivery via the integrated Rackspace email addon.

User Friendly Console

We’ve created a web console that is super-easy and fun to use! You can easily manage 50+ servers and applications on a single click, and that too while doing samba!

Managed Security

The Cloudways Brazil server hosting is ultra-secure with the most advanced hardening technology in place. Moreover, our Capoeira Fighters are always on the lookout for anything suspicious.

Automatic Backups

You don’t have to live with the constant fear of data loss anymore, because all our Brazil Cloudways hosting servers have backup copies of your website. So, no more worries!

1-Click Scaling

Suddenly, your website has turned into the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro: Too many visitors, right? But don’t you worry about anything! You can immediately scale your Brazil cloud servers with a click only to accommodate your traffic spike.

Unlimited Installations

All limits are self-imposed, so we aren’t imposing any! On our dedicated Brazil Hosting Platform, you have the option to create as many apps and servers as you possibly can.

Total Server Control

Our 1-click feature will enable you to take complete control over SSH, Git Integration and Database Management. You can even, start, stop, clone or restart your Brazil Hosting servers.


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