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Best France Cloud Hosting Platform

Scalable and Ultra-Fast Managed Cloud Servers Hosted in France

  • Real-Time Metrics Monitoring
  • Managed Backups
  • Intuitive 1-Click Console
  • Managed Cloud Security

France Cloud Hosting at Its Best

According to Industry Average

8,090+ Websites Perfectly Hosted

Too good to be true? Then give us a try. With the state-of-the-art ThunderStack hosting formula, optimal web app performance for France Hosting is our forte. Pages load in less than a second in most cases.

  • Get exceptionally low latency
  • Brilliantly optimized for rich media
  • Host on top-class cloud infrastructure
  • Data secured on a French Cloud server

Fast, Best, and Secure Cloud Hosting as You’ve Never Seen Before

Awesome, yeah, that’s the word. Astounding performance for your French Hosting Server will make you AWESOME. Because, we won’t let your business suffer the wrath of slow website speed again.

6 Reasons Why to Host on Cloudways France Cloud

Dedicated Managed Server

You deserve the best for your business; a swift performing website on a dedicated server. That’s all you need. So, you look after your business and we’ll look after your server because we can do that. Furthermore, you get dedicated computing resources that you can use anyway you like.

A Single Click Dashboard

As they say, time is money—and we don’t want to waste any of yours. Just a click and everything is done! Server and Application management tasks, with Cloudways, are a stroll in the park. Get more than 50 functions on just few simple clicks.

Automatic Backups

Automated backups with frequency as much as every hour is our guarantee! Don’t worry about any data loss, we’ve got it covered. Just relax, go out for a dinner or a drink and if something goes wrong with your website, some clicks and you’re done!

Limitless Installations

Choose from a wide array of applications and decide what suits your needs the best. Want to host your store and blog on a server in Paris? You can. On Cloudways France Hosting Server, create as many apps as you like.

Simple Git Functionality

Want to create a project using Git’s coding tools? Do that! Cloudways allows you to create automated workflow for apps hosted on France Hosting Servers.

Collaboration Friendly

To tell you the truth, teamwork is an intricate task. On Cloudways, you get a prolific feature for teamwork. Using Cloud Console, you can assign specific server and application level roles to your peers whenever you like.


24x7 "Always On" Human Support

Our expert cloud support team is always there for you, even on Holidays through live chat and ticketing system.

24x7 Live Support Round The Clock Ticket Support

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