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Fastest USA Cloud Hosting

Managed, Scalable, and Super Speedy Cloud Platform Built in USA

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Teamwork feature
  • 1-click Console
  • Git integration
Los Angles
North California
South California
North Virginia

Performance Focused USA Cloud Hosting

Affordable USA Hosting

  • Variety of plans to suit your needs
  • Over a dozen US server locations
  • 99.999% uptime
  • Bitcoin payment option for privacy

Best USA Hosting

The ThunderStack formula of Cloudways brings you exceptional performance, with fast load times that helps you stand out. Soar above the competition, like an eagle!

Feature Rich Managed USA Hosting

Intuitive Cloud Console

You’re looking for a platform which saves you time, and lets you concentrate on your business tasks. Cloudways is built for your ease and comfort. Accomplish server and application tasks in 1-click with the Cloudways Console!

Managed Security

Just like real life, the online world requires increasing security protocols. Rest assured, Cloudways engineers are always policing your server and will thwart any attempts at breaking in by hackers to steal your precious data. OS and firmware are regularly updated for you.

Managed Backups

It’s not cool when you’re at the cinema, watching the latest blockbuster, and you’re notified that your website is down. Well, we offer you hourly managed backups! That means, with just one-click, you can restore all your data.

Teamwork Feature

You can emulate the efficiency of the best Silicon Valley business leaders through the Cloudways Teamwork Feature. Assign roles to individuals on server and application level.

Renowned Infrastructure

Cloudways partnered with the most popular American infrastructure providers to ensure you get top speed for your website. Google Compute Engine, Amazon Web Service, Vultr, Kyup, Linode and DigitalOcean are your choices. Made in the USA!

Conveniently Technical

Cloudways is a platform which allows you to get technical. Get SSH/SFTP access, install SSL certificate, monitor 15+ server metrics in graphical form, get CLI access, choose your cache and DB, set backup frequency and much more.


24x7 "Always On" Human Support

Our expert cloud support team is always there for you, even on Holidays through live chat and ticketing system.

24x7 Live Support Round The Clock Ticket Support

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