Cloudways SafeUpdates

SafeUpdates automatically detects, tests & deploys WordPress updates, so you spend less time on upkeep and more on business growth.

Save Time

Join 2900+ businesses on Cloudways that save hours from manual testing with SafeUpdates.

Increase Security

Never worry about outdated free & premium plugins leaving your websites vulnerable.

Automate with Confidence

Leverage our strong testing algorithms that keep sites safe from breaking.

An Automated Testing & Deployment
Workflow With Just a Click

Auto Detection & Backup

SafeUpdates automatically detects updates (core, theme & plugins) and takes a fresh backup to initiate the update process.

Automated Testing

These updates are thoroughly tested on a temporary staging environment, with tests including Visual Regression, Performance, Logs & HTML checks.


After testing, SafeUpdates intelligently deploys all updates if successful; and rolls back in case of a failure, keeping you informed & ensuring your sites don’t break.

Converting Hours of
Work Into Minutes

Cloudways customers save 42 hours of WordPress maintenance on average with SafeUpdates. Think you can use this time for the better? See how your day would look like with SafeUpdates.


Triple Your WordPress Maintenance Business

Bring in more WordPress website maintenance clients and delegate everything to Cloudways. Combine SafeUpdates with team collaboration tools, monitoring, staging, and other powerful features to streamline your operations.


Hundreds Of WordPress Professionals Tested SafeUpdates In BETA And Loved It!

Delightfully Easy To Activate. So You Can Get In, Get Out, And Get On With Your Day

A robust, secure, and automated workflow for WordPress Updates with just a click.

A Terrific Price For Everyone

Volume discounts for professionals & agencies

1-5 Applications

Price Per Application


6+ Applications

Price Per Application


Benefits For All Plans

  • Auto-detection
  • Schedule or On Demand
  • Control What Gets Updated
  • All-in-one on Cloudways
  • A robust automated workflow
  • Email notifications
  • Core Web Vitals check
  • Advanced Visual Regression Testing (VRT)
  • Premium WP Plugins

Cloudways is a WordPress-forward Company

We live and breathe WordPress. Our managed hosting for WordPress incorporates advanced tools
and specific technology to boost your WordPress site’s performance.

24/7 support


Never miss an update! SafeUpdates runs in the background, automatically detecting core, theme, and plugin updates on your behalf.

pay as you go

Schedule or on-demand

Schedule updates for a day and time of your choice, or perform on-demand updates whenever a new version is available.

free migration

Control what gets updated

You decide which core, themes, and plugins you want to update or schedule for later.

free ssl

All-in-one on Cloudways

No third-party plugins or subscriptions required; manage updates directly from the Cloudways Platform with just a click.

no lockin

Advanced Visual Regression Testing (VRT)

Advanced VRT, end-to-end tests, and performance checks catch changes a human could miss. Eliminate any risks to ensure your websites don’t break or be affected by updated versions.

unlimited application

A robust automated workflow

Attain a professional workflow with auto-deployment, fresh backups, performance testing, automatic rollbacks, and prompt reporting – all done with a click.

unlimited application

Email notifications

Enable email alerts for scheduled updates (24 hours prior) and all successful & unsuccessful update attempts.

unlimited application

Core Web Vitals check

Testing updates include performance checks to ensure the new version doesn’t affect site speed, SEO performance, or Core Web Vitals scores.

unlimited application

Premium Plugins

Tested on more than 100+ top WordPress plugins. Safeupdates works for all Premium plugins that support WP-CLI, ensuring that your favorite plugins are always updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Cloudways, you can host unlimited websites, but you pay for only what you use; no more, no less with our customers.

Safeupdates supports all premium wordpress plugins that are compatible with WP-CLI principles.

Follow the steps below to activate SafeUpdates:

  • Log in to your Cloudways account.
  • Click the Applications tab.
  • Choose any WordPress application.
  • Find SafeUpdates under Application Management.
  • Activate them per your site.
  • Schedule your updates.
  • And you've successfully activated SafeUpdates.

You should use SafeUpdates on Cloudways to automate hours of manual work with single clicks right from the Cloudways platform. It gives you complete control over the scheduling and selection of the updates. Also, it saves time from manually validating if everything works fine after an update. So, you get an automated solution, ensuring your sites are up and running with no breakages.

Visual regression testing ensures nothing breaks after an update. It captures screenshots of the website before and after the updates and compares them. It also checks for visual discrepancies between images across different browsers and screens, ensuring the website's appearance remains intact.

And if anything goes awry with the update, Cloudways with SafeUpdates automatically rolls back to the most recent backup before the update, keeping your sites up and running at all times.

SafeUpdates is priced at $3/site per month for up to 5 websites, exclusive to Cloudways users. And if you have 6 or more websites, the price drops to $2/site.