Cloudways Autonomous

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting that Auto Scales to Meet the Needs of Your Growing Business

Cloudways Empowers 100,000+ Businesses & Counting

Stop Worrying About Traffic Spikes, Servers, or Scaling.

Go Hands-off

With the server layer completely abstracted, experience a hands-off hosting, where you don’t even have to think about server sizes, let alone their management & optimization.

Truly Autoscale

Built on Kubernetes (GKE), this high traffic WordPress hosting solution handles any traffic spike and number of concurrent users from the get go without any human intervention.

Remain Highly-Available

Cloudways Autonomous is designed for the high availability of WordPress sites. With advanced load balancing, your applications remain online and accessible, regardless of demand.

Drive Traffic to Websites Without
Any Fears of Downtime.

Autonomous adapts to your business in real time so you enjoy peace of mind focusing on your most important tasks, delivering results and staying competitive.

From Shark Tank features to any sudden influxes, your infrastructure automatically manages high traffic WordPress surges.

You won’t need to monitor resources or manually scale servers during a marketing campaign.

Cloudflare Enterprise is built into the infrastructure, which selectively filters traffic, helping ensure optimal security for highly available WordPress sites at every scale.

Benefit from the transparent pricing based on easy to understand metrics that you can predict.


A Cutting-Edge WordPress Kubernetes Infrastructure Orchestrated Just For You.

Cloudways Autonomous means you’re harnessing the power of Kubernetes – a leading technology in scalability and reliability. The best part is that you don’t have to delve into its complexities.

Ideal for Businesses Like Yours.

High-Traffic eCommerce

Scale as Your
Sales Soar

Flash sales or holiday rushes, ensure that your eCommerce platform can handle the influx of shoppers, manage checkout processes smoothly, and never miss a sale due to website lag or crashes.

Event or Booking Websites

Book Every Seat
Without Missing a Beat

Cloudways Autonomous enables ticketing portals to maintain speed and efficiency, so that every user gets their ticket quickly and your site stays up even under the most intense pressure.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Educate Without

High traffic during course enrollments or new module releases is a test of reliability. Autonomous adapts to increased learner activity, maintaining a seamless educational experience without the worry of server downtime or slowdowns.

Influencer Websites

From Viral Content
to Steady Performance

Influencers can go viral in a heartbeat, causing a massive surge in website visitors. Cloudways Autonomous is the safety net that allows these sites to leverage viral moments without crashing, so every visitor’s interaction is smooth and stable.

Large Media Sites and Blogs

Handle Breaking News
With Unbreaking Hosting

When news breaks, readers flock to media sites and blogs for the latest information. Autonomous helps ensure the site is ready for the rush, delivering fast-loading pages and a reliable user experience, no matter how global events unfold.

Choose a Plan That Works For You.

Additional Usage Info

$1/10 GB additional Bandwidth

$1/1000 additional Visits

$2/1 GB additional Disk space

High Traffic WordPress Hosting Made Better.

Powerful features included in every plan that simplify choices for you and enhance experience.

Unlimited PHP Workers.

Handle numerous requests simultaneously for optimal website performance without any limits.

Autoscaling & High-Availability.

Kubernetes based autoscaling & load balancing scale resources up & down without intervention.

Integrated Cloudflare Enterprise.

Cloudflare’s edge cache and global CDN help deliver the fastest possible experience regardless of geo-location.

Integrated Object Cache Pro.

Your checkout and cart pages load fast & your WordPress admin environment remains high-speed and responsive.

Security (SSL, WAF, DDoS).

Unmetered DDoS mitigation at layers 3, 4, and 7. Cloudflare’s WAF analyzes millions of requests to block attackers and threats..