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Cloud Hosting for Developers Made Easy

Cloudways provides the ultimate hosting experience for all your apps. We let you focus on creating awesome user experiences while we take care of server related hassles.

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Platform Designed For Developers

Cloudways is the perfect choice for building and deploying amazing web applications. Our platform ensures flawless performance and scalable resources for your applications.


Optimized Hosting that Ensures Exceptional Web Performance

Cloudways provides a hassle-free platform for the developers, so that they can continue to focus on their web applications with utmost ease. Offering some of the most popular development tools (Git and Composer come pre-installed on our platform), Cloudways platform is a one-stop solution for developers to get their applications deployed with minimum issues.

  • Take Apps Live in Minutes Our advanced web hosting for developers reduces the complexities and allows you to take applications live within minutes.
  • Manage Apps on the Go Cloudways helps developers manage their web applications effortlessly. Our optimized hosting solution ensures hassle-free app management through CloudwaysBot, our real-time application and server health reporting tool.
  • Scale to Success Scale your applications with ease! Our platform is designed to accommodate all the requests for scaling server resources seamlessly. This allows you to build great applications without worrying about running out of server resources, ever!
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App Migration Made Easier For the Developers

With Cloudways, you don’t have to bother about app migration at all. Our app migrator plugin eases the tedious task for developers and our support team ensures smooth migration of your web apps to the Cloudways platform.

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Popular Features of Our Developer Hosting Platform

Check out our platform features that let you experience optimum performance for your web apps.

24/7 support

Cloudways API

Create your own solutions with the Cloudways API. Develop and manage powerful apps using our RESTful API and see high performance in action.

pay for what you use


Stop worrying about heavy hosting bills. Our pay-as-you-go model charges you only for the resources you use.


Free SSL Certificates

Strengthen your app security with Free SSL certificates that can be set up within minutes.

24/7 support

PHP7 Ready Servers

All our servers come pre-configured with PHP7, letting developers enjoy all the benefits of PHP 7.x speed and performance.

24/7 support

MySQL and MariaDB Support

Cloudways platform supports popular versions of both MySQL and MariaDB. Choose the best DBMS for your projects without worrying about platform support.

24/7 support

Cron Job Manager

With Cloudways built-in cron job manager, it is simple to schedule, set rules and enable cron jobs for your apps.

Benchmarks that Lead in the Web Hosting Industry

Discover Cloudways performance as mentioned by the very best in the industry.

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Our Customers Love To Spread The Word

@Cloudways is often reviewed and endorsed by followers

I continue to be super impressed by customer support and tech from – running on platform. Serving that rocks!

Futurist Jim Carroll @jimcarroll

Love the free certs from on the platform. Installing takes 2 mins and just works.

Wintercorn @wintercorn

Switched my blog to https connection ( ) using @ letsencrypt SSL hosted on @ Cloudways

Alex‏ @SayOutLouder

support is top-notch.

Adam Parnala @adamparnala

is a great hosting company

Daniel j Gregory @dangregphoto

it can ease the management of the server.

Praboda Ariyasinghe @maduonline

yep! Ditched them a while ago. provides far superior service, speed, security, utility and $$ is cheap

Fat Panda Design @FatPandaDesign

Thanks for the follow! We are glad to have our site hosted with Cloudways 🙂 Complete peace of mind.

Beaver Addons @BeaverAddons

support and performance are top notch! They just resolved a weird issue with my site’s SSL config.

Puneet Sahalot @psahalot

Cloudways is awesome. I am using it atop Digital Ocean.

Joshua Day‏ @TheJoshuaDay

For $5/month, it seems like it’d be tough to beat for managed cloud hosting on D.O. servers. Anyone tried it?

Adam Johnson @adamj_design

Seriously awesome. I tried it and Kyup is FAST.

David Bell @Cape_Dave

Web developer here who hates server admin. I’m blown away by . Admin a box using a super powerful/easy UI.

Joshua Hamilton @JoshuaHamilton

Impressed by the kind of support provide to their customers. Solved my website migration problems within 5 mins.

Mayank Chawla @mayankblogs

Needed to spin up a quick multisite network to test something. Thanks for making that (among other things) super fast and easy!

Andrea Whitmer @nutsandbolts

– Fehan is a great tech support guy, and a wonderful representative of your company. He should train everyone there..

Theresa Jennings @mindsqueezecrea

has already been better at performance, reliability & CS in 3 days than Bluehost was in 3 years. .

Ridge Road Media @ridgeroadmedia

Looks like site migrator will be a good way to see if their services speed up my site without any real work on my end.

Chad Kirchner @chadkirchner

love it guys. Well done. Great value. Now for a relationship with

Myles Harris @millionsofmyles

I remember when installing SSL certs used to be tricky and time consuming. Now it’s super quick & easy, especially with system..

Joanna J van Vuuren‏ @chickasskick

I love how easy makes creating new servers. I don’t even have to think about it!.

Kyrie Tompkins‏ @kyrietompkins

I know. I’ve been with you for years. Couldn’t resist bringing someone else over. Thanks for being awesome.

Teresa‏ @tkhcreates

The Team section on the admin platform is pretty freaking amazing. .

Butch Ewing‏ @butchewing

Impressed w/ WordPress Migrator. Literally 1-click migration 2 new host. Moved away frm Bluehost.

Arun Prabhudesai‏a @8ap

You guys are simply Rocking… Wonderful Job till now…

Mrugrajsinh Vansadia @themrugraj

testing a magento migration with cloudways / AWS for the first time. Looking forward to it and excited. Leaving a competitor!!.

Kanj Technologies‏ @KanjTech

If you are not lowend type of person with enough budget, then is probably the easiest to manage cloud servers, including aws.

wpmubp @wpmubporg

OTOH, advantages of is easy to manage cloud server console. Better than when it comes to GUI options.

wpmubp @wpmubporg

Thanks to all my clients now have rock solid & screaming fast websites that are secured with ?.

Orlando Salcedo @osalcedo

Thanks to we now have a better, faster and more secure website. So thankful for the amazing service!!!

Kalkuna Island @kalkunaisland

I’m going to leave this one right here… If you’re looking for managed hosting… is awwwwesome! I’m loving it :).

Orlando Salcedo @osalcedo

You guys are awesome. Keep it coming. And Thanks to Anna (the one) for the support. Cheers ^ ^

vickythegme‏ @vickythegme

First impression of is great! Very intuitive UI and UX flow. Awesome features, and so far ideal for launching sites.

Mark Cyrus‏ @markcy_

Geeky Posh back up, thanks to the support tech from ! ??

Jenny Wu @geekyposhe

Anyone looking for an alternative to I’d recommend for fully managed hosting

Digital Goods Store @dgsdotcom

Currently impressed by xD might try hosting some few wordpress and web apps here xD

XyLoL @XyLoLoL

Guys at are unbelievably supportive and fast. They migrated our live site in just 3 hrs 😀 😀 Thank you so much.

Tomatoheart‏ @thetomatoheart

your support is outstanding!! And your servers… well not enough characters to say how good you!!

David Frosdick @DavidFrosdick

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloudways supports all the major PHP versions, including PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 and PHP 7.2. Moreover, you can easily migrate your web apps from one PHP version to another in just few clicks.

We take our platform’s security very seriously. All our servers are protected with platform-level firewalls which ensure optimum security. In addition, automated and on-demand backup mechanism mirrors server and application data to a remote location so that disaster recovery time can be reduced to a minimum.

Yes, you can easily scale your servers anytime. With our managed cloud hosting platform, you can easily size up / size down your server anytime depending upon your needs and requirements.

Of course, our technical support team is always there to assist you with the app migration to our platform. Not only that, the first migration is absolutely FREE.

Our platform offers a custom-built stack, called Thunderstack. This comes with pre-configured optimization tools such as Redis, NGINX, PHP-FPM, and Varnish. Thunderstack is designed to improve website speed and performance to the highest level possible.

No! That’s the beauty of a managed WordPress hosting platform. Our plans include infrastructure charges as well. No matter what plan you choose with Cloudways, you get transparent pricing models, and we don’t have any hidden charges.

At Cloudways, each server comes with a single database. However, if you want to use multiple databases, you can use remote MySQL connections that simplifies connecting to other databases.