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How to Install Drupal on DigitalOcean

Updated on  29th May

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It’s 2017, and there are boatloads of hosting providers out there now. Choosing a hosting provider these days can be an arduous task in itself. However if you are here, you needn’t worry about that, because I will now tell you how easy it is to host a Drupal website on Digital Ocean, one of the best hosting providers out there. According to Wikipedia, Digital Ocean was the second largest hosting company in the world in terms of web-facing computers. It is no doubt then, that it is still considered one of the best hosting companies out there. Simply put you can’t go wrong with Digital Ocean at Cloudways. With prices starting from only $10/m, it is affordable as well!

Install Drupal on DigitalOcean

In this tutorial, I’ll take you through the steps for installing Drupal on Digital Ocean using Cloudways. You do not have to be an expert in setting up servers in order to host a website of your own, and this is what Cloudways offers you.

Here’s an overview of the steps involved in the process:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Select Application
  3. Select Cloud Provider
  4. Select Server Size
  5. Select Server Location

Sign Up at Cloudways

The very first thing you need to do is Sign Up at Cloudways. You can do this from the main homepage by clicking “Get Started For Free” button. The signup process requires a valid email address or a GitHub or LinkedIn account.

Cloudways sign up

Select Application

After successful sign-up, you could directly begin the hosting process. Click the Add Server button in the main dashboard of

add server Cloudways

The first thing you will be asked to do is select an application. Select the version of Drupal you want.


Select the Cloud Provider

After selecting your application and naming it, you will be asked to choose the cloud hosting provider for your project. Select Digital Ocean from the provided options.


Select the Server Size

Now, select the required server size.

select server size

Select Server Location

Next, select the location of your server. I always recommend that your server should be located as close to the target audience as possible. This increases the overall speed for the users and reduces latency that adversely affects the user experience. At the moment, eight server locations are currently available for Digital Ocean at Cloudways.

select server location

Now, all you have to do is click Launch and have a quick snack while your server launches!

server launching screen cloudways


As you saw in this tutorial, to install a Drupal website using Cloudways is super easy and super quick. There aren’t any complex configurations or server side hassles that mar your experience.  Cloudways provides a fully optimized and managed environment for your Drupal site, with all the security measures are already in place for your ultimate peace of mind. So what are you waiting for, head on over to Cloudways and get to it!


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Hamza Zia

Hamza is a Drupal Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Drupal Hosting Platform. He loves to write about Drupal and related topics. During his free time, he can be seen obsessing over Football, Cars, Android and Gaming.

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