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Your Managed Linode Hosting

We facilitate in amplifying your Linode hosting experience;
making it even more simple and powerful.

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Enjoy the Convenience of Managed Linode Secure Servers

We’ll take care of all the Linode web hosting hassles while you stay focused towards growth.

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Linode Cloudways


Simplifying Scalability and Facilitating Agility

Enable business efficiency and convenience to maximize growth with Linode storage.

  • Deploy Linode Server in Minutes Deploy dedicated Linode servers quickly and leave the complexities to us.
  • Manage Linode Servers Efficiently Trouble-free Linode server management for agile teams.
  • Experience Optimized Performance Pre-configured and advanced Linode hosting for your website for an improved digital experience.
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Managed Linode Hosting Plans That Work for Everyone

$17 /mo
$ 12 /mo

$ 0.0167 /hr

Including Linode Hosting Charges

  • RAM 1GB
  • Processor 1 Core
  • Storage 25GB
  • Bandwidth 1TB
  • Unlimited APPs
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • CloudwaysBot Alerts
$17 /mo
$ 24 /mo

$ 0.0333 /hr

Including Linode Hosting Charges

  • RAM 2GB
  • Processor 1 Core
  • Storage 50GB
  • Bandwidth 2TB
  • Unlimited APPs
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • CloudwaysBot Alerts
Most Popular
$17 /mo
$ 50 /mo

$ 0.0694 /hr

Including Linode Hosting Charges

  • RAM 4GB
  • Processor 2 Core
  • Storage 80GB
  • Bandwidth 4TB
  • Unlimited APPs
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • CloudwaysBot Alerts
$17 /mo
$ 90 /mo

$ 0.1250 /hr

Including Linode Hosting Charges

  • RAM 8GB
  • Processor 4 Core
  • Storage 160GB
  • Bandwidth 5TB
  • Unlimited APPs
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • CloudwaysBot Alerts

Note: $0.033/GB per server will be applied for offsite backup storage.


No Credit Card Required

Offsite backups are charged separately. CloudWays holds the right to change pricing without prior notice.

  RAM Processor Storage (Starts From) Bandwidth (Starts From) Price (Starts From)  
Linode1GB 1 GB 1 Core 25GB 1TB $12/mo $0.0167/hr START FREE
Linode2GB 2 GB 1 Core 50GB 2TB $24/mo $0.0333/hr START FREE
Linode4GB 4 GB 2 Core 80GB 4TB $50/mo $0.0694/hr START FREE
Linode8GB 8 GB 4 Core 160GB 5TB $90/mo $0.1250/hr START FREE
Linode16GB 16 GB 6 Core 320GB 8TB $150/mo $0.2083/hr START FREE
Linode32GB 32 GB 8 Core 640GB 16TB $250/mo $0.3472/hr START FREE
Linode64GB 64 GB 16 Core 1280GB 20TB $470/mo $0.6528/hr START FREE
Linode96GB 96 GB 20 Core 1920GB 20TB $680/mo $0.9444/hr START FREE
Linode128GB 128 GB 24 Core 2560GB 20TB $860/mo $1.1944/hr START FREE
Linode192GB 192 GB 32 Core 3840GB 20TB $1,205/mo $1.6736/hr START FREE

Note: $0.033/GB per server will be applied for offsite backup storage.

No Credit Card Required

Scale Your Business on Our Hosting Essentials

Complement your managed Linode hosting experience with us.

Linode support

24/7 Expert Support

We offer 24/7 expert support. You never have to wait in a queue to get your managed Linode web hosting issues resolved.

Linode feature

Team Feature

Distribute your work within the team and assign them defined access to your managed Linode hosting server or app.

one account invoice

One Account, One Invoice

Your entire Linode setup gets one invoice that includes Linode’s pricing alongside the cost of our managed hosting services.

Linode performance

Robust Performance

Experience enhanced performance with our optimized hosting stack and advanced cache technologies.

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Host Your App of Choice on Linode Server in Just 1-Click

Launch your Magento, WordPress, and PHP applications for a flexible Linode cloud hosting experience.

Global Linode Cloud Data Centers

  • Newark
  • Fremont
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo

Our Expertise Combined with Linode’s Reliability

Enrich your website performance with powerful features offered by the perfect match.

Managed Hosting Features Linode Logo Cloudways Logo
24/7 Chat & Ticket Support
Optimized Stack
Managed Security
Dedicated Firewalls
Free SSL Certificates
Managed Backups
All PHP Apps Supported
Unlimited Staging Areas
Built-in Advanced Cache
Built-in CDN
SSD-Based Servers
Server & App Monitoring (15+ Metrics)
1-Click Server Cloning
Managed Website Migration
Built-in MySQL Manager
1-Click App Install
Availability of Multiple Cloud Providers
3-Day Free Trial
Account Management Dashboard
Easy DNS Management
1-Click Advanced Server Management
Easy Application Management
Easy SSL Installation & Auto Renewal
App Backup Support

Our Customers. Our Success.

It's easier for us to maintain our client's websites. The most important thing we value from you guys is the tools you develop to make managing websites easier.


The ability for a digital agency like us to have lots of servers, from different providers, depending on the need, in one place.

John Falzon Managing Director

I can blindly recommend Cloudways. The best part is they make easier to use cloud providers. Say goodbye to old hosting & look no further other than Cloudways.


We feel extremely confident on hosting our clients’ stores. Not only this, but we also feel our partnership with Cloudways is from one specialist to another who both have a deep understanding of Magento and Ecommerce.

Mike Barnett Founder

Cloudways changes my life, saved me thousand of hours, and made Wordpress to use a dream . No Bullshit

David Gabay Owner

Awesome speeds for WordPress and great customer service / support.

Judith Manners Founder

We gave Cloudways a try and we saw our client sites have page load time decreased from an average of 5.4 seconds to just over 1 second.

Jeff Weese Founder

Decent price and all the stuff you'd expect from a good host.

Solomon Kleinsmith Founder

I can't imagine ever getting bad support with Cloudways. Their support is the best hosting support I've ever had (been doing since 1995).

Steve Weber Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, as many as you want with Cloudways.

Yes, you can! Given the reliability and performance of Linode servers, they are ideal for high-traffic websites.

Yes you can easily scale your Cloudways managed Linode cloud server. All you have to do is go to the vertical scaling tab in the Server Management Menu. To know more about it, do read this KB article.

Since Cloudways creates a new account for you on its Platform. Hence, you cannot use an existing Linode hosting account for our services.

Yes, you surely can! All you have to do is select it from the drop-down menu when launching your Linode server, and you’re good to go.

Not at all. The pricing includes the costs of Linode cloud services and managed hosting services. This means there are not separate invoices from anywhere else.

Your Partner in a Terrific Hosting Journey

Critical elements that make your journey smooth.


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