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Managed WordPress Hosting That Frees up Your Agency’s Time and Resources

Over 12,000 digital agencies use Cloudways for a stress-free managed WordPress hosting experience. No need for an in-house IT team; fast, stable, and reliable infrastructure keeps everything humming behind the scenes.


Trusted by 12,000+ Agencies

Your client’s WordPress sites need fast, reliable & scalable hosting. And we deliver it!

What Makes Cloudways the Best Managed WordPress Host?

We aim to empower our users with the right tools so they can move their dreams forward.


Rated on G2


Industry-Leading NPS


WordPress Websites

Managed WP Performance & uptime

Unbeatable Performance & Uptime

+100% page speed increase from just moving a WordPress site to Cloudways. Better TTFB. Improved Uptime even with large traffic spikes.

“With the events taking place this week, I’ve received nearly a month’s worth of traffic in three days. Their server is going strong, never slowed down and remains fast despite the pressure.”
– Jonathan Bailey
Managed WP Security

Security That Matters

700M DDoS attacks prevented, 500K login attempts blocked, 14M Bot traffic stopped. WAF, Built-in Cloudflare, Bot protection features.

“Cloudways also offers security, with double authentication, SSH access, SFTP, SSL, firewalls and backups.”
– Raul Gonzalez
Managed WP Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance Made Easy

500,000 WordPress websites, getting automated backups, updates, staging environment, WP-CLI, Git integration gives control to .

“Impressed with @Cloudways today, created staging site with 1 click even though it is a complicated WordPress / CodeIgniter hybrid – all the right config files were automatically updated”
– Richard Willis-Owen
Managed WP support

Consistent & Responsive Support

96% customer satisfaction rate in the last 6 months. Serving 75,000 customers 24/7 with global teams.

“I switched hosting to @Cloudways for WordPress hosting 5 months ago and I remain delighted with them. Even on the standard support tier, real and helpful human support is always minutes away. And their model of “just enough management on top of your choice of cloud” is perfect.”
– Avdi Grimm
Managed WP Pricing

Transparent Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

RAM , Processor , Storage , Bandwidth, you know everything for what you pay. No visitor or website caps on a plan. Starts at $10.

“With Cloudways, there is a minimum price and I pay for what I actually use. I find it pretty straightforward. There is no sticker shock after the first “contract” period because the price is the price.”
– Bobby

Ease of Use, Speed, Scalability at an Unbeatable Price, Guaranteed.


– Great speed.
– Solid support
– Super quick addition of new projects.

Migrated sites across to @Cloudways .. their varnish setup seems faster than our Litespeed config ever was, plus cost savings and more support options. So far, so good and this seems to have been a great decision.

Tried MANY plugins to speed up WordPress which do seem do make Google’s PageSpeed score better but “real” speed never really improved. Moved host after 10 years to @Cloudways and I’m amazed at REAL speed improvements, and so the transfers begin!

2 use good quality hosting

Hosting can make or break your website’s speed and performance.

I recommend @Cloudways for excellent performance and competitive pricing.

For most clients needs: @Cloudways (they’ve struck a great balance between performance, flexibility and cost)

Cloudways. By far the best and most cost effective I’ve ever used.

I migrated all my sites WordPress sites to @linode servers through @Cloudways Easy and love the interface!

Acabo de migrar de servidor 5 instalaicones de WordPress, algunas bastante antiguas, con una configuración complejilla. A pesar de eso, gracias a @Cloudways ha sido fácil.

I got all my sites set up with Cloudways and enjoy it. Simplicity in it’s setup, and easy to manage each site/server 🤘💯

I want to give a quick shoutout to @Cloudways, the host of my site.

With the events taking place this week, I’ve received nearly a month’s worth of traffic in three days. Their server is going strong, never slowed down and remains fast despite the pressure.

Thank you!

If you’re looking for a better host I’d highly recommend cloudways – it’s who I’m with and you can scale the size of the server as needed.

We use @Cloudways with a @digitalocean cluster. It’s been a great experience so far. Super scalable, great performance, developer & designed friendly environment. Recommend it 100%

Why Do Agencies Use Cloudways for Managed WordPress Hosting?

Powerful yet easy-to-use, Cloudways offers agencies freedom, performance that scales, and hassle-free hosting.

Team Collaboration

The Teams feature lets you grant billing, support, and cloud console access to your team, and helps you manage multiple team accounts with a single email address.

The Agency Partnership Program

Built to boost agency growth and productivity, the Agency Partnership Program offers benefits like a dedicated partnership manager, co-marketing opportunities, and more.

WordPress Management

Cloudways’ managed WordPress hosting is built to complement your agency’s workflows, from monitoring to cloning websites. More on that right below.

Proven Performance

Powerful infrastructure, backed by tools such as the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, facilitates breathtaking performance, and reduces latency and bandwidth costs. Beating competition hands-down.

Uptime & Reliability

Uptime percentage speaks about the reliability of a hosting provider, which means your site will stay up and running. Cloudways users experience 99.99% uptime.

WordPress Scalability

Monitor application performance and scale when needed using vertical scaling on cloud providers. Aggressive server side caching, object caching, unlimited PHP workers.

Cloud Provider Choice & Flexibility

Host smaller sites on DigitalOcean starting at $11. And large mission critical sites on Google Cloud or AWS.

Free Migration Plugin

Our WordPress Migration Plugin will help you quickly transfer your websites on Cloudways Platform. It is free of cost and makes the migration process seamless and error-free.

Cloudways Is a WordPress-Forward Company

We live and breathe WordPress. Our managed hosting for WordPress incorporates advanced tools and specific technology to boost your WordPress site’s performance.

24/7 support

Optimized Techstack

Our optimized stack (which includes PHP 8 as the default version for your WordPress site) comes with Memcached, Varnish, and Redis for fast responses.

pay as you go

WordPress Staging Tool

Access out unlimited staging areas and URLs to test and develop changes without pushing those to your live websites.

free migration

Automatic WordPress Updates

Cloudways’s SafeUpdates mitigates the pain of keeping a regular check on the latest WordPress updates. With just a click, you can allow automatic updates for your website.

free ssl

Managed WordPress Migrations

Migrating WordPress applications to Cloudways is just a request away. Tell us about your application, and we’ll do the rest! Or you could just use our automated WP Migrator plugin to do the job.

no lockin

Object Cache Pro

We’ve partnered with this Redis-powered caching technology to speed up your applications with minimal load on server resources for FREE (standalone, it costs $95)!

unlimited application

Automated Backups

Schedule automatic backups as frequently as you like – from every hour to every 7 days. You can also create a backup whenever you wish.

unlimited application

1-Click WordPress Installer

Deploy multiple WordPress sites on a single server with our 1-Click functionality. No limits to WordPress websites on one server or plan.

unlimited application

WordPress CLI

Cloudways makes it super-easy to manage users and roles through the WP-CLI.

unlimited application

Server and Website Cloning

Clone the entire server or make individual copies of websites on a click of a button.

Cloudways Support

Take Worries Away & Put Time Back In Your Day 24/7/365

We offer expert 24x7x365 problem-solving for everyone, with an optional Advanced Support add-on that enhances your service. With the Premium Support add-on our Senior Support Engineers work as an extension of your in-house team.

Play video

See How Joe Williams Instantly Improved 100% Website Speed on Cloudways.

We invited Joe to do a webinar with us on Core Web Vitals and what our customers can do to improve their scores either on desktop or mobile. Just by moving the website to Cloudways, he noticed 100% speed improvement.


Hear from Agencies Using Cloudways to Manage Hundreds of WordPress Sites!

With Cloudways, you can host unlimited websites, but you pay for only what you use. No more, no less with our customer.

Cloudways Managed WP Site Migration

Have Complete Peace of Mind With Our Free Migration

We offer expert 24x7x365 problem-solving for everyone, with an optional Advanced Support add-on that enhances your service. With the Premium Support add-on our Senior Support Engineers work as an extension of your in-house team.

Cloudways Support

1-Click SafeUpdates: Free Time & Peace of Mind

Stop spending time on tasks that do not generate revenue for your business. Focus on growing your business while we automatically detect, test and deploy WordPress Updates, keeping your sites always up and running.

Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed WordPress hosting is a solution that offers the right features needed for a fast & secure online experience. It lets you leave all the hosting technicalities to the experts, so you may solely work on growing your business.

WordPress hosting is a service that lets you host your WordPress sites, but with limited features. Whereas managed WordPress hosting is a simplified solution with the right features for optimized performance, leaving all the technicalities to the hosting provider.

Normally, managed WordPress hosting providers include add-on pricing in their pricing structures, showing ambiguity in their actual rates. But Cloudways' pricing structure clearly states what you pay for the premium add-ons like Cloudflare and SafeUpdates. And even with the combined prices, you get the premium managed WordPress hosting services at the most affordable rates.

Unmanaged WordPress hosting is a service with little to no additional features, while managed WordPress hosting provides you with all the services needed to handle and maintain your server. Managed hosting is costlier than unmanaged hosting, but you save loads on the overall costs with the added benefits.

You can get started with Cloudways managed WordPress hosting for as low as $10. But you can also get premium add-ons at small increments like automatic WordPress updates for an additional $3, Cloudflare Enterprise at $5, etc.

Yes, managed WordPress hosting providers offer automatic backups scheduled to run at regular intervals. And with Cloudways, you can also customize the default backup settings.

Cloudways managed WordPress hosting combines affordability with high performance and robust security to deliver a comprehensive solution. With 99% uptime, fast loading times, and 24/7 support, you get better performance results at lower costs than other hosts, including SiteGround, WPEngine, and Kinsta.

Yes, you can host unlimited sites on Cloudways managed servers without paying an additional penny. However, hosting providers like WPEngine or Kinstra impose extra charges for hosting multiple sites.

Consider the following factors while choosing the best managed WordPress hosting plan:

Cloudways offers one free migration to all its users and charges for subsequent migrations. However, you can conduct free unlimited migrations using the Cloudways migrator plugin.

Your WordPress site's security depends upon your hosting provider's protection mechanism, whether an unmanaged or a managed host. Cloudways provides a secure WordPress hosting environment backed with features like Bot Protection, Cloudflare Enterprise, and WAF, among others, so you're safe from DDoS attacks, malicious traffic & malware.

Before migrating your site to any hosting provider, you must check their transparency in pricing and features. WordPress hosting providers often don't mention server specifications in their plans, so you remain unaware of what you're signing for.

But with Cloudways, you get a clear picture of all server specifications and have the liberty to scale anytime via application/server monitoring. So, you are only charged for the resources you use, saving loads on extra costs.

Yes, most managed WordPress hosting providers restrict your usage. Like WPEngine limits specific plugins and themes, and Kinsta restricts PHP workers on their plans. But with Cloudways, you remain free of such restrictions and use any theme, plugins, or PHP workers without blockages.