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Free SSL Certificates

Fast SSL Websites

On Cloudways, Free SSL Certificates are present for your use. You only need to activate the Let’s Encrypt SSL option. Combined with our ThunderStack optimization, you get speedy websites with SSL protection.

Managed Platform With Free SSL Hosting

Enjoy Cloudways with SSL Certification for an exquisite website performance. Powered by Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority, Cloudways provisions free SSL certificates for websites whenever required.


Say Hello to the World of Technology With SSL Certified Cloud Hosting

1-Click SSL Certification

Get SSL certificates with just a simple click to boost the security of your website. We consider this as an essential part of Cloudways.

Bring Your Own SSL Certificate

If you already have your own SSL certificates and want to utilize those, not to worry! With Cloudways, you can install your own SSL certificates easily.

Managed Cloud Server

Enough of shared hosting! With fully dedicated servers, Cloudways guarantees the best! That’s not all, we have dedicated IPs for all your cloud servers.

SSH, SFTP & Git Integration

Work via CLI with our built-in SSH interface. Upload or download your files with utmost security via SFTP. You can also manage code through Git.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Plans

Pay for the amount you use and nothing else, we give you bluff-free pricing plans. Oh yeah! You pay at the end of the month. This means you are not locked in a contract.

All Core Apps at One Place

With 15+ core apps, like WordPress, Drupal, Magento and more, you can start creating your app whenever you want. Plus, there is plain PHP for your custom deployments.

Learn How Cloudways Made WordPress Websites Faster for Joslex

“We gave Cloudways a try and we saw our client sites have page load time decreased from an average of 5.4 seconds to just over 1 second”-- Jeff Weese, Founder Joslex Studios