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Faster page loads, 99% uptime and over 10X the visits for half the cost? Yes, please.

Cloudways’ uniquely optimized stack instantly improves site speed & uptime while cutting your costs by over 50% compared to managed hosts like SiteGround, Kinsta & WPEngine.

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How Cloudways stacks up VS other managed cloud hosts

When you’re looking for managed hosting, there’s only one thing you really want to know: “Which one will give me the best performance for the lowest price?” We ran tests to find out, and the numbers speak for themselves:




Visits, bandwidth, and storage included in small business-scale plans for WPEngine, Kinsta, and Cloudways. See full details of our test here.

Whether you run an agency, a small business or a blog with WordPress, you get better performance with Cloudways, hands-down

Other managed hosting plans put limits on the number of visits and websites you can have, so you max out on traffic well before you use up the “high-performance” server resources you paid for.


You get locked into low traffic and website limits, while STILL having to pay extra for performance “add-ons” like Redis and NGinx.


You can serve 10 to 50 TIMES the visitors per month on as many websites as you want, without sacrificing speed or paying extra fees.

“More visitors sounds great — but what about speed?”

If you think a 10X boost in visitors has to come with a catch, think again: Not only does Cloudways handle an astonishingly higher volume of traffic, it significantly outperforms on server response times, to boot.

AVERAGE RESponse times

Results from load testing small business-scale plans for WPEngine, Kinsta, and Cloudways. See test details

The secret to Cloudways’ (shockingly good) performance

Time and again, businesses see a boost in speed & uptime just by switching to Cloudways. Why? Because of the Cloudways Thunderstack: a PHP stack packed with the world’s best server software, installed on the world’s best cloud providers. The result: noticeably faster websites, right out of the box.

Say Hello To Our Blazing-Fast Thunderstack


This super-fast, wildly popular web server powers over 40% of the busiest websites in the world.


Reliable, battle-tested, and easy-to-use, Apache is the go-to web server for WordPress sites.


A high-performance, in-memory data store that speeds up dynamic, database-driven sites with simple, efficient caching.


Both of these powerful databases are built into the Thunderstack so you can choose whichever you prefer with a few clicks.

Varnish Cache

An absolute must-have for cloud-hosted websites, Varnish can boost site speeds by up to 10X.


This advanced PHP caching mechanism is deceptively powerful, boosting site performance by up to 300%.


Optional and ready to use at any time, this in-memory data store improves response times and helps ensures high availability.


The most advanced branch of PHP optimizes performance while retaining near-perfect compatibility with previous versions.

Pre-Installed On These World-Class Cloud Providers

Cloud Flare CDN

Extra Enterprise-grade Performance Features

Our Cloudflare Enterprise add-on sits atop the Cloudways Thunderstack to boost performance at the edge. Priority CDN, tiered cache, advanced image and mobile optimization: all of it ensures the fastest possible content delivery globally, reducing latency, loading time and bandwidth costs.

Learn More

Best of all: Cloudways performs better and costs LESS than other managed cloud hosts

Sounds wild, but it’s true: Cloudways not only delivers better performance to way more visitors, it actually costs less than half of what other WordPress hosting plans charge.


100,000 visitors max

10 WordPress installs


UNLIMITED visitors

UNLIMITED websites


100,000 visitors max

5 WordPress installs

Price of small business-scale cloud servers for WPEngine, Kinsta, and Cloudways.
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Loading time greatly improved and my client is very happy!

[Cloudways’] server stack is highly optimized and tuned for WordPress. I recently moved a large client to their platform … [and] the site’s loading time was greatly improved and my client is very happy as they are soon courting investors. I have a total of 14 clients on the platform and am in the process of migrating more!

Trust Pilot
Review from Rafael H.

Jul 13, 2021 on

Super speed compared to other shared web hosting plans

The thing I like with Cloudways its super speed as compared to other shared web hosting plans available in the market. The price of the cloudways is so reasonable, and anyone can start with its basic plan of $10. The customer support team is so talented and supportive and readily available to resolve any concerns.

Trust Pilot
Review from Sean P.

Dec.3, 2021 on

Not only cost less than what I was paying, but also so much faster

I needed to move our busy e-commerce website hosted on a shared hosting environment to a faster web host. Cloudways not only cost less than what I was paying, but it’s also so much faster. We went from our website taking over 10-seconds to load to under 2-seconds. Very impressed.

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Review from Calvin H.

June 1, 2021 on

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