DNS Made Easy

No more waiting for DNS changes! Get instant propagation & fast TTLs with our DNS Made Easy add-on.

Why DNS Made Easy?

Secure a better user experience with faster load times, superior uptime, and overall better performance as compared to Free DNS Alternatives.

Instant Propagation

No more making changes & waiting hours for them to propagate. With DNS Made Easy, any changes in DNS records are propagated instantly.

Faster Load Times

Free DNS hosting comes with the caveat of slow DNS lookup times. Streamline your users’ experience with fast TTLs & quick load times.

Always Online

Stay up with DNS Made Easy’s robust infrastructure that boasts a 100% uptime history in recent years.

ANAME Records

Boost performance, simplify management, and allow root domain CNAMEs using ANAME records (CNAME flattening).

Predictable Pricing that Scales with Usage.

No surprises, just easy budgeting! Transparent & predictable pricing that scales with your needs.

Per Domain


500,000 Queries/Domain

Get Started
  • Easy Configuration
  • Instant DNS Changes
  • 100% Uptime History
  • ANAME(CNAME Flattening)
  • Fault-Tolerant
*Additional queries cost 0.10 USD per 10,000 queries.

DNS Management Made Simple

See how you can speed up your DNS workflows with our DNS Made Easy Add-On & streamline DNS management; all from the comfort of the Cloudways Platform.

One Signup to Rule Them All

Manage your applications, your Email inboxes, and now your Domains; all from the comfort of the Cloudways Platform.

Add Multiple Domains

Simplify DNS management with support for adding multiple domains at once. Configure Nameservers & get notified once changes are live.

Simple Record Management

Easily add & manage multiple record types including faster ANAME records.

A more Seamless Cloudways Experience

Configure Email Records like a champ! Use our premade templates for Elastic Email & Rackspace Email Add-ons.

Stay on Top of Traffic

Stay on top of query usage with DNS analytics designed to give you a birds eye view of all your domain traffic.

Get Higher ROI From Your

With Cloudways, your websites are faster, more secure, and backed by 24/7 real-time expert support.

Get Started Free

Say Goodbye to DNS Headaches: Our Add-on vs. The Rest.

Our add-on offers the most compelling featureset with a simple user experience & instant DNS propagation for SMBs as compared to competitors.

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Easy Configuration

Set up and manage your website’s DNS like a pro, no tech expertise needed!

Instant DNS Changes

Any changes made to your DNS records are propagated instantly across all authoritative nameservers in DNS Made Easy’s global network

100% Uptime History

DNS Made Easy has a track record of 100% uptime for the last 12 years.

ANAME (CNAME Flattering)

ANAME records allow you to point your root domain to another website while still behaving like your original domain. This means visitors won’t see any difference in the URL, but you can enjoy the benefit of faster load times.

Fault Tolerant

Your website stays online even if parts of the system fail.

  • Changes to your website content/appearance
  • Changes to the functionality of plugins/themes/modules
  • Debugging custom code
  • Application level security issues
  • Auditing your code
  • Migrating your site from Cloudways to anotherservice/hosting provider
  • Upgrades of plugins/themes/modules(although we can help with troubleshooting issues)
  • In general, anything that implies code editing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can manage A, AAAA, ANAME, CNAME, MX, TXT, CAA, and SRV records with the DNS Made Easy add-on.

Navigate to the add-ons section in the Cloudways Unified Experience, select "DNS Made Easy Add-on" and click "Get Started," then add your domain and nameservers. You can also refer to the following article for further details.

TTL (Time To Live) is a value associated with a DNS record that specifies how long other DNS servers can cache the record before checking for updates with the authoritative nameserver.

Instant propagation, on the other hand, refers to the immediate update of DNS records across all of a provider's nameservers. This means there's no waiting period for changes to take effect, unlike traditional DNS propagation which can take several hours or even a day depending on the TTL and various network factors.

Additional queries are charged at 0.10 USD per 10,000 queries.