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Managed DNS Add-on

Enhance the experience of your visitors with DNS Made Easy Add-on.

24×7 Expert Support

You’re never alone. Our support team is active round-the-clock.

Easy DNS Management

Experience efficient DNS management for all your websites.

Multiple Locations

Fail-safe performance, thanks to global infrastructures.

Simplified DNS Management

Our DNS Made Easy add-on ensures that visitors always reach your site without any hiccups. The add-on allows for high-performance and minimum errors with a variety of services that make it easy to manage online infrastructure, update network configurations, and much more.


DNS That Works for Everyone

Enrich your hosting experience with powerful features.

Prices Start From

$2.5 /5 Domains


  • Configure your domain
  • DNS Records
  • Time-to-Live
  • DNS Failover
  • Multiple Protocols
  • Multiple Locations

Fast and Reliable DNS for a Smooth Experience

Boost up your website availability with DNS Made Easy.


Configure Your Domain

The add-on takes care of domain configuration, using only the appropriate DNS servers.


DNS Records

The add-on ensures all your records are properly set on your cloud provider.



Proper TTL settings are essential for smooth site migration. Let DNS add-on handle it!


DNS Failover

With 4 layers of redundancy, traffic is redirected to a pre-configured secondary IP address.


Multiple Protocols

You have the choice to use several protocols, such as TCP, UDP, HTTP, or HTTPS.


Multiple Locations

Physical infrastructure in 5 different continents and 24 different cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

They propagate very quickly, sometimes they appear in 5 to 10 minutes. Normal duration is 12 to 24 hours.

In DNS Made Easy default TTL is 1800.

It depends on the package the customer has subscribed. The cost appears in the add-ons section.

You can ask our support team and they will be able to check the domains from tickets and DNS Made Easy account. This can be requested through chat or ticket.

You can subscribe through Cloudways Platform from the add-on section, which automatically creates a support ticket at our support end. Next, we request the domain name(s) and server IP to be added, which are then added to DNS Made Easy accordingly.