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Secure WordPress Hosting Trusted by 250,000+ SMBs, Agencies & Individuals

Our secure WordPres hosting solution implements active and passive solutions to prevent malicious attacks

24/7 support

Dedicated Firewalls

We regularly perform firmware upgrades and patches so your WordPress websites remain secure from potential threats.

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SSL Certificates

SSL certificate gains visitors’ trust and ensures that their data is transmitted encrypted. Deploy it in just a click for free.

free migration

Login Security

We provide two-factor authentication, detect the suspicious login attempts, and send notifications to keep your account and server secure.

free ssl

IP Whitelisting

You can create a list of whitelisted IPs to block or allow IP addresses for SSH/SFTP access to your account or database.

no lockin

Application Isolation

Multiple WordPress sites hosted on a single server are isolated to prevent them from getting affected by the other website.

unlimited application

Database Security

Our built-in database security system prevents unauthorized access to your data and protects it from vulnerabilities.

How is Cloudways Secure as a Hosting Platform?

Our intuitive platform makes sure your site is always safe from potential threats round the clock, all year long!

Platform Level Security

Cloudways constantly runs OS patches on its platform, meanng your WordPress site and server will never run on an outdated operating system. It ensures that there are no loopholes for potential threats to compromise the security of your WordPress site.

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Security Protocols for Server and Website

Dedicated firewalls, IP Whitelisting, database security, free SSL certificates, login security and aapplication isolation are just some of the security protocols that Cloudways offers to guarantee rock solid security for your WordPress site.

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Secure Hosting on Your Preferred Cloud Providers

Secure WordPress hosting on top IaaS providers ensures maximum performance and high-availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether WordPress hosting is secure or not depends on a number of factors such as what type of hosting you are using and what security features you have implemented on your website.

Cloudways offers secure WordPress hosting because of its security feature that comes with every plan you opt for. These features include free SSL certificates, firewalls to protect your server and application, IP Whitelisting, regular OS patching, and much more.

There can be a number of factors that can make WordPress secure, one of which is the SSL certificate. Other factors include security plugins, applications level firewalls, and two factor authentication.

Secure WordPress hosting is when your hosting provider has implemented a number of security protocols to protect your server and applications from malicious attacks.

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