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Fast & Reliable WordPress Multisite Hosting

Easy Git Integration
Optimal Security
Unlimited Staging URLs
Unlimited WordPress Installs
WP-CLI Pre-installed
24/7/365 Online Support

Putting An End to WordPress Multisite Cloud Hosting Nuisance

50,120+ WordPress Instances Launched

Gaining acceptance and admiration, we plan to provide flawless WordPress Multisite Hosting services to our customers:

  • Automated Security Backups
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Easy to Install and Launch
  • FREE Migration

No More Slow WordPress Multisites

Cloudways Platform is tactically constructed to give the fastest load time for WordPress. ThunderStack—the combined effect of Apache, Nginx, Memcached and Varnish—ensures 100% faster page load times with breathtaking performance. You won’t get this anywhere else!

Breeze Works for all Sites Under WordPress Multisite Network
Supercharge Your Network Sites

VarnishBreeze comes with integrated Varnish and internal cache to speed up WordPress Multisite.

CloudwaysCDNBreeze integrates with CloudwaysCDN for improved performance for your global audience.

Gzip CompressionBreeze comes with Gzip compression that reduces file delivery time.

Minification and ExclusionBreeze’s file minification, file exclusion and grouping features speed up WordPress Multisite networked sites.

No More WordPress Multisite Hosting Hardships

User Friendly Console

Cloudways comes with an admin panel through which you can perform most of your server and app related tasks. An optimized and managed WordPress Multisite Platform is now at your service only a few clicks away.

Managed Backups

Offering an automated backup feature—with an integrated option to download backups to a local host, Cloudways WordPress Multisite Hosting Platform creates copies that are stored at an offsite location for added data redundancy.


Replication is now made easy for your WordPress multisite with Cloudways. Clone your servers and application in just a few clicks through easy-to-use Cloudways Console.

WordPress Migrator

Cloudways WordPress Migrator guarantees convenient migration of your WordPress Multisite websites from your previous host to Cloudways WordPress Multisite Hosting Cloud Platform.

WP-CLI Ready

Great News! Now you can use WP-CLI through SSH Access on Cloudways. This way, you can use the browser-based command line interface to perform various WordPress Multisite functions.

WooCommerce Ready

Oh yeah! You can totally run your WooCommerce shop using the same Cloudways WordPress Multisite Hosting server. We allow multiple app installations.

24x7 Always Available Support by Cloud Professionals

The Cloudways Customer Success Team will assist you at any time through Live Chat and Ticketing System

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at all. Cloudways cloud hosting platform has a pay-as-you-go model. It means that you have to pay for the server and the resources and services that you use with that server.

Everything will be billed under a single invoice, so you won’t have to pay separately.

The answer is a simple YES! You can scale your WordPress Multisite cloud servers whenever you want. Cloudways offers you with vertical server scaling.

If you want to automatic scaling servers, check out our customized PowerCloud plan.

Sure, why not? Our magnificent cloud engineers are always ready to help you with the migration of  your website to our WordPress cloud platform.

Remember, we offer 1 site free migration and to avail it, you just need to subrcibe to our application migration addon. Click here for more details.

Absolutely! Our cloud hosting platform is able enough to handle all sizes of WordPress Multisite networks.

However, we do provide a custom WordPress Multisite hosting solution for websites with very large daily traffic inflow. Please fill the form to get started with our PowerCloud solution.

The Cloudways WordPress Multisite cloud hosting platform offers you some of the most incredible features. The user-friendly console is very easy-to-use. It helps you to launch multiple applications and servers.

Plus, you can monitor and track performance of 15+ metrics related to server and application management. You can also manage MySQL database, use SSH, and handle code through Git. All this is possible in just 1-click.

Definitely! Cloudways is secure but it does not comprises on the factor of speed. Every WordPress Multisite cloud servers is powered by VMAN to ensure faster page load times.

The VMAN technology uses the optimization power of  Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx.

Well, keeping in view the fact that security of a website of really important, we have an iron-clad  security mechanism in place. In addition to this, all the WordPress Multisite cloud servers are protected through platform level firewall.

The hardened security system ensures that your servers remain protected against all known potential security and hack threats, including Heartbleed and Shellshock.

We, at Cloudways, also provide you with daily backup facility where all the data is kept on off-site location for the purpose of redundancy. All your WordPress Multisite cloud servers are managed and patched regularly to thwart any particular threat.

How Cloudways Helped Atheist Berlin Attain Business Success

“Life’s too short, and…” said a very reflective David. “I would much rather spend it thinking about shoe designs. With Cloudways, I’m optimistic they’ll be the last hosting platform we’ll ever need”--- David Bonney, CEO Atheist Berlin

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