Story of Cloudways

Providing the best Cloud Platform to the Hosting World with Convenience and Ease

Founded in 2011

Cloudways is a Cloud Platform (PaaS) that offers an extremely easy way to deploy, monitor, and manage high performance applications on top of major cloud infrastructure providers.

50+ Employees

We scaled exponentially and then everyone joined in. The team kept on growing and will continue to grow.

Who Created It?

Who Created Cloudways? It is the brainchild of 4 guys: Pere Hospital, Aaqib Gadit, Uzair Gadit, and Umair Gadit.

Do You Party?

All work and no play gives the cloud a dull look. We work hard to party harder. It was just last year when we danced to live streams of Tomorrowland!

Do You Work?

During the past 12 months, we had a stupendous growth rate of more than 550%. Our success speaks volumes about the amount of work and effort we put in.

We Don’t Stop Lovin’

Yes, we are growing at a fast pace, but we seldom let any of our customers leave! We do not like it single bit. We love our customers and we value each and every one of them.

Tea or Coffee?

Both! We actually complement both these beverages with a lot of Donuts around the year! We love our eating out! It drives us to achieve our goals!

Where You Located?

Cloudways is incorporated in Malta, along with offices in UAE and Spain. Yes, we love SUNNY days.

Teach Me Some Stuff?

Cloudways is incorporated in Malta, along with offices in UAE and Spain. Yes, we love SUNNY days.

And, Our Success Continues

A look back at our journey: What we have achieved and delivered so far

Cloudways Launched January 2011

Partnered With Zidisha to Help Entrepreneurs January 2013

Started to Work on Cloudways Platform September 2013

Integrated DigitalOcean as a Cloud Infrastructure May 2014

Server parameters control from Platform April 2014

Launched Cloudways Platform (Using Amazon Web Services) February 2014

Added PrestaShop as a New Application May 2014

Introduced Cloudways WordPress Migrator Tool May 2014

Added Git Deployment Feature May 2014

Added Koken in Cloudways July 2014

Introduced Server Cloning Feature June 2014

Introduced Addons : Rackspace Email, Gmail SMTP, DNS Made Easy June 2014

Added DigitalOcean UK Datacenter in CloudwaysJuly 2014

Added WordPress Multisite Feature July 2014

Added Application Cloning Feature July 2014

Added WP CLI feature 0ctober 2014

Added Application Upgrade Addon 0ctober 2014

Added Application Migration Addon 0ctober 2014

Introduced Team Collaboration Feature November 2014

Added Application Load Testing Addon November 2014

Introduced Multi-SSL Deployment feature November 2014

Improved Varnish Control February 2015

Introduced WooCommerce December 2014

Added Advanced Server Settings November 2014

Got Featured on Forbes February 2015

Integrated GCE as a Provider February 2015

Introduced Whitelist IP Feature February 2015

Improved Backup Support March 2015

Introduced App Cloning March 2015

Added New Relic Addon March 2015

Added 2 Factor Authentication April 2015

Announced AWS Frankfurt Data Center April 2015

Introduced Prepaid Funds May 2015

Announced DO Frankfurt Data Center June 2015

Addition of Packages tab Controller June 2015

Improved Server Settings June 2015

Integrated Bitcoin June 2015

Intregated Custom SMTP module July 2015

Introduced Redis August 2015

Added GitHub & LinkedIn Signups August 2015

Provisioned Multiple PHP & MySQL versions August 2015

Introduced MariaDB August 2015

Added 4x & 10X AWS Instances September 2015

Integrated Downloadable Backup September 2015

Integrated Elasticsearch September 2015

Integrated Vultr as a Provider November 2015

Enhanced Server list UX October 2015

Improved Git work flows September 2015

Debian 8 February 2016

PHP7 March 2016

Drupal 8 March 2016

Lets Encrypt April 2016

Nginx SSL with Varnish support March 2016

Magento 2 March March 2016

Project May 2016

Cloudways Platform 2.0 May 2016

Cloudways New Website May 2016

Snapshot feature May 2016

HTTP/2 May 2016

Cloudways New Blog May 2016

DigitalOcean’s Indian Datacenter June 2016

Launch Affiliate Program June 2016

Real time billing June 2016

PHP FPM Aug 2016

CloudwaysBotAug 2016

CLOUDWAYS 2.0 (live) Aug 2016

HTTP2 Aug 2016

Launched Kyup Container Hosting September 2016

Introduced Autocharging September 2016

Http2 with alpn support October 2016

Http2 with alpn support October 2016

Introducted Cloudways API October 2016

Improved Varnish Controls & UI November 2016

Server Share November 2016

Announced GCE Oregon Data Center November 2016

Announced Vultr Singapore Data Center November 2016