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Empowering People So That They
Can Move Their Dreams Forward

A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform Where Teams Can Build, Deploy, Scale & Manage Phenomenal Web Applications

We simplify hosting experiences because we believe in empowering individuals, teams and businesses. We set high standards of performance, commit to complete freedom of choice coupled with simplicity and agility in every process. Backed by an innovative approach, our platform is built on best-of-breed technologies and industry-leading infrastructure providers that creates smooth managed cloud hosting experiences. And, we do this by investing in the right talent and by organizing the perfect teams.

The Core Values We Live By

Our foundation helps you build better digital experiences, scale your business faster and maximize growth potential.

Innovative At

Innovation lies at the heart of Cloudways. We have an earnest curiosity that consistently drives us to be innovative and creative.

Simplicity In

Simplicity, a concept that is a constant in all our developments and operations. Simplicity is what we keep in mind while transforming all the hosting complexities.

Customer Always
Comes First

Customers have always been and will remain the North Star of Cloudways. Prioritizing customer feedback, we are able to enrich our platform and improve our services to ensure continued peace of mind for our customers.

Data Driven

Data along with experiences determines the direction of our innovation and improvements.

Win As A Team

Teamwork is a ticket to success. We work closely together with agility to make sure that you have one big extended team that moves you towards success.

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Let Us Help You Grow

Ready to launch your business to the stratosphere (and beyond)!

Let Us Help You Grow

Ready to launch your business to the stratosphere (and beyond)!

No credit card required.

24/7/365 Support

We're always here to reduce worries and put time back in your day. Two optional support add-ons enhance your service.

Knowledge Base

A comprehensive information hub that helps you with anything related to the platform and services.


Your very own smart assistant that keeps you updated with the health insights of your web app and cloud server.

Customer Experiences In A Word

Just a word is enough to describe.

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