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Drupal 7 Tips and Tricks

Drupal 7

Best Drupal Themes: 10 Free and Paid Options

Bootstrap is a super popular framework for designing responsive themes. How popular you ask? Well, around 26.0% of...

Drupal 7

A Guide for Upgrading a Drupal 7 Website to Dru...

Kudos to you if you've already ventured into the awesome realms of Drupal 8. Now, as far as...

Drupal 7

How to Install Varnish on Drupal 7

Previously in the quest to maximize the performance of a Drupal 7 website hosted on Cloudways, I’ve shown...

Drupal 7

Turbocharge Your Drupal 7 Website with Redis &#...

Even Drupal, a CMS known for speed, get slow as the size of the website increases beyond a...

Drupal 7

How to Install Memcache on your Drupal 7 Site

In my previous post, I showed you how to install and enable Redis cache on your Drupal 7...

Drupal 7

How To Install and Enable Elasticsearch On Drup...

My previous three posts focused on maximizing the speed of your Drupal 7 website by utilizing Redis, Varnish,...

Drupal 7

How To Install Drupal Websites On Linode

Linode provides a powerful and reliable infrastructure for a powerful application like Drupal. Although the fact remains that...

Drupal 7

How to Install Drupal Commerce Kickstart

Drupal is a powerful Content Management System which can be used to create a variety of websites without...

Drupal 7

How to Install Drupal 7 on Localhost

Drupal has managed to hold its own in the fiercely competitive world of content management systems. Many attribute...

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