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Best Drupal Themes: 10 Free and Paid Options

Updated on January 25, 2023

7 Min Read
best Drupal themes

Bootstrap is a super popular framework for designing responsive themes.

How popular you ask?

Well, around 26.0% of all websites use Bootstrap.

Its popularity can be due to the fact that it can help save hours of design and development time as it can lay down the foundation required to create responsive and well-designed websites. And when it comes to Drupal, Bootstrap can help developers design beautiful, user-friendly, and powerful themes quickly.

But with abundant themes available, it can be challenging for any user to pick the best Drupal and Bootstrap themes.

Don’t worry!

We have done the hard job for you and shortlisted the 10 best Drupal themes to make the selection easy. Read on to discover each theme’s features and offerings, and opt for the best one that fits your requirements.

Why Choose Drupal With Bootstrap?

Numerous developers are familiar with Bootstrap and use it daily. In fact, Bootstrap is counted among the most popular front-end systems and open-source projects.

Developers may use Bootstrap for Drupal themes and other non-Drupal projects because it is not Drupal-specific. If you use Bootstrap as a foundation theme, front-end developers who are familiar with it will be more likely to join your project.

Drupal with Bootstrap offers a smooth and effective front-end system for easy web development. Bootstrap will save you loads on time and lets you create a functional website without any blockages. And with Drupal, you can create attractive and responsive themes and enjoy faster speeds.

Drupal development is used by 1,749,000+ websites as of 2022. Hundreds of top organizations, including media, publishing firms, government bodies, non-profit organizations, schools, and individuals, are among them.

According to usage statistics by, the number of downloads of Drupal since version 6.x was 133,236 as of January 8, 2023.

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10 Best Drupal and Bootstrap Themes

Now that we know the importance of Drupal and Bootstrap, let’s dive into the list of best Drupal and Bootstrap themes:

1- Vartheme BS5

Vartheme BS5
Vartheme is a free Drupal theme, a fantastic starting point for building your unique business theme. Vartheme BS5 is an exceptional choice for all corporations and SaaS companies as it supports a few special features such as background videos and pictures, themes, clusters, etc.

2- Young Globes Glow

Young Globes Glow
Young Globes Glow is a modern Drupal 8, and Drupal 9 theme developed to help you to create stunning websites. YG Glow helps users transform their business’s digital presence by creating exceptional creative assets that elevate the brand to the next level.

The cool thing about YG Glow is that it is compatible with the most recent Drupal coding standards and offers many specialized free and paid themes.

Needless to say, you can easily find the perfect theme for your Drupal website from the broad library of YG themes – no matter whether you run a personal blog or a non-profit website.

3- Consulta

Next up, we have Consulta. The theme supports extremely high-resolution pictures and videos and is fairly responsive even when carrying heavy content. It best suits corporate websites like Financial Advisors, Consulting Firms, etc.

The best thing about Consulta is that it supports all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and features seven headers and meta menus. It even comes pre-equipped with 11 stunning homepages. You can craft beautiful pages by simply editing the default content.

As for the price, it costs just $50, and it supports most SEO and other plugins.

4- TheMag

TheMAG is a Drupal theme that makes building a contemporary magazine website simple and convenient. It is perfect for websites that want to make money through advertising or content.

TheMag Drupal is built to enable users to share a lot of info on a single webpage, with the possibility of foregrounding one page’s element.

TheMAG is fully compatible with the Drupal Thunder release and has many features. It uses and expands on the robust and distinctive Drupal Layout Builder, which enables you to design intricate layouts and pages quickly.

If we talk about pricing, TheMag is a slightly more expensive option, costing around $54.

5- Pivot

Pivot is a fully-featured multi-purpose, responsive, Bootstrap-based Drupal 9 theme that looks effortlessly on-point in education, agency, business, or portfolio template.

Pivot is among the best Drupal 9 themes for educational and nonprofit institutions. The multipurpose theme supports Bootstrap and HTML5.

Pivot offers a great page builder with many widgets and design options. You can build dozens of landing pages with a new look and feel.

As for features, Pivot offers full-screen sliders, call-to-actions, a drop-down menu, a project page, social media buttons, and so much more. It also includes additional inner pages like testimonials, blogs, and contact forms.

6- Voltbuzz

VoltBuzz is a cutting-edge theme for SEO and digital marketing. It can be used for websites that offer different digital marketing services, including SEO, online marketing, digital agencies, social media marketing, and other marketing tactics. This template supports all current browsers and devices and is completely responsive.

It comes with all the necessary pre-built components and building blocks to allow users to create impressive layouts without having advanced programming knowledge.

VoltBuzz features three niche homepage layouts. It’s customizable, affordable, and will empower you to grandstand the potential of your agency and team perfectly on a single web page. Voltbuzz is a smart choice for your other project’s online presence and saves time and money.

In terms of cost, Voltbuzz is expensive, costing $68.

7- iblue

iblue Drupal is a clean, professional, and responsive theme. It comes with 10+ home pages and many inner pages.

iblue is built on Bootstrap, CSS3, and HTML5, which makes it compatible with almost all browsers.

As for its standout features, iblue offers creative slideshows, color variations, and the ability to add background videos.

The theme is ideal for corporate businesses, hosting businesses, blogging sites, construction sites, freelancers, and more. But its customizability makes it fairly good for all sorts of use.

As for pricing, it costs $49, which is a competitive price for such a versatile theme.

8- Skeleton

Skeleton theme for Drupal isn’t just a theme. It is a free responsive theme built upon the Skeleton Boilerplate. It has been inspired by the amazing Skeleton WordPress theme designed by “Simple themes.”

Skeleton is aimed at helping users build uncluttered, simple, and mobile-friendly Drupal sites.

Skeleton is perfect for websites like the Verge that cover technology and gadgets. Its responsiveness enables users to embed multiple buttons into a web page or an ad without compromising usability and fast loading times.

9- Rogan

Rogan is a multi-purpose Drupal 9 theme for powerful and high-performance websites. The theme has 12 interactive home page options & 73+ inner page variants. Plus, This Drupal 9 theme is super fast with admirable responsiveness.

Featuring great plugins, workflow, and designs for a modern site, you will easily find a stunning design that suits your needs. In case you want to provide your audience with a responsive website user experience without having to hire someone to customize your theme, Rogan is certainly a great choice.

It costs no more than $48 for the basic plan, and it’s suitable for eCommerce, blogging sites, SEO and digital marketing agencies, and freelancers’ portfolios.

10- Facdori Theme

Facdori is known to be the best Drupal 8 and 9 themes for industrial businesses. But due to its versatility and customizable nature, it can be considered a multi-purpose theme.

Facdori is built on the core, which supports SASS, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4. Moreover, it integrates creative management and workflow tools such as Block animated sliders, headers, footers, and builders, enabling users to come up with almost any design they can imagine.

This makes Facdori the best fit for the construction industry, architecture, engineering, building services, and other industry-related business and services.

Even with so many customizable features, Facdori is available at just $45.


The looks and appearance of a website matter a lot. Because, as they say, the first impression is the last impression.
If you want to ensure that your site has a professional design and looks amazing on every device your visitors are using, Bootstrap Drupal is the ideal option.

The top Drupal themes I’ve showcased above have been tried and tested by many popular websites, unlike other free themes that can be shoddy and harm your website’s ranking.

Which one would you choose from my lineup of best Drupal themes?

If you liked this article, I suggest you look at my previous list of free and premium Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 themes.

Can you use Bootstrap with Drupal?

Yes, you can use Bootstrap with Drupal 8/9. Considering that the Bootstrap framework is widely used to create websites, the development process is significantly simplified by giving designers and developers a standard language to interact in.

What are Drupal 8 themes?

The parts of Drupal that you or anyone who visits your Drupal-powered application see when they view any page in their browser are called themes. You might think of a theme as a layer—almost like a screen—that stands between your website’s visitors and the Drupal content.

How many themes does Drupal have?

As per Drupal Documentation, Drupal has 2500+ themes and 40,000+ modules available to modify website appearance and extend its functionalities.

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