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Introducing Automated Malware Cleanup with the New Malware Protection Add-on

Updated on May 21, 2024

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Malware Protection Add-on

In 2023, SMBs have become prime targets for cyberattacks due to their weaker security measures compared to larger enterprises, With 73% experiencing cyberattacks or data breaches in the past 12 months, up from 58% in 2021 and 43% in 2022.

Furthermore, Patchstack reported a 24% increase in detected WordPress vulnerabilities in 2023. This means more points of attack for malicious hackers.

This is why at Cloudways, we’ve been working long-term to increase the availability of great security offerings for all our customers. We began by offering free Bot Protection in collaboration with Malcare in 2021, followed by providing enterprise-grade protection through Cloudflare Enterprise at just $4.99 per domain as well as our Safeupdates add-on for safe, automated WordPress updates in 2022.

Then, in 2023, we introduced a free WordPress Vulnerability Scanner to keep our customers informed of all the latest vulnerabilities.

The Issue With Security Plugins

Until now, many Cloudways users have relied on costly plugin-based solutions like Wordfence or Sucuri in the case of WordPress. However, for Magento, Laravel, or custom PHP, security solutions either require deep technical expertise or can be extremely expensive.

The issue with WordPress plugins extends beyond their expense; some have been shown to be ineffective in malware scanning and removal. Because these solutions operate on the same layer as injected malware. So, they can be bypassed, deactivated, or even deleted by the malware itself.

Recognizing this issue, we at Cloudways have been looking for a way to make effective Malware Protection available to all our customers at a fraction of the cost of leading plugins.

Never Worry About Malware Again

Get our malware protection add-on which proactively detects & eliminates malware before it has a chance to wreak havoc.

Introducing the New Malware Protection Add-On

Keeping all the issues mentioned above in mind, we’re excited to announce the new Malware Protection add-on, powered by Imunify360, available on the Cloudways platform starting at just $4/app per month. This new add-on sits above the application layer & helps automatically remove detected malware without any intervention.

It also comes with RASP (Runtime Active Self Protection), which helps detect & eliminate threats at runtime by scanning files whenever changes are made, eliminating malicious code before it has a chance to cause damage to your apps.

What sets this solution apart is its compatibility across all PHP-based CMS available on Cloudways, offering SMBs peace of mind minus any complexities.

And the affordability is clear when compared to alternatives on the market:

Solution Cost per site
Malware Protection Add-on $4/month or less
Sucuri Starting at $199/year
Wordfence Premium Starting at $119/year

*Note that prices are accurate as of May 29th, 2024, and are subject to change.

But you might question the fairness of this comparison. After all, plugin solutions come with so much more than just malware protection. And you’d be right.

But you see, on Cloudways, you won’t need to pay for other security measures that plugin solutions offer for a premium.

In the coming two months, Cloudways plans to integrate the full suite of Imunify360’s security solutions, including their comprehensive WAF & Domain Reputation, across all Cloudways flexible customer websites. And that too at no additional cost! Regardless of whether you choose to subscribe to the malware protection add-on or not.

Thus, with malware protection added to the mix, you can have comprehensive security for all your websites at a fraction of the cost of plugins.

Note: Initially, this add-on will not be available to applications hosted on Cloudways Autonomous.


The new Malware Protection add-on starts at $4 per application per month, with bulk pricing options for Digital Agencies & Freelancers.

Why App-Based Pricing?

We chose to go with App-based pricing over server-based pricing for its flexibility, as not all our customers are at a stage where they need to host multiple sites on each server.

The server-based pricing would have been much more prohibitive. With the current bulk pricing setup, we’re effectively able to cater to all our customers, be it SMBs & bloggers with a few websites or even digital agencies managing hundreds.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing tiers for this add-on:

# of Sites Pricing
First 5 Sites $4
6 – 15 Sites $3
More than 15 Sites $2

Join Our Webinar: Malware Security with Imunify360 (New)

The webinar will cover the current security landscape, What is Imunify360 and how it works in the background, and include a demo of the add-on in action.

The Importance of Malware Protection

To understand the importance of malware protection, we must first understand what malware is, how it infiltrates, and the potential harm it can inflict on your websites or worse.

Let’s start with a simple analogy. Consider your house with all of its walls and doors. To enhance security, you install cameras & maybe hire a security guard. However, if there’s even a small, vulnerable spot left unguarded, intruders can exploit it to gain access and cause havoc. This is where a surveillance system comes in, detecting and thwarting intruders.

And in the world of website security, your web application firewall acts as the walls and doors, while a malware scanner functions as the internal surveillance system.

In recent years, the number of vulnerabilities, especially within WordPress, has significantly increased. According to Patchstack, 5,948 new vulnerabilities were added to the Patchstack database in 2023. This was a 24% increase compared to 2022, representing 5,948 new points of attack that malicious hackers can exploit to inject malware.

While Web Application Firewalls and regular updating of themes & plugins are effective in preventing malicious attacks, they aren’t foolproof. Vulnerabilities can still be exploited, allowing malware to infiltrate despite these precautions. Once malware breaches your defenses, these security measures lose their efficacy.

Therefore, you should enable Malware Protection across all your applications to help guard your business from covert threats. This protection goes beyond mere cleanup. It actively detects and eliminates malware in real-time before it has a chance to cause harm.

Why Did We Choose Imunify360?

When selecting a security vendor, our main consideration was their effectiveness in thwarting attacks and handling malware.

Back in 2021 when we integrated Malcare’s Bot Protection, one of the main concerns voiced by customers was its WordPress-specific focus. While WordPress forms the majority of applications hosted on Cloudways, our aim was to provide a solution that seamlessly catered to all websites hosted on our platform, whether WordPress, Magento, Laravel, or custom PHP.

Thus we needed a security vendor that worked across all these CMS. Our rigorous testing led us to Imunify360, which emerged as the top contender among its competitors. It outperformed others in terms of both features and effectiveness at stopping attacks, aligning perfectly with our goal of offering comprehensive security across diverse CMS platforms.

How to Enable & Use the Malware Protection Add-On

Follow the steps below to enable and use the Malware Protection Add-on:

  1. Navigate to the App Management interface within the new unified UX for your selected app.
  2. Locate the Malware Protection menu.
  3. Click on “Enable Protection.”

Note: If your app is already infected, an alert at the top of the malware protection menu will notify you of this.


Once the add-on has been activated, no further action is required from your end. Our add-on helps automatically remove any detected malware from your applications. This is also visible under the “malicious” tab.


Additionally, you can access the “Scan History” section to review the timing and results of past scans.


Switching over to the “Proactive Defence” section, you’ll find any malicious events that were detected & eliminated at runtime.


Should you need to restore a cleaned file, simply select the file and click on the restore button.


Future Steps

Within the next two months, we plan on integrating the remaining security features of Imunify360 across all Cloudways applications at no additional cost.

Following the integration phase, we’ll be gathering feedback on further improvements that can be made to this new add-on as well as these new security features. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, feel free to voice your opinions at

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