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Key Trends to-be-followed by Cloud Computing in 2012

November 10, 2011

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As cloud technology is booming, more and more organizations are acquiring the concept to boast off their web popularity.  The environment of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS is completely monitored on cloud and organizations need not worry about the hassle of installing and implementing hardware and software tools that cost them a lot.

However, as all these activities have already been worked upon by cloud service providers, advancements to enhance the technology are still on to give cloud environment a powerful thrust in the upcoming year.

Year 2012 will be a promising one for business enterprises that are planning migration of their services and daily operations on cloud. Key factors that will be worked upon in during 2012 include agile development, how to maintain cloud of a particular organization in the most efficient way possible, competitive solutions for cloud availability and performance issues etc among others. Before we discuss each one of them in detail it is important to know that the job of cloud providers is quite a critical computing in 2012

Although, cloud computing has become one of the successful technology innovation in terms of risk and cost reduction of any business entity, it still leaves an unanswered questionnaire for many who needs to be enlightened about its benefits.

Detailed Explanation on Aforementioned Points

Cloud Agile Development

Delivering quick and well coordinated cloud services would be the prime focus of managed cloud providers in the upcoming year. With agile cloud solutions not only will cloud providers be able to grab the attention of other organizations that are not on cloud but would also become more efficient in delivering the best services at the end of the day. Agility is also important for staying ahead of the competitors.

Let us study an example on it. A well established cloud provider offers competitive and efficient cloud services to its clients. But, in due course of time it loses its reputation in the cloud market. You might be wondering why? Well, prime reason for this cloud provider not succeeding in its goals is lack of agility. By mentioning this we mean that no matter how well organized your cloud services be, delivering them with competitive, quick and professional man force is important. Only offering IaaS services is and will not be sufficient in 2012.

Maintenance of Cloud

A cloud works on the basic and fundamental principle of sharing and accessing files in the form of data in the virtual environment. This means whatever you would see will not be present in the physical world but can be easily approached for.

Thus, monitoring and maintaining such an environment with advanced methods and tools is very important to prevent any kind of fallacy. As a matter of fact, cloud monitoring is important because data stored in cloud acts as an asset to the organizations and it cannot be put at stake.

However, in the evolving cloud market there are certain organizations that are not satisfied with the cloud monitoring process. They fear of Internet threats that pose security alerts. Thus, to overcome such situations the best way cloud providers can fix up the problem of maintenance and monitoring cloud is to incorporate efficient methods that can act as key solutions to such concerning factors. Some of them are:

  • Keep a track on the performance and availability issues that are common in cloud management.
  • Deploy efficient monitoring and analysis tools. Cloud providers can work on developing efficient monitoring tools that might give a thrust to the cloud monitoring environment.
  • Following strong encryption standards also is a way to maintain a running cloud.

With so much discussed already, it can be concluded that if proper and useful techniques are incorporated for maintenance and monitoring cloud, there will be nothing like it. Better scaled up productions, cost reductions in terms of hardware and software components and green and highly secured environment is what you get as rewarding changes in your cloud.

Is CloudWays Solution to your Cloud related Worries?

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Little More in 2012

Other Factors that will Up Rise in Relation to Enhancing Cloud are:

  • Most of the organizations face downtime problems that not only erupt due to poor connectivity but also because of low bandwidth. New strategies put forward by cloud providers emphasize to eradicate downtime problems by up to 99.99% and give users an extended bandwidth that can scale up their productions.
  • Load Balancing is yet another important aspect that needs to be tackled intensely. The upcoming year might  see this reduces as well.


See how CloudWays and Its Managed Cloud Services work to improve your cloud scalibility, reliability and uptime.

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