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10+ Best Free WooCommerce Themes For Your Ecommerce Store (Bonus Inside)

Updated on  10th April

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With the recent boom of online shopping, people are looking for easier, manageable, and faster solutions to develop their ecommerce stores. WordPress and WooCommerce in my opinion, provide the easiest way to develop a fully functional ecommerce store, even if you don’t have any coding skills.

Best Free WooCommerce Themes

If you do not believe me, check out the statistics that are being discussed in the industry these days.

And, yes! WooCommerce is certainly creating waves.

WooCommerce is here to stay and it is all due to the ease of deployment. However, the theme used for WooCommerce website plays an important part. It needs to be compatible with WooCommerce standards. Furthermore, it also has an important cosmetic value.

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What makes your store standout is the theme that you put up on your WooCommerce store. Luckily, there are so many free themes available on the internet to choose from. It is all because of the leading WordPress theme development companies.

In this blog, I will elaborate on the top 10 best free WooCommerce themes compatible with WordPress that will help you develop a money-churning web store without any fuss.

Free WooCommerce Themes

  1. Mystile by WooThemes
  2. Storefront Paper by rocketfarmer
  3. WooShop Lite by Dessky
  4. AyoShop by DesignModo
  5. Mio by SplashingPixels
  6. eStore by ThemeGrill
  7. StoreVilla by Access Keys
  8. Shapely by Silkalns
  9. Illdy by Silkalns
  10. NewsMag by machothemes
  11. Bellini by Atlantis Themes
  12. The Jewelry Shop by YIThemes

Bonus: Free WordPress Themes

  1. Activello by Silkalns
  2. Sparkling by Silkalns
  3. Allegiant by cpothemes
  4. Affluent by cpothemes
  5. Travelify by Silkalns
  6. Transcend by cpothemes
  7. onetone by MageeWP
  8. Accelerate by Themeisle
  9. Book Rev Lite by Themeisle

1. Mystile by WooThemes

Woocommerce themes free by WooThemes

Mystile is a free WooCommerce theme developed by WooThemes. It can be used as is or customized to create a unique site that matches your products and your brand. It integrates ecommerce plugin from the same development team: WooCommerce.

Mystile comes with some of the useful features such as custom homepage, multiple color schemes, custom page templates, custom widgets, widgetized footer areas for displaying widgetized content etc.

2. Storefront Paper by rocketfarmer

StoreFront Paper Free WooCommerce Theme

With a minimal design, Storefront Paper is suitable for developing just about any kind of web store with a clean look. It is a fully responsive theme that is built on _s  (Underscores Framework) by Automattic. This theme is quick to setup and supports styling and custom functions of the WooCommerce plugin.

3. WooShop Lite by Dessky

WooShop Lite WooCommerce Free Theme

WooShop Lite is a free version of a popular theme known as WooShop by Dessky. This theme is also fully responsive and comes with Flexslider (a responsive jQuery slider) that helps to feature your products on the homepage.

4. AyoShop by DesignModo

AyoShop WooCommerce Theme

AyoShop is WooCommerce compatible free WordPress theme, built on the popular Genesis Framework, is sure to win you over when you’ll watch its demo. If you possess skills to customize WordPress themes, it can be used as a child theme to build a truly amazing ecommerce store.

5. Mio by SplashingPixels

Best Free Mio WooCommerce Themes

Mio by SplashingPixels is most suitable for those looking who are looking to open up a gadgets, computer hardware, or digital downloads ecommerce store. It has a pleasing look with various color schemes that look a lot like Apple’s website.

6. eStore by ThemeGrill

best woocommerce theme eStore by ThemeGril

Ecommerce has become one of the important aspects of any business. Now, when it comes to the online store, it is very important to present your featured products in a simple and organized way. eStore is a free WooCommerce theme and does exactly the same thing.

eStore theme integrates everything you need: basket, crate, collection, category, and everything are designed with the utmost care. The eStore, free WooCommerce theme, gives you total control over your online store.

In addition to the WooCommerce plugin integration, there is the YITH plugin that allows visitors to create a wish list in your store so that the visitors can come back later and make their purchase. The eStore theme can also be used to create magazines or blogging websites.

7. StoreVilla by Access Keys

StoreVilla by Access Keys Woocommerce Themes

StoreVilla is a free WooCommerce theme for making an online ecommerce site store based on WordPress. This theme offers a stylish design that appeals users from the very first glance and tries to convince users to make a purchase from your ecommerce store.

Entirely based on Live Customizer, the StoreVilla theme gives you an easy way to add products, classify and display them beautifully on your WooCommerce store. It also offers you a highly customizable homepage by which you can easily customize sections of the homepage and build a unique layout for your ecommerce store.

8. Shapely by Silkalns

WordPress Woocommerce Shapely theme free by Silkalns

Shapely is a free theme for WordPress-based websites. It is practical and beautiful at the same time. Shapely brings together advanced features and amazing graphics. It is responsive and compatible with all types of devices: Android, Windows Phone, iPhones, iPads, and desktop PCs. It also supports Retina Display (high resolution) to enjoy graphics and sharp text as well as “vectorial” icons of high quality.

Shapely is a “one-page” theme ideal for a portfolio or a business website. Although it is better for these uses, it remains open to other activities (personal blog, lifestyle etc.). It is compatible with the best plugins like Contact Form 7 (contact form creation), Google Analytics, Yoast SEO, and Gravity Forms, for example.

For those who choose to create a personal shop via WooCommerce. There is no need for code and special knowledge because the integration is intuitive with Shapely. The documentation is provided for more information on the main features of this WordPress theme.

9. Illdy by Silkalns

Illdy by Silkalns

Illdy is flexible, avant-garde, modern and committed, flexible, colorful and bright, fresh and young (yes, all that). Extremely functional and very well documented, and responsive. Illdy was designed to be the ultimate free WordPress theme, the most complete and easy to use.

Armed with live customization and a bunch of configurable plugins and retina icons, shortcodes (code to embed features), Illdy is ready to create a sophisticated, modern website of any type with all kinds of features, without writing a single line of code.

The possibilities are endless with the integration of Contact Form 7 plugin, Yoast SEO, and NextGEN Gallery (to manage the photos). You only have to add your content, sit down and enjoy.

10. NewsMag by machothemes

 Woocommerce NewsMag theme by machothemes

NewsMag Lite is incredibly flexible and versatile, modern and at the cutting edge of technology, perfectly responsive, dedicated to creating an online magazine in any field. NewsMag Lite is the free WordPress theme for developers looking for a permanent solution for their online magazine.

NewsMag Lite was designed with a ton of incredible template demos, suitable for any online magazine possible and imaginable. Each template demo is completely customizable and gives complete control over the visual style and design of your magazine at every stage.

Sliders and carousels are also available to display your best content, articles, and images in an elegant and attractive way.

11. Bellini by Atlantis Themes

Free Woocommerce Bellini Theme by Atlantis Themes

Bellini is an elegant WordPress theme created entirely for online shops. It is built following WooCommerce guideline and fully compatible with WooCommerce. If you are a looking for a WooCommerce theme that will not give you any plugin compatibility headache, Bellini should be at the top of your list. It comes with lots of layouts for product page, single product page which will allow you to create a beautiful online store in minutes.

12. The Jewelry Shop by YIThemes

Free Woocommere The Jewelry Shop Theme

Do you sell gilded ornaments, diamond rings, silver bracelets and white gold pendants? The Jewelry Shop e-commerce WordPress theme is ideal to immerse users in a universe of brilliance and in a case of softness.

Upon arriving at the site, they will immediately feel an upscale atmosphere and will be able to visualize your products in dynamic windows, which automatically offer another angle of view when the visitor passes the cursor on a visual.

Bonus: Free WordPress Themes

1. Activello by Silkalns

Activello by Silkalns

Activello is clean, minimal and ultra-versatile theme suitable for a food, fashion, personal, travel, photography and other blog or lifestyle magazine. It is fully responsive and mobile friendly and contains a large “slider” to display your content in style.

Some of the useful features include live theme setting (live changes) and support for the best WordPress plugins (Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms). Activello is also ready for ecommerce with its basic integration of the WooCommerce plugin.

2. Sparkling by Silkalns

Sparkling by Silkalns

This sleek, modern WordPress theme is designed with the latest Bootstrap technology. Sparkling is amazing on any mobile device due to its sharp design and fluid structure. It also includes some of the best features of paid themes. A full-screen slider to display your best photos with class or other creative content and bring beauty and efficiency together.

3. Allegiant by cpothemes

Allegiant by cpothemes

Allegiant is a flexible, professional, fast, and modern responsive theme. This free WordPress theme is suitable for any type of website. Allegiant is a powerful theme that allows creating a complete website within few minutes. It offers a large toolbox to give the power to the webmaster to easily and efficiently set up and customize his website.

Development agencies and professionals love Allegiant because it includes a lot of ideal resources to accelerate the development of a business website like the presentation of personalized presentation of the different members of a team.

Allegiant offers complete control over the layout of the pages, the sidebar, the site header simply and without development skills. This free WordPress theme is responsive and suitable for all devices.

4. Affluent by cpothemes

Affluent by cpothemes

Affluent is a professional, powerful and modern free WordPress theme, sophisticated and technical, perfectly responsive, suitable for all areas. This theme is intuitive and particularly suitable for ecommerce and business websites. It allows webmasters to make themselves known and put forward their projects. Entrepreneurs love Affluent because it is elegant, and its simple and professional design engages visitors.

Affluent offers sophisticated portfolio management which is customizable. To show your work to the world in the way you’ve always dreamed. This free WordPress theme is the perfect tool to market your products and services directly to a large audience with the integration of WooCommerce plugin, which can be deployed in 1-click.

5. Travelify by Silkalns

Travelify by Silkalns

Travelify is a generous WordPress theme with premium features and excellent support. It is smooth, trendy and responsive. It defends itself very well against the best-paid WordPress themes. Travelify contains a slider, customizable pages, a blog template and a lot of other great features. It also contains countless options for modifying the different aspects of the theme. The best with Travelify is that you can use it for free for your travel blog but also for a corporate website.

6. Transcend by cpothemes

Transcend by cpothemes

Flexible and intuitive, Transcend is a responsive WordPress theme adapted to multimedia and technology. This free WordPress theme aims to facilitate website creation for entrepreneurs. It helps you build an online presence for your brand, products, and applications in a very simple manner.

From an impressive management of multimedia resources (video, images, audio, etc.) to a modern development in HTML5, Transcend has covered all. For example, it makes it easy to integrate a video, a dynamic slider with modern animations.

This free WordPress theme allows you to categorize your content to keep a website organized and clean. Transcend is perfect for selling your products or services directly to a large audience due to the native integration of WooCommerce plugin.

7. onetone by MageeWP

onetone by MageeWP

Onetone’s design is lightweight, flexible and charming. A single page can contain all the relevant information to simplify the layout. You can edit and customize each item, giving your visitors a unique browsing experience on your website.

You have the power because this free WordPress theme is extremely simple to customize. It handles all the unpleasant parts of web page creation and lets you focus on fun and interesting options.

It has all the sections that must appear on a respectable corporate page: the services, the customers, and the gallery. Other options include Parallax effect, custom backgrounds, and splendid icons. To create other sections just go to the administration panel and use them as you want!

8. Accelerate by Themeisle

Accelerate by Themeisle

Accelerate is a super flexible and a free WordPress theme with a premium look designed to sublimate your content and make them stand out. It is suitable for all websites such as website portfolio, business website, blog etc. It allows, for example, to display your creations, your services or your products simply.

Accelerate’s flat design, and adapted to retina display makes this theme goes with all types of content on all devices to make a good impression on your readers. Notably thanks to the “full-page” slider that allows you to simply scroll through your best images, to attract the attention of your visitors.

9. Book Rev Lite by Themeisle

Book Rev Lite by Themeisle

BookRev Lite is a unique and free WordPress’ WooCommerce theme designed for book reviews. It allows users to write book reviews and gives visitors the opportunity to react to comments.

This free theme is not limited to books. With some adjustments, it is also adapted to other topics related to affiliation: gadgets, online services or other digital products.

BookRev Lite has simple but powerful options for managing your website without putting your hands in code. In addition, it is an SEO-friendly (optimized for SEO) theme that helps you boost traffic and affiliate revenue.

And, there are many others!

These are a few of many more free WooCommerce themes that you can find on the internet. The best place to look for them is at theme directory. If you know about any free WooCommerce compatible WordPress theme apart from this list, do share with us in the comments section.

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