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4 Cloud Computing Predictions: How Cloud Will Evolve in 2014

Updated on  2nd January

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It won’t be wrong if we term 2013 as “The year cloud went main stream.” On this very blog, we covered many stories that came to the forefront as cloud based technologies were recognized as the foundation of effective online ventures.

Cloud Computing Predictions For 2014

We started our year by sharing the four most common concerns about cloud. We talked about big data and how digital marketing agencies have embraced cloud technologies. We discussed how data center location was important for website performance. We revealed the ways through which you could control cloud cost. We envisioned a scenario for Platform-as-a-Service technology in the future.

2013 year has certainly been a busy year.

But, what’s next? Do we know where we go from here? This is why we are writing this post in which we predict what is to come our way in 2014.

Big data to go bigger

In 2013, everyone started hearing about big data, thanks to Obama’s successive win to the highest office in US and his snooping antics via NSA on every human being possible. However, there is more to it than what meets the eye. Earlier this year, when I wrote an article on big data, I showcased five different uses of this amazing technology. A similar outlook has been found in IBM’s prediction-based publication series titled “5 in 5”. In this year’s edition, IBM claims that “everything will learn.” It forecasts a world where big data analytics will phenomenally change the education, healthcare, retail, security and city-administration sectors.

This will also be the year when we will see big data technologies becoming accessible to common people. There are already startups, like Statwing, that enable people to analyze data by setting variables. Furthermore, spending on big data will also increase and the industry will open data-related managerial positions. IDC predicts that there will be a 40% growth in big data related spending this year.

Cloud spending and cost control to take off

The numbers of cloud spending in 2013 are not yet out. However, there are two forecasts from IDC that pretty much correct the assumption of increased spending on cloud-related technologies. IDC forecasted that 2013 saw a cloud expenditure of $47.5 billion. It further claims that this year, the spending (which includes the technologies which enable cloud services) will grow by 25%. (It may even touch the $100 billion mark.)

However, where there is spending, there is always a chance of wastage. In 2013, we saw the rise of cloud cost monitoring tools, like Cloudyn, gaining increased importance. In 2014, cloud cost monitoring services will begin to take form of an industry of their own.

Local Clouds may rise

Every corner of the web shook when Edward Snowden revealed the inside working of the American security agency, the NSA. Earlier this year, we covered the impact of this issue. And, it seems we hit the nail on the head as a recent survey released by PriceWaterhouseCoopers revealed that 54% of Germany-based companies are considering a move on the cloud as a ‘high’ or ‘very high’ risk activity. In the same survey, 15% of the companies are looking for European providers which are not under any influence from the American and British intelligence services. Furthermore, Canada and Iceland are working out ways to become safe data havens for sensitive data storage. That is why the industry will see a rising demand for location-specific cloud storage in 2014.

But, there is another reason. There are laws in certain countries (or regions) that prohibit the storage of data outside a defined jurisdiction – China being one example. That is why Amazon is looking to expand into China by partnering with Chinese providers. Furthermore, Brazil is also establishing its own cloud.

Platform-as-a-Service refined!

Regardless of what happened between Rap Genius and Heroku, 2013 was a great year of recognition and innovation for the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) industry. A recent survey report showed that 71% of its respondents knew about PaaS and its basic functions. Similarly, PaaS vendors started to provide open-ended systems where the application developers were given the option to choose from development and deployment, such as Open Source PaaS.

In 2014, the usage of PaaS will be diversified as it will be increasingly used for big data. If this combination is fruitful, we might be seeing many big-data-PaaS hybrids in the future.

The Future is Cloudways!

However, the biggest surprise for PaaS comes through Cloudways. This year, we are launching a Next-Gen PaaS solution named Click&Go. This platform will provide convenience of launching an application-installed server within minutes. I predict that it will be launched sometime this year; however, a little birdie tells me that the folks at Cloudways are looking for beta testers. It also informs me that beta invites are limited, so you need to hurry up and get registered by clicking the button below.


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Saad Durrani

Saad is the Senior Editor at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He is a technology enthusiast who loves to blog about emerging technologies and trends. When he is not blogging, he goes to the beach to find inspiration for his fictional stories.

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