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Slow Is The New Downtime For Ecommerce Websites in 2020

August 5, 2019

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Slow Down Time
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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year – the biggest annual season of online shopping extravaganza is almost here. The internet offers unprecedented opportunities. Are you ready to cash them all? From a global perspective, ecommerce entrepreneurs are now aware of the risks involved with store downtime. What about you? Website down time decreases customer conversion and affects the overall revenue of any ecommerce store. Period!

A slow page load time of just 1 second can cost $1.6 billion each year. No kidding! Furthermore, A higher uptime led Smart Furniture to increase their organic traffic by 20%, page views increased by 14% and increased their search engine rankings by two positions.

It is important to avoid ecommerce website downtime at all costs. Why? Because 40% of online shoppers will bounce away if they have to wait for three seconds or more for a page to load. Furthermore, a one-second server delay is responsible for a 2.8% decrease in revenue and a two-second increase in the time to click.

According to Walmart, when page load time jumps from 1 second to 4 seconds, their conversions decline sharply. For every 1 second improvement, they experience a 2% conversion increase. Google says, an extra 0.5 second in each search page generation decreases the traffic by 20%.

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Website downtime is not the only major turnoff for online customers. In 2020, “Slow Page Load Time Is the New Downtime” in the eyes of ecommerce customers. They view a slow ecommerce store in the same negative perspective as downtime. We have a solution but before that, let’s discuss the problem with facts first.

Why Slow Page Load Speed Is a Crucial Matter?

Downtime is better for ecommerce stores instead of slow page load speed. Slow loading time will make the customers hate your service, whereas if your ecommerce store is facing downtime, customers will try again later.

If your ecommerce store is taking too much time to load, it will severely affect the following aspects:

  • Loss of Sales — According to Kissmetrics, 73% of cell phone users say that they have encountered ecommerce websites that were loading slowly. Whereas 38% of them said that they have encountered websites that were not loading at all. Needless to say, if your website is down, 100% of your visitors will turn away. That is exactly like locking up the door to your ecommerce store. Now why would you want to do that?
  • Reduced Customers — Studies show that website visitors will switch to a competitor’s website if your website fails to load quickly. Keeping this in focus, a higher bounce rate can prove to be extremely harmful to your online business.
  • Global User-Base — Believe it or not, customers are always shopping online. If your website is facing downtime at 5 a.m. in the US, it may not bother most American visitors. But, that is 11 a.m. in Central Europe and 9 p.m. in Sydney, Australia. Think about it.
  • Time-Critical Service — When customers visit your ecommerce store, they have limited time to purchase their desired product or service. If your website is down during that period, you will have to face the consequences.
  • Brand Reputation — When customers visit any ecommerce website and find it down or not functioning, it is not a good experience for either one of you. It often creates frustration. The more frequently this happens, the more it will affect your brand’s reputation. In addition, if Google or any other search engine is unable to find your website due to downtime, they will de-index it. They do not prefer sending users to a dead end.

Slow page load speed also affects other ecommerce KPIs such as successful conversions, customer satisfaction, retention, time on website, page views, bounce rate and organic search traffic.

Are You Ready to Face Security Issues?

Thirty thousand websites, mainly ecommerce stores are hacked on daily basis. Your ecommerce store is full of confidential information like customer profiles, credit card credentials as well as banking details. To gain your customers’ trust, you need to provide a secure online shopping experience.

The reason behind why ecommerce stores are the favorite targets of hackers during the holiday season is quite simple. Very few estores care about PCI compliance in order to ensure that all the transactions are secure and protected. The hackers take advantage of this and attack ecommerce stores with different malwares. You certainly don’t want to go down that road. So how to secure your ecommerce store and scale it at the same time?

Cloud Hosting – Your Perfect Solution For Website Downtime

Managed cloud hosting is the most reliable ecommerce solution to all the above-mentioned challenges. With managed cloud hosting, you can resolve most of these problems. You can ensure that your ecommerce store booms every holiday season.

Cloudways is a popular managed cloud-hosting service provider that not only helps you scale your ecommerce store effectively but also takes away all web-hosting woes.

Streamlined User Experience

With Cloudways, you will be able to host multiple ecommerce applications on a single server. It offers an optimized solution, ensuring your page load speed remains high at all times.

The high speed is because of Thunderstack. It is an optimized hosting stack that comprises Varnish, NGINX, Redis, Memcached and Apache. They help ecommerce stores deliver a smoother user experience that directly translates into higher sales and conversions.

Secure and Scalable Stores

Online store owners need not to worry about security and scalability with Cloudways. If you’re expecting a traffic surge during the holiday season on your ecommerce store, all you need to do is drag a slider and scale your server. It provides a scalable infrastructure that is able to take care of any on-the-fly demands for additional resources.

Since Cloudways is a managed platform, you can rest assured that our experts will take care of the security, including patching the software and servers. Your web store is secure with our free HTTP/2 SSL certificates which you can install on your Ecommerce website with a single click.

To augment these security measures, we offer free automated backups. This ensures a copy of your data is stored at an offsite location. You can schedule backups on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. In case of any calamity, your estore will be up-and-running within minutes.

360° Service to Help You Scale

It offers a smooth website management experience with an easy-to-use platform and complete control over your ecommerce store. You can manage, monitor or scale your servers yourself. In case you need any assistance, the customer support team is available for you 24x7x365.

To Sum Up!

With the overwhelming global ecommerce growth, do make sure you plan well ahead for your holiday season. Cloudways ensures the growth of your ecommerce store by taking care of all your web-hosting concerns. Give your ecommerce store the speed it deserves.

We want you to focus on making ‘SALES’ this holiday season with maximum customer and revenue turnover. Take a look at all the available plans right away and get your hands on the best ecommerce hosting solution.

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Reza Merchant

Reza Merchant is a Foodie by passion and a Digital Marketer by profession. He enjoys creating digital content for various platforms and aspires to be the change he wants to see in this world.

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