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Hassle-Free WordPress Cache Plugin
At Zero Expense

Breeze Away Those Complex Cache Plugins


Complex Cache Plugins Now A Myth

Zero coding and maximum optimization
with the simplest of user interface

  • User FriendlyLess learning, more speeding
  • SimplicityEngineered to perform at the ease of few clicks
  • 24/7 SupportCloudways Support team to assist you any hour of the day

Amazing Features At Zero Cost

The ideal set of powerful features to simplify complexities of WordPress cache plugins


Cloudways servers come pre-installed with Varnish Cache. Varnish combined with Breeze can significantly make your page-loading faster.


Content Delivery Networks significantly improves performance for content- and image-heavy websites.

Internal Caching

Breeze comes equipped with internal and static caching features that boost page load performance of WordPress sites.

Database Optimization

Breeze optimizes and cleans up databases to reduce the size and response time of database.

Effortless WordPress Caching Summed Up

Here’s a quick look at what Breeze is all about


More Reasons To Breeze Up Your WordPress

Here’s how Breeze could further enhance your WordPress experience

File Exclusion

File Exclusion helps you exclude caching on individual file types and URLs. It is easy to manage your caching rules even on complex WordPress setups/websites.

Minification & Grouping

Easily combine and minify your HTML, CSS and JS files. This reduces your file size and number of queries to the server.

Gzip Compression

Breeze uses Gzip compression to compress files, thereby reducing the overall file size and download time.

Most WordPress Need Cache Plugins
Others Just Breeze Through!

Breeze Now

Why Do Our Users Love Breeze?

Check out what our Breezed up customers have to say

Frequently Asked Questions

You can have your questions and queries answered on the WordPress support forums. If you are a Cloudways customer, do not hesitate to start a discussion at Cloudways Community Forum.

Breeze runs smooth with CDN integration. It allows all static assets (such as images, CSS and JS files) to be served via CDN.

Breeze has been tested with popular plugins available on Please feel free to report any incompatibilities on the WordPress Support Forums or on Cloudways Community Forum.

Out of the box, Breeze is fully compatible with WooCommerce. No special configurations are needed.

Breeze fully supports integration of WordPress Multisite without the need for any extra configuration.

Breeze comes pre-installed with Varnish, which is fully compatible with Cloudways servers. If you are using hosting providers other than Cloudways, we suggest you confirm Varnish support with your hosting provider.

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