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How to Optimize WordPress Images Using WP Compress

Updated on December 21, 2021

7 Min Read

The truth of the matter is that every website has to have images. No matter what niche they’re in, whether it is an ecommerce or a personal blog, every website you will come across will have images.

Images are great; they are said to be worth a thousand words, and attention spans are shrinking, so the more you can get across visually, the better chance you have in communicating your message to the incoming visitor.

However, the issue with images is that they can be a massive drag on your website loading times.

What happens when they never get to your website because of the dreaded slow load times? This is why having a good WordPress host is as important as having an attractive website so you can focus on getting more eyes on your website.

Optimizing images for your website and specifically for WordPress is essential to increase your site’s loading speed and get better,  stronger, and improved SEO positioning on Google. WordPress has a huge repository of plugins that might solve your problem. Check the list of best WordPress plugins and find the suitable ones to optimize your images and improve your website’s load time.


Here’s a quick case study. We just took a picture from a phone camera (while this article was written) and it came out to be 1.77 MB. Just a simple point and click pictures! Most websites don’t just have one image on the page, so say there are 5-10 images on your web page making up for over 10 MB not even including loading the scripts and other resources.

Now imagine someone across the globe trying to access that page on their mobile phone. Chances are they exit before the loading bar even gets halfway. These images are already on your website, in your WordPress media library ready to be optimized in just one click.

We got the chance to try out a WordPress image optimization plugin, WP Compress, and the results may surprise you. We compressed an image in one click with WP Compress and saved over 72% of the file size. We then compressed it and resized it to a reasonable size for the web and saved 96% of the total file size, bringing the whopping 1.77 MB Image to a quick loading 77KB or a savings of 1.70 MB.

WordPress image optimization plugin

We found that it is easy to use and provides useful features when trying out WP Compress- Image Optimizer WordPress plugin. Such as fully autonomous image optimization, affordable memberships, and great file size savings on images translates into faster load times for your visitors.


To get started speeding up your site and optimizing your images, simply download WP Compress – you’ll get 100 credits to try it for free and see the savings yourself, but enter the code CLOUDWAYS at checkout for 25% off any membership or credit pack!

Faster Loading Images Are Now Effortless

As a WP Compress member, they take care of everything for you. Link your website, select your desired settings, and your images will be automatically optimized daily.

Even as a free user, you’ll be able to compress individual images or your entire media library (bulk optimize) in just one click. It’s still that simple

Why Should You Use WP Compress?

WP Compress is the best WordPress image optimization plugin ever. It does not allow you to only decrease your images size but it also allows you to resize your images while compressing for even greater reductions. WP Compress allows you to speed up your website with just 1-click by optimizing images to decrease the file size so that your images load faster on all devices.

For WordPress image compression, with the WP Compress image optimization plugin, you can effortlessly:

  • Shrink file sizes while retaining quality
  • Resize WordPress optimize images for maximum savings
  • In just one click you can easily optimize all of your images to the desired settings and satisfy that every single image on all pages are optimized and loading faster.
  • It will allow you to restore to the original at any time
  • You can exclude an image from bulk optimization

Price of WP Compress

Not only is WP Compress the best WordPress image compression tool, but also it is incredibly affordable. WP Compress offers membership based on your usage needs. One of the best parts about WP Compress is that all thumbnails are included for free – meaning you’re not charged credits for the additional variations and sizes of each image that WordPress and your theme generates!

They also have high volume agency plans and one-time credit packs, so no matter your image optimization needs – you’ll find an option to fit your budget.

It also includes incredible options like fully automated image optimization, adaptive images, WebP generation, CDN delivery, three optimization levels, unlimited cloud backups, one-click restore at any time, and more.

Price of WP Compress

WP Compress is Extremely Easy to Use

The WP Compress WordPress image optimization plugin is very easy to use. Simply link your website to the WP Compress optimization Cloud, toggle your desired settings* and you’re all set to compress your images.

Did you notice the ‘*’ next to settings? WP Compress comes preset to what they feel are optimal settings, so this step is completely optional, but feel free to play around with it. You can restore your images at any time to compress again on different settings.

It’s not pages and pages of settings… it’s extremely easy to use and only one simple page.

WP Compress is Extremely Easy to Use

WP Compress has perfected its algorithms and made them simple for you to use. With three WordPress image optimization levels to choose from and free features such as image resizing, you’ll be able to squeeze out every last KB from your images. This WordPress image compression process makes your site perform better and faster.

You’ll never need to worry about your images, if you aren’t happy with the output of your current settings, they offer secure cloud backups so that you can restore at any time and perform WordPress image optimization again.

Loaded With Agency Features

If you’re a digital web agency, then WP Compress – image optimizer WordPress plugin is for you! They offer some really powerful features such as monthly quotas for clients, detailed reporting, and centralized management which allows you to configure and compress remotely for all of your linked websites!

It’s a perfect addition to any website care plan, maintenance plan or add-on for a speed optimization service.

Loaded With Agency Features

Always Safe and Secure

WP Compress intelligently prevents over-optimization, stores cloud backups of all compressed images. It allows you to restore at any time if, for any reason, you are unhappy with the output. WordPress image compression is not only easy with WP Compress, but it also provides leverage to roll back the previous unoptimized images of your site.

They even host the cloud backups for you to not take up additional space on your servers.

Always Safe and Secure

Cloudways + WP Compress Case Study

We have found that WP Compress is far better than its competitors for WordPress image compression. It saves an average of 76% in a bulk compress, or over 29 MB saved. In our test, we’ve used their recommended settings in intelligent mode and resized to 2048 px as the standard image is typically less than 700px wide when displayed on the web.

Cloudways + WP Compress Case Study

The Cloudways Difference

WP Compress was tested on multiple servers for the WordPress image compression. The results point out that Cloudways is the fastest way to perform WordPress image optimization with WP Compress.

We ran a case study on 11 images downloaded from UNSPLASH to review and test out WP Compress on Cloudways as well as another popular WordPress host.

The Cloudways Difference

Not only was the Cloudways ThunderStack faster to upload and move about the admin dashboard in, but it was also even over 1 minute faster to optimize 35 MB worth of images and their respective thumbnails.

Get 25% off Membership For LIFE!

Simply enter the code ‘CLOUDWAYS’ at checkout and get 25% off all membership plans, credit packs, and addons for LIFE!

WP Compress – image optimizer WordPress plugin also offers some incredible starter bonuses that help you in WordPress image compression as well as a discount when selecting an annual subscription!

WP Compress Membership also includes innovative automation features such as advanced autopilot which takes care of everything for you so that you won’t have to worry about slow-loading images and you can focus on building your site.

Faster Loading Times Without Lifting a Finger

ou don’t have to be worried about the slow-loading images when you have a fully automatic WordPress images compression plugin, WP Compress.

WP Compress is a top provider of WordPress image optimization and can significantly help get your websites loading even faster on Cloudways!

It’s loaded with incredible features, here are just a few that stand out:

Faster Loading Times Without Lifting a FingerUse coupon code: CLOUDWAYS to save an additional 25% on the already best rates around for WordPress Image Optimization!

Final Thoughts!

That’s it! Now, what are you waiting for? Just download WP Compress and start doing WordPress image compression for a better load time. If you face any issues while installing or configuring this plugin, feel free to reach out to their chat support. They’re always happy to help!

If you want to check out this plugin, sign up for the Cloudways Platform and test the plugin in its full glory. In fact, there is a long list of the best WordPress themes and plugins that you can try out with Cloudways.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post contributed by WP Compress.

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Danish Naseer

Danish Naseer is a WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways. He is passionate about designing, developing, and engaging with people to help them. He also actively participates in the community to share his knowledge. Besides that, he loves to watch documentaries, traveling and spending time with family. You can contact him at [email protected]


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