WordPress Auto Update Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Mustaasam Saleem  November 23, 2016

Almost 27% of the internet is using WordPress. The auto-update feature had flaws in it which allowed anyone to add anything to any sites, worldwide. Imagine the extent of this of fault. More than a quarter websites of the world were at risk. Even though the bug seem to have been fixed, but there is a very simple cure to this fault. This infographic takes a look at how to save yourself.

Everyone seems to be scratching their heads with the new WordPress Auto Update feature since its launch with WordPress 3.7.

WordPress Auto Update

For the uninformed, WordPress Auto Update, by default, upgrades your WordPress installation to the latest maintenance release, for e.g. 4.6 to 4.6.1. Furthermore, it does not work on major updates, for e.g. WordPress 4.6 to 4.7. The whole process takes less than a minute to complete.

However, many web administrators do not agree with the automatic ways of WordPress as it can disrupt a visitor’s surfing experience. For these administrators, testing a WordPress update is essential before they make it live.

Seeing such needs, WordPress development team has provided a way to configure Auto Update according to your needs. This infographic serves as a quick reference to anyone who wants to tinker the WordPress Auto Update settings. We hope our visitors will like it and they will share it forward.


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