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How to Promote Your Startup Via YouTube Channel

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Given the present age of digital marketing, YouTube is one of the primary platforms to market your business. It generates about a billion views every day and has over a billion monthly active users, which are almost one-third of all the users of Internet. The platform has rolled out its local version in more than 88 countries, making it more convenient for businesses to reach their target audience; the latter is true for startups as well.

“A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed.”

Co-founder at Warby Parket, Neil Blumenthal

youtube marketing for startups

Startup is usually a small business that aims to cater the need of a marketplace by developing an innovative product or offering unique service. In some cases, startups are built on ideas that bridge two industries or businesses. However, almost every startup goes through one major hurdle, i.e., marketing within the tight budget. Here, it is important to note that startups usually don’t have millions of dollars in funding. This is why startups look toward YouTube for free marketing.

Getting Started: Promote YouTube Videos of Startups

Setting Up YouTube Channel

The first step is to create an account on YouTube, which leads to creating a channel; the latter is where your product or promotional videos will be published. YouTube channel requires your Name, Description, and Logo. As a business entity, the aforesaid details are quite important to your marketing campaign. Ideally, channel name is the same as that of business, and description highlights the core domain that the company operates in or it could also be any kind of services that clients can opt for.

Adding Channel Art

Next step is to add Channel Art and Channel Icon. For effective results, it is widely suggested that businesses upload brand-related images at the aforementioned positions. As per rules set by YouTube, the channel art should ideally fit 2560×1440 pixels and must not exceed 4MB file size.

Integration With Social Media

To promote YouTube videos on channel, you need to ensure that all your tools are well integrated. Linking other social media platforms with YouTube channel helps build larger subscriber base. This includes startup’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Here’s more information on how to link YouTube Channel with social media.

Grab Viewers’ Attention

There is no denying that present-day audience holds the attention span of a goldfish and there are only a certain number of ways you can retain attention. According to research, 68% viewers remember video rather than reading the text it includes. In other words, startups ought to go for promotional youtube videos that are fun to watch and are less influenced by text.

From Viewers to Potential Customers

Excess of anything is a disaster, even attention. A video full of interesting facts and funny emotions without any business need may misinterpret your channel’s image. To promote your startup, make sure your video content successfully delivers the message and leave viewers intrigued enough to seek for more information on the product. Further, your video needs to have a point of call-to-action that can direct viewers towards learning more about your product.

Quality Not Quantity

This is why startups are trying to promote through YouTube. Even though the platform is free, no one wants to watch an hour-long video with useless information. Make your videos concise and pitch in quality information; you’d be surprised to see viewers sticking to your content for the unique way you’re delivering the idea.

Analyze, Optimize, Repeat

Most startups are not familiar with the technicalities that go into optimizing video performance on YouTube. However, the platform has simplified it to the lowest level and put up certain guidelines for channels to reach maximum audience. YouTube ranks the file’s original name at a higher priority as compared to its assigned title. In simpler words, be sure to have a set name for your video before making the upload.

Consistency Matters

Consistency here holds the same meaning as it would anywhere else. It is perhaps one of the most critical factors when it comes to marketing your business on this video sharing platform. Publishing a lot of promotional content at one point in time and leaving your channel dry for remaining days is only going to make things worse. YouTube picks up engagement between viewers and publishers, and delivers content accordingly; provided that the latter is consistent with publishing.

Here’s How YouTube Assisted Canva

Canva, a free graphics design tool website is known for running one of the most successful marketing campaigns and that too via YouTube. Being a startup and short on budget, Canva took to YouTube and posted some of the most interesting videos. The video content presented Canva’s graphics designing applications in an interesting fashion that worked well enough for the startup to receive over 750,000 signups in its first year.

“Social media encourages you to provide content that is valuable to your users. Each social media platform—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube—has its own distinct protocols.”

Co-founder Canva, Melanie Perkins

Ms. Perkins also highlighted how YouTube became the free platform for her business to display its offerings. Canva posted series of videos on its YouTube channel from basics to advanced designing, using tools that previously took months to master.

Based in Western Australia, this graphic-designing website grabbed the attention of every newbie and professional in the designing industry via YouTube. As of now, Canva has become a family of over 10 million users worldwide.

That’s All It Takes

This should be a good set of details to get your Startup receiving the attention it deserves on YouTube. Quality research and creative ideas are the ultimate steps to success in Youtube marketing for startups. In addition to all this, startups can look after minor details to improve their marketing performance on YouTube; video thumbnails, active engagement with audience, cross platform sharing, etc. are just some of the methods to go by.

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Mansoor Ahmed Khan

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