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Best Git GUI Clients for Different Platforms

January 31, 2017

9 Min Read
Reading Time: 9 minutes

In the previous installments of this series, I covered Git Tutorials for beginners and Manage branches & Conflicts Resolution.

In this article, I will cover several Git GUI clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. I will also mention several cross- platform Git clients. Remember that most modern IDE now integrate Git operations. However, this support is restricted to CLI in many instances. Thus, if you wish to take advantage of a graphical interface for Git operations, you must use one of the following best Git GUI clients:

Best Git GUI Clients

Git Clients for Windows

Git Clients for Linux

Git Clients for Mac

Cross-Platform Git Clients

Git Clients for Windows

Github For Windows

Github for Windows provides a seamless way of handling the project right from the GUI of the software. The projects are displayed in the left sidebar. You can create and directly clone the repository from GitHub by using the URL of the repository. Similarly, you could create new branches and switch to existing branches very easily. Uncommitted changes and diff could be viewed by selected a specific file. Merging the code with the master branch is also a simple operation.



Sourcetree is a free visual git client for windows with the catchy slogan “ Simple for Beginners & Powerful for Experts”. In keeping with this slogan, the client offers a simple solution for interacting with Git and repositories. All operations such as review of changesets, stash, and cherry-picking between branches could be carried out using the GUI of the client.  and more visually. Some important features of the client include:

  • Support for Git’s large file
  • Out of the Box Git Flow
  • Submodules
  • Local commit search
  • Interactive Rebase
  • Local Repository Manager



Aurees is a free (only for non commercial use) Git client for Windows. It provides a visual representation of commit and changes so that you have an instant idea of who made which commit. The client shows commit changes in side by side windows, where you can validate the changes and rollback in a click. Similarly, when merging changes, you will see the highlighted differences in separate windows so that you could resolve the conflicts more easily!


Git Clients for Linux


Gitg is a Gnome GUI client for viewing Git repositories. It provides a comprehensive view of the repositories and saves all the history of commits and changes. Gitg integrates with Gnome shell to execute Git commands. You can open clone and see the history of repositories in a very streamlined UI. Several important Gitg features include:

  • Overview of recently used repositories
  • App menu (GNOME Shell integration)
  • Comprehensive repository history
  • Files view
  • Staging area to compose yur commit
  • Commit staged changes
  • Open Repositor
  • Clone Repository
  • User Information


Giggle is a Gtk frontend for the Git content tracker.Giggle is the result of hackathon Imendio held on 12th-14th of January 2007. Later, it  was developed by Imendio’s Carlos Garnacho and Sven Herzberg into the present package.

Giggle offers a visual and easy-to-browse revision tree and include views for changed files and differences between revisions. In addition, you can view the project overview, commit changes and other related tasks for Git managed projects.


Git gui

Git gui is a Tcl/Tk based graphical user interface for Git. The major focus of Git gui is on allowing users to manipulate their repositories, make new commits, modify existing ones, create branches, perform local merges, and fetch/push to remote repositories. The only issue with this client is that it does not show the project’s history.



QGit is a Git GUI viewer built on Qt/C++. The users have access to detailed revisions history and could view patch content and changed files. The client has a nice graphical representation of different development branches. Some core features of QGit are:

  • View revisions, diffs, files history, files annotation, archive tree.
  • Commit changes and visually cherry picking modified files.
  • Apply and/or format patch series from selected commits
  • Drag and drop commits between two instances of qgit.
  • Associate commands sequences, scripts and other executable to a custom action.
  • GUI for the most common StGIT commands


Git Force

GitForce is a popular visual frontend for Git command line tools. The client is designed to offer the easiest and most intuitive experience for handling Git  processes. One problem with Git Force is that it caters only to the most common Git operations and does not keep detailed state information. Whatever you do within a Git repository, It will pick it up on the first refresh (use the F5 key). Several important features include:

  • Intuitive GUI with drag and drop
  • Single executable file with no need for installation
  • Create and manage multiple Git repos and branches
  • Easy scan for local repos
  • Supports multiple remote repos
  • Multiple workspaces (sets of repos)
  • Easily manage SSH keys and remotes
  • List revision history, stash, unstash etc.
  • Integrated Git command line interface


Git Clients for Mac

Git Box

Git Box is a Git GUI client for Mac with the claim that it makes working with Git as easy as checking the mail. It provides a powerful experience with one-click commit, push and pull code changes. The user could easily search the history of revisions, with the option of adding Git commands like rebase, branch reset and cherry picking. Git Box automatically fetches the latest commits and help in resolving conflicts in merge state. All sub modules are updated automatically whenever a new commit is added. Additional features include:

  • One-click actions for Git commands
  • Undo Git commands
  • Autofetch the commits from the server
  • Fully automated sub modules
  • Internal commands and keyboard shortcuts
  • Integrates with  Xcode FileMerge, Kaleidoscope, Changes, DiffMerge.


Git Xdev

GITX-dev is a fork of GitX, a GUI for git revision-control system. GitX-dev has been especially developed for software developers for use in production environments. Several important features of Git Xdev include:

  • History of repository
  • Visually solve diff of any revision
  • Search based on author or revision subject
  • Provides complete tree of revision
  • Preview any file in text view
  • Drag and drop files out of tree.
  • Support all parameters of git rev-list
  • Good performance on large repositories



GitUp is another Git GUI client claiming to make the lives of developers much easier. GitUp provides real time visual representation of branches and commits. In effect, every time you run a command in Git, it will create a new node visual and quickly reflect the changes in a graph. GitUp also offers shortcut keys to show the diff and conflicts of commits. You can also make snapshot of the current project version and revert to it any time. Some major features of GitUp are:

  • Live Map
  • Undo/redo Changes
  • Snapshots
  • Full-Features of Git
  • Quick Keys for commands
  • Instant Search



Fork is a fast and very user-friendly Git GUI client for Mac. It has a tab based interface which allows you to quickly navigate repositories and organize the workflow efficiently. Traditionally, Fork provides a comprehensive list of commits, branches, origins,tags and stashes. The website or application related to the repository can be open directly from Fork. The GUI provides detailed file tree structure of the repo and an  advanced difference viewer. The feature list of Fork includes:

  • Dark/Light theme options
  • Image differences
  • Repository Browser
  • Merge Conflicts
  • Advance Difference Viewer
  • Repository file tree at any commit


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Cross-Platform Git Clients


SmartGit is a graphical Git and Mercurial client that could also connect to SVN repositories. SmartGit runs on Linux, Mac OS X (10.7 or newer) and Windows (Vista or newer) and is free for non-commercial use.

SmartGit makes extensive use of file-manager concepts such as dialogs, wizards and drag and drop  for all common versioning tasks (committing, branching, etc.). The best feature about SmartGit is that high-level operations not directly provided by Git/Mercurial can be performed in SmartGit. Several Important features of the client include:

  • Side by Side editing of files
  • Conflict solver for resolving merge conflicts
  • Increased Rebase Performance
  • SmartGit-URL Support
  • Safe Forced Push
  • Reorder commits before pushing
  • SSH client, File Compare and 3-Way-Merge.


Git Kraken

Git Kraken is the only Git client built on Electron, and runs equally well on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop systems.

It simplifies the Git processes and commands with an excellent visual interface that greatly streamlines working with projects. The client is ideal for handling workflow related issues that complicate Git related commands and operations.The interface offers a visual understanding of branching, merging and the commit history. Hints guide the users throughout the various operations. Several features of Git Kraken include:

  • Visual interactions and hints
  • No Git Tool required
  • Multiple profile support
  • One-click undo and redo
  • Builtin Merge tool



Tower is yet another exceptional Git GUI client that offers an intuitive graphical interface suitable for both novices and experts. The best thing about Tower is the 24-part video series and 150-page online ebook that guide and educate the users.The client also integrates well with all popular tools including GitLab,GitHub,Bitbucket,Team Services and etc.

Tower provides advanced functionalities including single line staging, submodule support, and file history. With the integrated undo support and rollback option, you no longer have to worry about mistakes. Tower contains a long list of features that include:

  • Clone and create repos with a click
  • Conflict Wizard
  • Unpushed and Unpulled Commits
  • Integrated diff viewer
  • Revert files and conflicts resolution
  • Patches
  • Filter and search blame view
  • Integration of external diff apps


Git Cola

Git Cola is a powerful yet simple GUI client for Git. This free software has been developed in Python

It provides git-dag, an advance Dag visualizer for branches and commits and a list of keyboard shortcuts to perform all Git operations including commit, edit, diff and navigations.The Git Cola’s interface is composed of multiple tools. Double-clicking a tool opens it in its own subwindow. Tools can be hidden and rearranged as your requirement. Git Cola carefully remembers the window layout and restores it the next time it is launched.

The additional features include:

  • Multiple sub-commands
  • Custom window settings
  • Configurable and environment variables
  • Language settings
  • Supports custom GUI settings



GitEye is an Intuitive graphical Git client with the integration to the popular planning, tracking, code reviewing, and build tools. It is pre-integrated with CloudForge, TeamForge and GitHub, and works on most platforms. Giteye can perform almost every Git task and is available on every platform. It provides the full visibility of a repository at your server or on cloud servers.



GitAhead is another multi platform GUI client for Git with integrated syntax highlighting for every major language. It provides language-aware indexed search for discovering exact commit results. GitAhead has a rich log viewer that highlight everything and aids in conflict resolution. There is no need of switching back to the IDE for changing code as everything is handled right inside the interface. It saves a comprehensive browsing history of all the projects.



GUI based Git clients are essential for managing Git based operations of all complexities. Regardless of the skill level of the user, these clients ensures that there is a quick and easy way of carrying out common Git commands. I have tried to cover all the best Git GUI clients in this article. If I have missed out your favorite client or you would like to contribute to the discussion, do leave a comment below!

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