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Top PHP GitHub Projects of 2022

Updated on November 22, 2021

6 Min Read

Even a small project could generate a surprisingly large volume of code. The situation gets worse as the team increases. Since developers work on separate sections of the code, keeping track of the so many versions of the code becomes a challenge.

Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, and PJ Hyett identified the problem and launched GitHub in April 2008. The platform is written in Ruby on Rails and Erlang and has become the home of some of the most popular code repositories. A huge number of developers use GitHub as a version control system for their projects. Today, using Git for managing all the versions of the project code has become an accepted coding best practice. In fact, top GitHub projects often include libraries and apps that further streamline version control processes.

Since the number of repositories on GitHub now number in thousands, it is easy to miss out the most popular (or useful) repos. To remedy the issue, I will present the top 20 trending repositories on the PHP GitHub. I will use the GitHub’s own ranking criteria of stars, forks and the number of contributors to decide the top 20.

Top Trending Projects on PHP GitHub in 2022

Following are the candidates:

  1. Design Patterns PHP
  2. Fzaninotto
  3. PHPMailer
  4. Php ai
  5. Thephpleague
  6. Monica
  7. Bootstrap CMS
  8. Voten
  9. Bobthecow
  10. Headless-wp-starter
  11. Past
  12. Laravel-page-speed
  13. CMS
  14. Countries
  15. Zttp
  16. Ziggy
  17. Laravel-totem
  18. Churn-php
  19. Slug-generator
  20. Phpunit-pretty-result-printer
  21. Monolog
  22. Guzzle
  23. Panther
  24. Phalcon
  25. Nextcloud Server

Design Patterns PHP

This repository is created by Domnikl. I  like this repository because of the sample code of different design patterns and how developers could implement these patterns in PHP projects. Every pattern has a small list of examples (most from Zend Framework, Symfony 2 and Doctrine 2)


Star Fork Contributors
14,193 3,020 125


Created by Fzaninotto, Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for your projects. Whether you need to bootstrap a database, create good-looking XML documents, fill-in the persistence for stress testing or anonymize data taken from a production service, Faker is the best tool for the job.


Star Fork Contributors
13,196 1,933 349


Created by team PHPMailer, this is a full featured email sending class for PHP projects. This class is a great replacement for the mail() function provided by PHP.


Star Fork Contributors
10,384 5,731 144


Created by Monicahq, Monica is a great app for keeping track of activities of friends and family members. Through this simple app, developers could create custom projects that implement action tracking of specific profiles.


Star Fork Contributors
3,922 430 94

 Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens (PAST)

Created by paragonie-security, PAST is a specification and reference implementation for secure stateless tokens.


Star Fork Contributors
1,356 22 4


Created by Arkadiusz Kondas, this machine learning library offers a fresh approach to PHP based machine learning projects. The library offers a whole host of options including association rule learning, regression, cross-validation and pre-processing.


Star Fork Contributors
5,236 685 23


Created by ThePHPLeague, Flysystem is a filesystem abstraction. Use this library to replace the local file system with a remote file system.


Star Fork Contributors
4,374 428 138

Bootstrap CMS

This library offers a  PHP based CMS that uses Laravel 5.1 and Sentry. It is maintained by Graham Campbell.


Star Fork Contributors
2,303 754 138


Created by Voten, thi library offers a code for creating a realtime social bookmarking platform that is simple to use and offer great flexibility to the developers.


Star Fork Contributors
753 124 15


Created by Bobthecow, PsySH offers a dev console and interactive debugger for PHP projects. In effect, this repo creates a REPL platform for PHP developers.


Star Fork Contributors
2,918 178 45


Created by Postlight, this headless WordPress + React Starter Kit offers developers two important functionalities: A WP backend that uses the WP REST API and a React frontend powered by Next.JS


Star Fork Contributors
2,918 178 45

Laravel Page Speed

Created by Renatomarinho, this package claims to improve website optimization on any hosting for PHP by at least 35%. The package works by minifying HTML output on demand.


Star Fork Contributors
1,015 96 8


Craft is a self-hosted PHP application built on Yii that emphasizes custom development pulgins. When using CraftCMS, developers have the basic structure in place that could be customized to fit a broad range of project specifications.


Star Fork Contributors
991 118 38


Created by Antonioribeiro, this is a great package to get/add country related data to PHP projects.


Star Fork Contributors
776 62 11


Created by Kietail, Zttp is just a Guzzle wrapper that provides support for common use cases.


Star Fork Contributors
810 51 15


Created by Tightenco, Ziggy offers a Blade directive for including into the project views.


Star Fork Contributors
684 44 15


Created by Codestudiohq, Laravel-totem is a pretty useful dashboard that developers could use for managing, scheduling and enabling/disabling tasks.


Star Fork Contributors
662 50 8


This repository is trending in github last year.Created by Bmitch.Churn-php is a package that helps you identify php files in your project that could be good candidates for refactoring. It examines each PHP file in the path it is provided and:

  • Checks how many commits it has.
  • Calculates the cyclomatic complexity.
  • Creates a score based on these two values.


Star Fork Contributors
602 32 22

Slug Generator Library

Created by Ausi. this package provides methods to generate slugs for URLs or filenames. The package relies on Transliterator class.


Star Fork Contributors
589 25 3

PHPUnit Pretty Result Printer

Created by Mikeerickson, this simple package adds a “printer” to the default PHPUnit Result


Star Fork Contributors
732 20 10


Developed by Seldaek, Monolog is one of the most downloaded PHP projects from Github in 2018. The main function of Monolog is to provide easy management of project logs, thus helping you send your logs to files, databases, inboxes and other web services.


Star Fork Contributors
13,125 1475 323


Guzzle is a simple HTTP client for PHP projects, meant to facilitate sending HTTP requests in quick time. It has a simple interface from where you can build query strings, send POST requests, upload JSON data and other similar services. Moreover, you can also send both synchronous and asynchronous requests via Guzzle.


Star Fork Contributors
15,099 1887 293


Panther is an easy-to-use standalone library for scraping websites and running end-to-end tests through browsers. It is quite powerful, powered with Symfony BrowserKit and DomCrawler API that helps you easily test websites for any possible loophole.


Star Fork Contributors
1326 69 29


Perhaps the most trending one, Phalcon framework is one of the most searched term on Github in 2018. It is an open source PHP framework written with C extension, providing quality web performance with lower memory consumption.


Star Fork Contributors
9,395 1,733 227

Nextcloud Server

Nextcloud promises a reliable and safe place for all your web data. Using Nextcloud, you can easily sync your files, databases, contacts and other services on the go. The platform also offers optimum security with its two factor authentication feature, thereby helping you to safeguard your data completely.


Star Fork Contributors
6,202 1,089 574

Summarized Table View

Sno Title Author Description Star Fork
1 Design Patterns PHP domnikl sample code for several design patterns in PHP 14,191 3,018
2 Fzaninotto Facker Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you 13,162 1,932
3 PHPMailer PHPMailer A full-featured email creation and transfer class for PHP 10,376 5,725
4 Php ai Php ml Machine Learning library for PHP 5222 680
5 Thephpleague Flysystem Flysystem is a filesystem abstraction which allows you to easily swap out a local filesystem for a remote one. 4,349 428
6 Monica Monicahq Intuitive web application to remember everything about your friends and family. 3,917 430
7 Bootstrap CMS CMS A PHP CMS powered by Laravel 5 and Sentry 2,303 754
8 Voten Voten-co is a real-time social bookmarking for the 21st century. It’s real-time, beautiful, customizable yet simple. 753 124
8 Bobthecow Psysh PsySH is a runtime developer console, interactive debugger and REPL for PHP. Learn more at and in the manual 2,918 178
9 headless-wp-starter postlight Postlight’s Headless WordPress + React Starter Kit is an automated toolset that will spin up two things: 1) WordPress backend that serves its data via the WP REST API. 2) A server-side rendered React frontend using Next.js 1,073 67
10 Past Paragonie Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens 1,350 22
11 Laravel-page-speed Renatomarinho Package to optimize your site automatically which results in a 35%+ optimization 1,014 96
12 CMS Craft cms A content-first CMS that aims to make life enjoyable for developers and content managers alike. 988 117
13 Countries antonioribeiro Laravel countries and currencies 773 61
14 Zttp Kitetail A developer-experience focused HTTP client, optimized for most common use cases. 810 51
15 Ziggy Tightenco Use your Laravel named routes in JavaScript 683 44
16 Laravel-totem codestudiohq Manage Your Laravel Schedule From A Web Dashboard 661 50
17 churn-php bmitch Discover files in need of refactoring 802 32
18 Slug-generator ausi Slug Generator Library for PHP, based on Unicode CLDR data 589 25
20 Phpunit-pretty-result-printer Mikeerickson Extend the default PHPUnit Result Printer with a modern, pretty printer 731 20
15 Monolog Seldaek Provide easy management of project logs, thus helping you send your logs to files, databases, inboxes and other web services 13,125 1475
16 Guzzle Guzzle Simple HTTP client for PHP projects, meant to facilitate sending HTTP requests in quick time 15,099 857
17 Panther Symfony Easy-to-use standalone library for scraping websites and running end-to-end tests through browsers. 1326 69
18 Phalcon Phalcon Open source PHP framework written with C extension 9395 1733
20 Nextcloud Server Nextcloud Easily sync your files, databases, contacts and other services on the go 6202 1089
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