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Twitter Chat session on PPC Marketing

September 23, 2017

2 Min Read
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PPC advertising, whether via Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Twitter promoted tweets or Facebook ads and boosted posts – provides a fast and efficient channel for reaching your target market and promoting your products or services effectively.
PPC Marketing Twitter Chat

PPC advertising is a popular digital marketing tool that generates exposure and brand awareness for your business. Still, many business owners often underestimate the power and benefits of PPC, and as a result miss out on the opportunities of developing a well-rounded digital marketing plan.

I recently conducted a live chat on Twitter asking questions about paid advertising. I received some really interesting responses from the top names in the digital marketing industry.

We kicked off the live session with a question about the fundamental benefits of PPC advertising. We asked: “What are three reasons to opt for PPC advertising?” Some interesting responses included:

Next, I inquired about the most commonly used tools for PPC campaigns. You can find the responses below:

I decided to be more specific!

My next question was: “What is the perfect recipe for running a successful PPC advertising campaign? Name any four ingredients?” I received the following very interesting :

Ad retargeting is a very popular PPC tactic that allows you to fine-tune the campaign into a more consolidated group of potential customers and target – and retarget them with the same ads for increased brand awareness and recall. I asked: “Ad retargeting is a great way of brand recalling. What is your take on ad retargeting through PPC campaigns?” Find the responses below:

Next I touched on the importance of landing pages in PPC campaigns. After all it’s not just about the click. What the user sees after the click is just as important for conversions. Asking fellow Twitter users about the importance of an attractive landing page as part of a PPC campaign, I heard the following back from the community:

One of the most common pain points for people new to PPC advertising is designing the perfect call-to-action or CTA that would get the user to click on the ad and eventually buy the product or service being advertised. I asked, “What are your suggestions on writing a PPC ad copy with effective CTAs?” The best responses were:

PPC advertising and Google Adwords are almost synonymously used these days! I couldn’t have concluded a meaningful PPC live chat without the mention of Google Adwords.

I decided to ask one of the most common questions about Google Adwords. We asked, “Search or display advertisement, what’s your preference in Google Adwords?” The best responses are as follows:

There you have it! I hope you found this month’s live session fun and informative. When it comes to PPC advertising, I know a single live session discussing a few discussion points can never do justice to this broad and hotly-debated area of digital marketing.

Still, I believe this discussion could turn out to be a great conversation-starter in the community. Did I miss out an important discussion point? Let me know in the comments below and I will consider adding it to the agenda of one of the future live sessions!

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Arsalan Shabbir

Arsalan works as Digital Marketing Executive for Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He looks after Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for Cloudways. (Cool, right?) In his spare time, he loves playing cricket.

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