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Ten Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce Marketing

Updated on March 1, 2018

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are transcending at an unprecedented rate. Digital marketing experts have predicted that in the next few years, fully automated AI systems will take over all the areas of marketing.

applications of artificial intelligence

When this happens, marketing campaigns will become more targeted and profitable, consuming lesser budget and providing more revenue to their initiators.

According to job research websites, if someone wants to become a millionaire in a decade, he should opt for fields of AI, machine learning, or data science.

Due to the high importance of AI-based systems, tech companies have already started working on tools for integrating artificial intelligence in marketing strategies.

Here is a curated list of all applications of artificial intelligence and how brands are using the AI in marketing and ecommerce.

Making Programmatic Advertising Even Smarter

Several platforms are now available that can simplify your paid marketing campaigns. Among the prominent ones is Albert, a smart AI software that can simplify and automate campaign management without human intervention.

Increasing Conversions Autonomously

The Wall Street Journal and Pandora use AI-powered software to improve the conversion rates on their websites.  Their software provides patterns and collects traces left by visitors. The AI learns by observing the regular alterations to the website’s layout. It then optimizes the site to provide the best content to the users.

Improving Decisions with Auto Traffic Analysis

Google Analytics’ own bot and many other smart bots are now available to analyze website traffic. These tools can send in-depth reports on performance, suggesting ways to improve it.

In fact, Google has recently launched a text-based query feature that allows users to get accurate answers from Google Analytics about their search queries. For example, a user can ask, “What is the total number of visits on the blog during the last week?” and it will provide the requested data and show a graph of the exact timeframe.

Suggesting Engaging Content for Social Media

Where most AI softwares are working on managing paid campaigns and optimizing conversion rates, some companies are making bots that can provide suggestions for engaging social media content. Rocco AI, a social media bot helps improve engagement on social media networks by suggesting more attractive content after analyzing the pages.

Rocco AI can be integrated with Slack, where it analyzes a brand’s voice and comes up with fresh and unique ideas.

Another notable one is Vidora. It analyzes customer churn-rate and suggests ways to decrease it. The company is using an AI software application called Cortex that works in several domains, including recommendation engines, content subscription, and automated marketing notifications.

AI-Powered Image Recognizers

Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google have made their own smart and powerful image recognition engines that see what the users see and provide accurate descriptions of objects and images in videos and images. The image recognizers can be used in almost all industries, but for users looking to buy similar products on ecommerce stores, these AI-powered tools can help them choose their desired products with just a click.

Another app worth mentioning is CamFind. It uses custom visual AI to search for images and makes a list of the objects in them. Users can capture an image and the app will highlight the products related to it from Google Shopping or Amazon.

Intelligent Search

Several companies allow you to use the smart search functionality in your ecommerce store. EasyAsk is one such company that’s working to augment text-based searches by adding natural voice search functionality to them.

Other prominent names are Elasticsearch and Indix that allow users to form tag clouds or use already searched data from their APIs to add the smart search functionality to their eCommerce stores.

Smarter Messenger Bots

Almost all reputed social media sites, like Facebook, Baidu, and Kik, now have their own messenger bots that let users make chat-based purchases. They also allow brands to customize each bot as per their needs in order to aid customer support and help desk.

Voice AI

Amazon and Google have taken the lead in creating voice-based AI tools. They allow users to perform voice commands to communicate with the system and conduct search. This modern technology can be used for either smartphones or smart speakers designed for voice communication. Companies can go a step further by making apps for specific actions.

Intelligent Email and Website Communication

Most online companies are using AI platforms to optimize email and website communication for their marketing campaigns. Many free and paid softwares are available for this purpose, like AgilOne, an all-inclusive marketing automation software that optimizes email flow, traffic analysis, and website conversions.

Automated Writing Bots

Associated Press (AP) and Reuters have been using automated writing bots successfully for the last few years. Recently, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) also started using this technology for its financial stories. These news writing bots are also being used for writing descriptions for ecommerce stores and they are a success. Their creators have reported that they are grammatically and data-wise as accurate as a human.

Final Words

Applications of Artificial intelligence are changing many spheres of digital marketing. However, in order to thrive in this AI-first digital world, marketers will need to make use of these platforms intelligently. The best way to do so is to test AI platforms and choose the one that works for your company.

Do you know where else applications of artificial intelligence are being used in digital marketing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Sajjad Shahid

Sajjad is an Ecommerce Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves helping out Ecommerce store owners, merchants and marketers in establishing their businesses and startups. Sajjad enjoys playing table tennis and cricket over the weekend.

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