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X Theme Review: A Premium WordPress Theme You Should Definitely Try

Updated on December 8, 2021

6 Min Read
X Theme WordPress

The last theme you’ll ever buy? They call it the ultimate theme, developed and designed by Themeco for WordPress.

Currently, X has become one of the fastest-selling themes on the market with well over $13,000,000 in sales. The creators of X continue to keep the theme and its extensions updated with regular version releases.

X Theme Performance Benchmarks

Following are the server and application configurations.

Cloudways Server Configurations

  • Cloudways Server: Vultr – High Frequency
  • RAM: 4GB
  • SSD Disk: 128GB
  • Bandwidth Transfer: 3TB
  • Processor: 2 Core
  • Operating System: Debian 9
  • NGINX: 1.14.1
  • Varnish: 5.0.0
  • Apache: 2.4.25
  • Database: MariaDB 10.4
  • PHP-FPM: 7.4

Application Configurations

I have created ten blog posts and added twenty three products.

  • WordPress Version: 5.6.1
  • CDN: CloudwaysCDN
  • SSL: Lets Encrypt
  • X Version: 8.1.5

Installed Plugins

  • Contact Form 7
  • Rank Math SEO
  • Breeze Cache
  • Cloudways – WordPress Bot Protection
  • WooCommerce
  • Cornerstone Page Builder Test

  • Tested Pages: 3
  • Test type: Maintain Client Load
  • Clients: 0 to 1000
  • Duration: 5 Mins

loader test x theme

GTmetrix Test

gtmetrix test x theme

X Theme Overview

The X WordPress theme is a worthy choice if you’re looking to build a website with excellent results in minimal efforts. Not only is X fast, but it’s also user-friendly. It has all the essential and latest features required for a modern website framework. So, whether you’re a seasoned developer or an absolute beginner, I think you’re going to like working with this theme.

Let’s dive in to examine a few of its features.

X Theme Features

Cornerstone: Content Builder Extraordinaire

X WordPress Theme Content Builder

Unlike several popular themes, X has a native page builder called Cornerstone. This is good news as you no longer need to purchase a separate page builder plugin (saving you both time and money).

Cornerstone is the solid foundation for building your site and creating content for the pages. You can do all of these without writing a single line of code. Being an intuitive page builder, Cornerstone has a drag and drop editor which allows you to position the elements on your site simply in a few clicks.

Since Cornerstone is a live page builder, you can actually see what’s going on as you create a page and customize it. And, you get to see all the changes right in the browser window.

Features of Cornerstone:

  • Live Text Editing 

Let’s face it. Font choice and text formatting matters. A website that’s hard to read will lose its viewers in a snap. But with Cornerstone’s live text editing feature, you can easily customize the text on your site, change the fonts, and adjust the formatting on the fly.

  • Code Editors

While you do not need to know how to write code, Cornerstone still has a feature that allows you to customize your site by editing the code. What’s more, you can even see how the code looks in real-time.

  • The Ultimate Element Library

Cornerstone gives you access to a growing collection of elements. Furthermore, you can build elements of your own.

  • Undo/Redo

You can now let loose as you build and create your website. With the Undo/Redo function, making mistakes is no longer something you need to worry about. You can experiment and edit all you want without the anxiety about committing irreversible errors.

  • Dark Mode

If you prefer an interface that is easy on the eyes, simply activate Cornerstone’s dark mode.

  • Dynamic Content

You can make your site even more functional as Cornerstone provides support for dynamic content.

  • Role Manager

If you have a team involved in the website building process, the Role Manager feature will make your life easier. You can have full control over your site’s customizations as it allows you to adjust your team members’ access to certain functions.

  • Custom Workspace

The Cornerstone builder also provides adjustment options for your workspace. You can choose to work in a vertical, horizontal, docked, undocked, big, or small workspace.

  • Global Blocks

Do you want to make quick changes that are applied to your entire website? Cornerstone lets you do so with the Global Blocks feature.

  • Simple Mode

If you prefer to simply build your site with just the bare essentials,  activate Cornerstone’s Simple Mode option.

  • Template Manager 

As you’re building your site, you can also import any design asset with ease with the Template Manager.

Design Cloud: More Than Just Demos

X Theme Design Cloud Feature

Most WordPress themes boast of huge libraries of pre-built demos that can easily be imported with a single click. X, however, takes this feature a notch higher with Design Cloud.

Design Cloud is X’s design library which gives you access not only to the most beautiful website templates but also to hundreds of professional design assets. You can use templates for multi-page websites, sections or full pages, and styles for your elements.

Then there are the Demos. Fully functioning, pre-built by the Themeco staff,  these Demos are a powerful foundation for your projects.

If you further want to customize a Demo, you can easily do so with several section templates to choose from. You can actually alter and modify the Demo all you want to effectively bring out your personal brand.

Premium Plugins and Exclusive Extensions

X Theme Premium Plugins and Extensions

You can supercharge your site with over $1000 worth of tools that come with the X WordPress theme package.

The plugins and extensions bundled up with the theme include Custom 404, Email Forms, Facebook Comments, UberMenu, Under Construction, and White Label, to name a few.

With Custom 404, instead of showing a 404 error page, you can redirect your site visitors to a page that you can fully customize and control. Say goodbye to plain 404 pages as you can add personal touches to your error notices with the Custom 404 plugin.

Integration with WooCommerce For Effective eCommerce

X Theme WooCommerce Integration Feature

The X theme comes with excellent WooCommerce integration and you can easily set up an online shop without any hassle. The theme works equally well with existing WooCommerce stores.

X provides four shop designs to choose from – Integrity (for functional design), Renew (for a clean, flat design), Icon, and Ethos (for a polished and professional appearance). These designs are called “Stacks” and each design is like a theme in itself.

Oh, and these stacks are not just useful for online stores. You can use these “Stacks” for any type of website.

Pricing Plans

You can get the entire X WordPress theme package for the recently reduced price of $29. X has famously sold for $59 for years, but Themeco, the company behind X wanted to make a splash in the market and bring the price down to the “I’d be an idiot if I didn’t buy this now” level.

This reasonable price of $29 already includes all the amazing features of X: powerful page builder, dozens of popular plugins, hundreds of design assets, 24/7 product support, and on-going updates. You honestly can’t ask for anything more in a first-rate WordPress theme.

Outstanding Support Around the Clock

The creators of X provide a support experience that actually is supportive. X’s support experts are always available to help you out around the clock, all year ‘round.

Of course, if you have any questions about the theme, you can start by browsing through X’s very detailed and organized online documentation, articles, tutorials, and notes.

You can get hands-on support for all your theme-related issues at Themeco’s forum. Their support team sees to it that all product support questions are entertained and answered within 24 hours

Final Words!

The X WordPress theme is one of the best and most popular themes available in the market. If a truly once-and-for-all WordPress theme is what you’re after, then you need to look no further. For a website building experience filled with excitement and excellence, choose the elegant and lovable X theme.

Note: This article was published in collaboration with THEMECO.

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Owais Khan

Owais works as a Marketing Manager at Cloudways (managed hosting platform) where he focuses on growth, demand generation, and strategic partnerships. With more than a decade of experience in digital marketing and B2B, Owais prefers to build systems that help teams achieve their full potential.


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