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Increase ROI of Your Magento Store With Powerful Magento Extensions

Updated on  4th September

5 Min Read
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Starting an online store is a serious endeavor. A store’s profitability depends on a number of factors including customer satisfaction level.

Magento ROI Extensions

The tricky thing about customer satisfaction level is that it is actually the summation of many factors and actions of store managers. The good news is that a number of Magento extensions usually take care of these factors. The cumulative result is an increase in the Return on Investment (ROI) of the store. All successful stores have a positive ROI, indicating that they are earning more than the operational expenses of the store.

Here are seven Magento extensions that enhance the ROI of your Magento store.

Metrilo for Magento

Developer: Metrilo

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2

Price: Starting from $119

Visit Extension Page

Metrilo is an ecommerce analytics, CRM, and email in one platform that lets you do data-driven marketing and sell more.

First, you get accurate reporting on all crucial ecommerce metrics – acquisition channels, conversions, revenue, repeat rate, product stats, funnels and so on. It’s a comprehensive dashboard of your business performance because it calculates historical data as well.

Then, in the CRM, you see what every customer does on your site session by session so you can understand them better. The best part is that Metrilo identifies visitors and shows their activity both before and after becoming a customer.

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Third, you can do powerful segmentation and send personalized emails based on behavior and attributes. Email automation for common trigger events is also available: cart abandonment (with dynamic products), cross-sell and upsells, customer feedback score, reactivation, etc.

Last, there’s a Retention analysis tab to help you keep customers for longer and buying more. You see how different cohorts behave over time, what campaigns and products inspire loyalty when the right time to engage them is and what revenue to expect.

Update: Metrilo’s latest feature is a tasks manager that lets you keep track of customer relationships and collaborate with teammates within the app.

Magento Social Login

Developer: Magestore

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2

Price: Community: $99, Enterprise: $199

Visit Extension Page

Social media marketing has become an integral part of ecommerce sales strategy. As a result, social media websites are important channels for customer acquisition and sales.

The Magento Social Login extension strengthens this connection by allowing customers on your store to login using their social media credentials. Thus, instead of going through the hassle of creating an account on the store, the customer could use their social media credentials (about 18 popular social media channels including FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn are supported) and go straight to the product pages or checkout.

Justuno Conversion

Developer: Justuno

Compatibility: Magento 1.9.3

Price: FREE

Visit Extension Page

Justuno is more than a simple Magento extension. It is a complete conversion marketing solution that focuses on converting potential customers who abandon their sales journey at any stage.

The extension comes with several industry-standard tools that allow store owners to trap email addresses through email and exit popups. In order to minimize cart abandonment numbers, Justuno sends out special offers that persuade customers to return to the store and complete the transaction. In addition, store owners could take advantage of multiple themes that cover all scenarios including countdown, holiday and renovations.


Developer: Wyomind

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2

Price: Community: starting at Eur 95

Visit Extension Page

Elasticsearch operates storewide and actually “learns” from the user search requests. The best part is the powerful auto-complete feature that greatly improves the user experience by providing relevant search results from the store’s product catalog.

The extension can handle a large product set (numbering in thousands) easily with an index that retains its speed despite the increasing load. Users can run search queries on all the pages of the store including CMS, categories and product listing pages.

Amasty One Step Checkout

Developer: Amasty

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2

Price: Community: starting at Eur 95

Visit Magento 1 Extension Page | Visit Magento 2 Extension Page

One step checkout greatly streamlines the final part of the transaction at ecommerce stores. Instead of filling out multi-page forms, one step checkout asks all the required information on a single screen. The result is the great user experience that translates into increased sales and repeats customers.

Amasty One Step Checkout extension for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 integrates very fast checkout process that reduces cart abandonment rates and boosts sales. In fact, customers could finalize sales as “guests”, in which they only need to provide a valid email address.

Developers can easily customize these extensions to fit the requirements of any Magento store. Features such as ‘allowed country’ and ‘currencies’, ‘supported shipping methods’ and ‘customization of the checkout process to fit the store’s policies’ are the main reasons why these extensions have become very popular in the Magento community.

Magento Abandoned Cart Recovery

Developer: Mageworx

Compatibility: Magento 1and Magento 2

Price: Community: $99, Enterprise: $198

Visit Extension Page

Cart abandonment is a unique problem for store owners. They have done their work and brought the customer to the checkout page. At this point, there is little store owners could do to ensure that shoppers complete their transactions.

This extension offers an in-depth look at the cart-related analytics through an easy-to-use dashboard. This way, store owners could evaluate and analyze all cart-related metrics and take preventive actions.

In addition to the dashboard, the extension comes with powerful retargeting tools that allow retargeting of customers who have abandoned their carts. These tools include sending customized retargeting emails, setting up rules of retargeting campaigns and complete tracking of retargeting campaigns.


Developer: Livechatinc

Compatibility: Magento 1 and Magento 2

Price: Community: $99, Enterprise: $199

Visit Magento 1 Extension Page | Visit Magento 2 Extension Page

Live chat is the fastest way visitors can communicate with the store management. This greatly reduces the time required to take the buy decision. Given this, live chat has become the most common communication option on Magento stores.

LiveChat by Livechatinc has become an important extension for Magento stores because of several industry standard features that ensure potential customers can interact with the store management in almost real-time.

In addition to the storefront chat widget, LiveChat also offers customer tracking features including tracking of customers across store pages. This way, the agent servicing the customer has a fair idea of what products the customer has viewed, and could answer the queries more effectively.

Boost  the Magento Store ROI

The ROI of a Magento store is more than just the profitability and the dollar figures on the balance sheet. In almost all cases, the ROI is the sum of the revenues and the reputation of the store among the target customers. The above mentioned Magento extensions enhance the customers’ experience and thus help them become repeat customers.

If you have another extension that has increased your Magento store’s ROI, do mention it in the comments below.

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Fayyaz Khattak

Fayyaz is a Magento Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Magento Hosting Platform. His objective is to learn & share about PHP & Magento Development in Community. Fayyaz is a food lover and enjoys driving. You can email him at

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