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11 Best Magento Themes For An Attractive Ecommerce Store

Updated on October 4, 2023

12 Min Read
Magento 2 themes

Looking to create an eye-catching online store but are confused about the right theme to choose?

For Magento stores to thrive, it’s not enough to settle for basic features and functionalities. You’ve got to have killer Magento ecommerce themes that perfectly match your business needs.

Don’t worry!

Explore our handpicked selection of the best Magento themes that will instantly elevate the visual appeal of your online store.

Magento 2 has had a great revolution and made tremendous progress in recent years. With Adobe acquiring Magento, there is a paradigm shift in the ecommerce industry.

More user-friendly themes and extensions are now available for ecommerce store owners to use than ever before. This means selecting from a huge pool of themes can give you a tough time!

To make your life easier, in this blog, we will explore the top Magento themes categorized by their unique features and provide you with insights on how to select the perfect theme based on specific criteria.

Let’s get started.

Criteria to Choose the Best Magento Ecommerce Theme

There are some common factors that you should consider when selecting a Magento theme for your ecommerce store.

Let’s check out what the factors are in some detail.

  • Look for a theme that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and offers a visually appealing layout.
  • Select a theme that provides flexible customization options.
  • Ensure that the theme is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • The theme should focus on User experience to enhance navigation, product discovery, and overall ease of use.
  • Choose a theme that is optimized for performance to ensure smooth browsing and efficient page loading.
  • Look for an SEO-friendly theme allowing search engines to crawl and index your site effectively.
  • Choose a theme that integrates well with the popular Magento extensions and modules.
  • Check the User reviews and ratings before selecting the theme.
  • Evaluate the pricing of the theme and compare it with your budget.
  • Not sure how a theme will operate on a Magento store, request a Magento Demo Store from Cloudways.

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Top 11 Best Magento Themes by Categories

To simplify the theme selection process, we have organized the themes into various categories, making it effortless for Magento users to discover the perfect theme for their business.

Explore our collection of both free and premium Magento 2 templates for your stores. Take a look at the list now.

Multipurpose & Multivendor Themes

Martfury – Multipurpose ecommerce Magento 2 Theme

Rating: 4.82 out of 5

Version: Magento 2

Business Category: Marketplace, multi-vendor and multi-purpose


Description: Martfury is the perfect theme for your Magento marketplace. The theme allows you to easily change your Magento shop appearance without going into the complexities of code. With all of its simplicity and functionality, it also provides necessary source files that you can edit or extend. This theme also offers elasticsearch, multi-vendor, and multiple-store functionality. It is highly optimized and compatible with the recent Magento 2.4.6 release.


Fastest – Magento Multipurpose Responsive Theme

Rating: 4.24-Star out of 5

Version: Magento 1 & 2

Business Category: Multipurpose like: Autoparts, Fashion & Apparel.


Description: Fastest, the Magento theme is responsive and compatible with all types of smart devices. The responsive design makes it an ideal choice for online shoppers who prefer to use mobile devices for shopping.

The Fastest Magento Responsive Theme offers 10+ different pre-demos. It also has a built-in blog extension for Magento 2, Mega Menu for Magento 2, Ajax Cart, OWL Slider, etc. You can use this theme on both Magento 1 and Magento 2.


Market – Premium Responsive Magento Theme

Rating: 4.17 -Star out of 5

Version: Magento 1 & 2

Business Category: Multi-category like: hi-tech store, watch store, fashion store, clothing store, furniture store, book store, etc.


Description: The “Market” is a responsive theme that works equally well with both Magento 1 and Magento 2. The best thing about this theme is the integration of several premium Magento extensions and features like SM Camera Slider, SM Categories, SM Tab Listing, Vertical Mega Menu, Ajax-based Layered navigation, and Ajax Cart Pro.

The Market Premium Magento Theme is fully customizable and suitable for online stores with multi-category, multiple branches, and products such as clothes, books, jewelry & accessories, etc.


Food, Fashion, and Cosmetics

Pizzaro – Food Responsive Magento 1 & 2 Theme

Rating: 4.38 Star out of 5

Version: Magento 1 & 2

Business Category: Food


Description: Pizzaro is a responsive Magento theme with customizable admin settings. It is a good option if you are starting your custom ecommerce website related to foods. It is a responsive multi-store Magento theme with vibrant colors and power-admin. This Magento template comes with 10+ essential extensions. On the home page, you can quickly show the bestsellers, newly featured, random, latest and, special products, customizable with multiple tabs, rows, grids, sliders through the admin panel.


F2 – Free Magento 2 Theme

Rating: 4.5-Star out of 5

Version: Magento 2

Business Category: Fashion & Apparel

F2 – Free Magento 2 Theme

Description: F2- Free Magento 2 Theme offers a free premium Magento template, well-suited for the fashion and apparel industry. You can add any event details to it by using the event management extension. Although this theme has all the necessary elements required to create a fashion store, but it goes beyond that by providing a unique catalog and product page, custom page design, and offering configurable swatches to create more value for the visitors.


Cosmetta – Responsive Cosmetics Magento Theme

Rating: No Rating

Version: Magento 2

Business Category: Cosmetics Store


Description:  Cosmetta – Responsive Cosmetics Magento Theme is specifically tailored for online cosmetics stores. The best quality of the Cosmetta Magento 2 theme is that it is responsive and customizable. The core competency of this Magento template is to present your products in style. The banners will show off your latest collections and discounted items. The Magento template is also equipped with featured products to help attract clients’ attention. The theme is search engine optimized and has a responsive design to make it the best fit for your beauty store.


Porto | Ultimate Responsive Magento Theme

Rating: 4.93-Star out of 5

Version: Magento 1 & 2

Business Category: Fashion, Apparel, Home Decor, and Electronic Appliances & Accessories (20+ Demos)


Description: Porto is one of the best-selling Magento premium themes, with Bootstrap 5 powering it at the backend. It is the latest version of Bootstrap. This theme is fully optimized and mobile responsive. It comes customized with 300+ admin panels, Google fonts, best support, and many more features to make it the best-selling fastest Magento theme.


Furniture and Home Decor

Furnicom – Responsive Magento 2 and 1.9 Furniture Theme

Rating: 3.08-Star out of 5

Version: Magento 1 & 2

Business Category: Furniture & Home Decor


Description: When you think of a furniture store, the very first thing clicks in mind that it should be modern, dynamic and easy to customize. The Furnicom theme fulfills all such needs. It is a responsive theme for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. The theme comes with 10 home page layout styles, tailored for furniture shops and interior design stores.

This fastest Magento theme comes with some powerful modules, and excellent features including, Image Sliders with multiple effects, ‘Static Blocks’ with images and texts, product filter functionalities, quick product view, Ajax Add to Cart, Wishlist and many more. With a perfect combination of elegance and design, it gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. Moreover, you can customize the features through the Admin Panel.


Art Furniture – Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Rating: 5.0-Star out of 5

Version: Magento 2

Business Category: Furniture & Home Decor

Art Furniture

Description: Art Furniture comes with many Magento extensions that will add exciting features to your online store. The slideshow has a live transition and mega menus with rejuvenating text to give it an interactive look. This theme offers a thumbnail image by which you can show products on the home page with a configuration for custom rows. It can also display the blog with furniture posts, home decor posts, and useful information about decoration on the slider.

The CMS blocks, such as free shipping, and nice images of sofas, chairs, beds, and lights with meaningful texts, are also available within its built-in modules. Moreover, it offers a navigation module that ensures convenience for online buyers, as they can filter the products with respect to price, manufacturer, size, and color. It also allows you to showcase the related products, and upsell products on the slider in detail page. You can also integrate Google Rich Snippets for better distribution of your content.


Gym and Sports

BuzzSport – Gym Equipment Magento Theme

Rating: No rating

Version: Magento 2

Business Category: Sports, Gym, Fitness


Description: BuzzSport Magento 2 theme has the functionality to build completely functional online stores for selling gym and fitness equipment. This variety of built-in modules and widgets provides a high level of customization.

You can display your store products in a better way with the help of full-width sliders and stylish banners. It features a blog to provide you with the functionality to publish articles, creates specific categories for your blog posts, and manage comments. The theme also includes useful features like Ajax Search, Product Wishlists, and products compared to treating your customers with a fantastic experience.


MyGym – Sports Store Magento Theme

Rating: No rating

Version: Magento 2

Business Category: Sports, Gym, Fitness


Description: The theme is fully responsive. Tested on multiple devices from mobile to desktop, MyGym Magento 2 Theme is for ecommerce stores that deal in sporting goods, sports equipment, and gym gear. It comes with the necessary extensions to make it fully customizable.

You can quickly build your menu with a drag-and-drop Mega Menu module and get fantastic browsing search engine and product sorting options. It also captures a visitor’s attention and offers hot sales using sliders and banners. It allows store visitors to comment, log in, and register with social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Best Magento 2 PWA Themes

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is the trending front-end technology for ecommerce developers. On January 15, 2019, Magento officially announced the availability of the Magento PWA studio that helps developers to configure and build PWA-enabled online stores for Magento.

Here are a few competitive Magento 2 PWA theme extensions.

Magento 2 PWA Theme by TIGREN

The Magento 2 PWA Theme by TIGREN combines the strength of a responsive website with the power of the native app to deliver a fantastic app-like experience to users while benefiting the owners in many ways.

Here are some of the key features of this theme:

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) technology
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Fast loading speed
  • App-like user interface
  • Offline functionality
  • Push notifications
  • Integration compatibility

Technology: Magento 2 PWA Studio, React JS, Graph QL


Magento 2 PWA by Webkul

Webkul is a well-known developer that provides a range of extensions for various eCommerce platforms, including Magento. They offer a PWA extension for Magento 2, which helps transform your Magento 2 website into a Progressive Web Application. The PWA by Webkul aims to provide an app-like experience to your users by utilizing modern web technologies.

The key features of Magento 2 PWA by Webkul are:

  • Fast and responsive
  • Native-app-like experience
  • Offline mode
  • Enhanced performance
  • SEO-friendly architecture
  • Integration compatibility
  • Ongoing support and updates


Magento 2 PWA Theme by CedCommerce

CedCommerce offers two ways to build the Magento 2 PWA theme. One is PWA Cenia Theme for FREE and PWA Cenia Theme Pro, which offers extra features for a small amount of money. Magento PWA Studio bundles the essential tools for quick and inexpensive development of the PWA storefront. The fast deployment saves your precious time by avoiding the dedicated deployment of Android and iOS Apps.

The key features of Magento 2 PWA Theme by CedCommerce are:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Fast loading speed
  • App-like user interface
  • Offers one-page checkout
  • Lets you customize cart
  • Enhanced performance
  • SEO friendly architecture
  • Integration compatibility


Why Should You Use Magento Themes?

Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms to launch your online stores. It caters to the needs of businesses with different business models. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Magento themes;

  • They are highly customizable, allowing you to create a unique look and feel that matches your brand.
  • Magento themes offer power-packed features and functionalities that could save you considerable time and resources.
  • Magento themes often come with responsive designs that adjust layouts to fit different screen sizes.
  • They are SEO-friendly.
  • Magento themes are built to be compatible with various Magento extensions. These extensions can greatly extend the functionality of your online store, ranging from advanced analytics to improved site performance.
  • While Magento has a steeper learning curve than some other platforms, once set up, the themes are generally straightforward to use and manage.
  • Magento has a large and active community of developers. This means you can find plenty of resources, solutions to problems, and even third-party extensions that you can use with your theme.

Managed Magento Hosting for an Instant Performance Boost

Magento Themes perform better on Cloudways. Experience it yourself & get an instant performance improvement.

Who Can Use the Magento Default Theme?

Magento is beloved for its open-source feature, which allows developers to customize templates, layouts, styles, and images.

The default Magento themes, such as Luma and blank theme, provide a responsive design that adapts to various devices. These themes serve as a starting point for customization, allowing developers to override or modify view layer resources provided by modules or libraries.

Now, the question is: Can anyone use the default Magento theme for a live store?

Yes, why not!

There are no restrictions while opting for default Magento themes. If you choose the Luma theme, you can also add sample data that comes up with 200+ products, most of which are configurable for (categories, promotional price rules, CMS pages, and banners).

But if you want to customize the default design, you need to create a new theme. Magento strongly recommends not changing the default Luma and Blank theme files because if you edit the default files, there’s a chance that your changes might get overwritten by the new version of the default files during upgrades.

How Does Magento Themes Structure Look?

Developers need to clearly understand the Magento theme structure to effectively work with different areas of the Magento theme layout.

The Magento storefront themes are conventionally located under app/design/frontend/<Vendor>/. Moreover, these directory categories are classified as sub-directories.

/web/jsoptionalTheme JavaScript files.

Directory Required Description
/<Vendor>_<Module> optional Module-specific styles, layouts, and templates.
/<Vendor>_<Module>/web/css/ optional Module-specific styles (.css and/or .less files). General styles for the module are in the _module.less file and styles for widgets are in _widgets.less.
/<Vendor>_<Module>/layout optional Layout files that extend the default module or parent theme layouts.
/<Vendor>_<Module>/layout/override/base optional Layout files that extend the default module or parent theme layouts.
/<Vendor>_<Module>/layout/override/<parent_theme> optional Layouts that override the parent theme layouts for the module.
/<Vendor>_<Module>/templates optional This directory contains theme templates that override the default module templates or parent theme templates for this module. Custom templates are also stored in this directory.
/etc/view.xml required for a theme, but optional if it exists in the parent theme This file contains the configuration for all storefront product images and thumbnails.
/i18n optional .csv files with translations.
/media optional This directory contains a theme preview (a screenshot of your theme).
/web optional Static files can be loaded directly from the frontend.
/web/css/source optional This directory contains theme less configuration files that invoke mixins for global elements from the Magento UI library and theme.less file that overrides the default variables values.
/web/css/source/lib optional View files that override the UI library files stored in lib/web/css/source/lib
/web/fonts optional Theme fonts.
/web/images optional Images that are used in this theme.
/composer.json optional Describes the theme dependencies and some meta-information. Make sure the “name” field must be in the format “<vendor-name>/theme-<area>-<theme-name>”.
/registration.php required Required to register your theme in the system.
/theme.xml required The file is mandatory as it declares a theme as a system component. It contains the basic meta-information, like the theme title and the parent theme name, if the theme is inherited from an existing theme. The file is used by the Magento system to recognize the theme.

Source: Magento Theme Structure

Wrapping Up!

When choosing the best Magento theme, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First, select a theme that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and offers an attractive layout. Look for a theme that provides flexible customization options, allowing you to personalize the design according to your needs.

It’s also important to prioritize themes that are responsive and mobile-friendly to ensure a seamless experience for users on different devices. Additionally, consider themes that prioritize user experience, enhancing navigation, and product discovery.

Finally, check the theme’s compatibility with popular Magento extensions and modules to ensure smooth integration.

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