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Launch Your Online Photography Business in a Snap With the Cloudways Photography Bundle!

Updated on January 10, 2022

5 Min Read
wordpress photography website

If you spend a lot of time behind the camera lens but can’t find the time to build a business out of your creative genius, we’ve got something incredible for you.

Here at Cloudways, we go to great lengths to understand what you need to succeed online. And in our noble pursuit (a pat on our own backs), we’ve experienced that a lot of customers need quick solutions – yes, even quicker than our 1-click server launch – to get directly to business.

And for our photographer friends out there and those wishing to start a photography business online, we got our heads together (along with our amazing partners) and came up with a slick solution: The Cloudways Photography Bundle!

What’s the Cloudways Photography Bundle, you ask?

It’s a 1-click operation you can use to launch a fully-functioning photography portfolio without fumbling around looking for good hosting, the right plugins, and useful integrations; you can simply sign up on Cloudways, choose your settings, and launch your portfolio.

Partnering Up With Amazing Plugins for Your Convenience

Hundreds to thousands of people have come to rely on Cloudways with their online dreams, but sometimes, partnering up with the right people can help enhance our services to you in ways we can’t do it alone.

This is why we partnered up with three amazing plugins to bring you what is now a photography bundle to launch your photography bundle in an instant:Imagely

1. Imagely: Envira Gallery by Imagely lets you create stunning image galleries in minutes, and is probably a must-have for anyone wishing to showcase their photos.

While WordPress can display pictures, by itself, it doesn’t have the required features to help photographers or image sellers to display their items the way they want. And this is where Envira Gallery shines. With tonnes of features and tools to empower your website with galleries that look stunning, this plugin is what makes this Cloudways Bundle a no-brainer for a photography business.

Read our in-depth Imagely review: Envira Gallery: A Review of The Leading WordPress Gallery Plugin


2. Blocksy: Any good website needs a theme that not only makes it look good but also doesn’t drag its performance down. This is why we partnered up with Blocksy, an innovative theme that brings unlimited customization abilities, super fast speed, and top-of-the-line security, to be our theme partner on this bundle.

With Blocksy, designing a website that looks good is super easy. While most themes are cumbersome to use, Blocksy has a state-of-the-art customizer where every setting is housed neatly and divided into clear sections. The theme works like a charm with all popular page builders and you can easily integrate it with WooCommerce and other plugins like WPML and Polyland for further enhancements.

Blocksy comes with a companion plugin as well that unlocks a host of features for your website and you get access to a growing library of Starter Sites that hand you unique demos to start with. Furthermore, the plugin’s extension ecosystem lets you go all-pro with the feature sets and add as much functionality you want.

The best feature of this theme, though, is the no-code nature of Blocksy! Without any technical knowledge or coding skills, you can easily design beautiful websites in no time and this is why it’s such a crucial part of this Photography Bundle.


3. Stackable: Stackable is the all-in-one solution for creating stunning websites by transforming Gutenberg into a page builder. It is the ultimate Gutenberg companion with powerful yet lightweight custom blocks, ready-made designs, UI Kits, global settings, and advanced customization all whilst boasting speedy performance.

With a wide variety of design options, Stackable blocks are highly versatile and are meant to be used in all kinds of web pages. Coupled with advanced settings, you have the ability to customize your designs to fit your creative vision. For an even faster design workflow, you can simply browse through Stackable’s ready-made designs and UI Kit Templates which can be further fine-tuned to your specific needs.

To top it all off, Stackable offers lightweight and ultra-fast website performance. You get to experience lightning-fast PageSpeed scores and high Core Web Vitals that will instantly separate your website from the rest. Stackable also offers global settings options and a role manager to make the design process as seamless as possible when building your own or client sites.

Create a Stunning Photography Portfolio Instantly.

Cloudways Photography Bundle includes all the right ingredients for an ideal photography website.

When you launch the Photography bundle on Cloudways, your server comes preloaded with these essential plugins. All three plugins listed above are industry-leading plugins with great compatibility with Cloudways. This means that you are launching your portfolio not just in a high-performing & secure environment, but with all the necessary extensions to help you create a highly-functioning photography portfolio.

The combined efforts of our partners and our hosting solution means you get a sleek solution to launch your photography business without hassles and just get started!

How to Get Started With The Cloudways Photography Bundle?

Good question. To illustrate how easy it is to launch your photography business, here’s a look at the steps needed to launch a fully-functioning photography portfolio:

Step 1: Sign up with Cloudways if you haven’t already. It’s easy, and you get a free 3-day trial without any commitments and without a CC.


Step 2: Select the Photography Bundle from the dropdown, select your server settings and location, and launch your server.


Step 3: Go to your launched server > application and launch your website.

And that’s basically it. From there, it’s your creativity and vision and planning and fan following that will propel you to digital stardom. In-case if you want to take your photography to the next level, you can use 3d printing software to convert your photos into 3d artifacts.


Your goal as a photographer is to capture the most amazing visuals from your lens and focus on selling them to your potential customers. If you were to get stuck in a web of technical issues and hassles, it’d take your focus away from your passion, and we don’t want that.

Hence, this solution ensures that you can launch your portfolio without putting much thought or effort and get to the selling and expanding your business part immediately.

So, let’s get started?

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Sunyyan Junaid

Sunyyan Junaid is a Senior Editor and Copywriter at Cloudways. He has over eight years of combined experience in the writing and digital marketing field and prefers to add a whimsical touch to most of his work.


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