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5 Best WordPress Photography Themes in 2019 (Bring Your Portfolio to Life)

November 18, 2019

9 Min Read
wordpress photography themes
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In the era of Social Media, photography has become a very popular skill – a lot of social media users upload pro-level pictures.

In this context, making a living as a professional photographer could be a challenge. If you are one, please be honest with yourself: Are your current gigs, booked thanks to the word-of-mouth, enough to pay your bills and purchase that lens you are eyeing for quite some time now?

The truth is, in the current situation, you need to step up your game. By stepping up your game, we mean – get a professional-looking website with the best WordPress photography theme.

Before the Theme: Pro Tip

Start with a Coming Soon page first. Why is this the first step? It’s simple – getting your website to look impeccable in the first try is almost impossible: There are just one-too-many options available, and if you are doing it for the first time, you will get into the “What does this button do?” mode a bit too often. This mode usually results in your website looking like a 3rd grader’s craft project, and you for sure don’t want your visitors and potential clients to see that.

This is where the Coming Soon page plugin can come handy. This is a single page, and the theme is already set up, so it will take you maybe an hour to get a grip on it and fully customize it. You can use the photography theme, or any other that you like for that matter, and set it up.

Twist and tweak the design – upload your own photo or a video, add a countdown timer. Since it could get tricky to match the promised deadline, so, even if you get the landing page done, and others, not so much, you can always use 301 Redirects plugin, to return your customers to the Coming Soon page from pages that you are yet to tackle.

Create a buzz on social media, and present that impeccable solution to your customers and organic traffic first. However, the greatest reason for using this plugin to set up your Coming Soon page is that you get a mini-tutorial through the hands-on approach to creating the whole website!

Now that your coming soon page is all set, you should take the newly acquired additional time to select your photography theme. Here are our five top picks!

SOHO Photography

soho photography theme

The first on our list of best WordPress photography themes – SOHO Photography theme, is there for a reason. With its sole purpose being to provide you with a great photography website, SOHO is the logical first solution. Packed with photography-friendly features, this theme will not struggle to present your work in the most flattering way.

What are those photography friendly features? First of all, the fullscreen layout. There is no better way to present your work than by using it, as it will allow your visitors to enjoy your work in better detail. When speaking of such a layout, you can take advantage of a fullscreen slider, ribbon, image or video, and also numerous fullscreen portfolio and gallery options! The very clean design of this theme will not clash with your photographs, and there will be nothing to distract your visitors from your art.

The theme comes with a drag-and-drop intuitive builder that you can use to set up your pages. You can use the knowledge you got while creating your coming soon page to create astonishing pages with it! It is super simple to use, and everything is customizable, so you will get the perfect end result. It will be responsive and retina ready, too, so you don’t have to worry about how it will look on different devices.

This theme comes with an amazing blog page and a contact us page, which you can use to attract more customers and visitors to your site. In case of something going south, you can take advantage of a customizable 404 page to present to your visitors. If you are in the editing images business, you can use the before/after module to show off your skills and prove that you are the best at that. Last, but not least, you should add view and like options to your site, too, and get those visitors engaged!

You can get this great theme for $65, which is a very cheap price to pay considering that the theme comes with such a wide range of layouts, galleries, and portfolios you could use to showcase your work!


core theme

The Core is one of the best WordPress photography themes on our list for a simple reason – it is a minimalist photography and portfolio template. You don’t need to get overwhelmed while creating your website in the first place, and you don’t want your website’s visitors to feel swamped. Keep in mind that the minimalistic design is the most trendy and eye-pleasing option on the market today.

Let’s start with the most important features for photographers considering this theme. It comes with four different portfolio styles. From there, your visitors will be able to take advantage of the full-screen slideshow photo gallery. Displaying your work in the full-screen format is probably the best opportunity to sell your skills and get booked for the next gig.

Another awesome aspect of this theme is the fact that it comes with a blog page. This gives you an opportunity to let your clients understand your ideas and get the details about your services. You might decide to use your blog to provide photography lessons for Instagrammers, or you could go more technical and offer some great insights on gadgets that you find useful.

With this theme, you also get numerous other useful features to kickstart the success of your website. Namely, you can take advantage of custom widgets, which you could use to improve your website in no time. For instance, getting the Twitter feed or Flickr Photostream on your site in the form of a widget is no hassle.

If you require, embedding YouTube videos within your site or adding social media icons (to help the visitors effortlessly share your content on social media) is a simple matter of adding the widget to the proper position. Last but not least, and probably the most important after your images, is the Contact Us page, which comes with this theme. It has integrated validation and ready-to-use PHP mailer.

Overall, for $39, this theme is a great choice for those looking for a minimalistic website with not too-much options muddling up the design and dev process. The only downside is that it is not optimized for Gutenberg and that it doesn’t offer a high-resolution option.


core theme

Unlike the previous option, the Tripod is a WordPress photography theme created for professionals. It offers well-designed galleries so that you can display your photographs in the most flattering way. There is no steep learning curve, and you will be able to set it up in no time, thanks to the extensive documentation.

This drag and drop layout builder will have you ready in no time. The theme comes with three default templates: Mainpage, Default, and Post, each with a ready-to-use header, content, and footer. These three components form the basic setup, but you can, of course, add as many pages and posts as you like using the builder.

Next, the theme allows you to use the template builder to add any kind of content on any page. You can easily and in no time, add latest or featured posts, banners, testimonials, etc.

You can take advantage of the carousel, sort content by date, likes, or views, for example. The layout is also customizable, and you can enable one of the four views available to present your work: Mosaic, Grid, Thumbnail, or List view.

This theme also comes with a built-in “Like” system that allows your visitors to like a particular photograph (which would, with enough likes, become “hot”). You could also add comments to your images, or integrate Facebook comments. Similarly, you can effortlessly add social media sharing buttons, to get more exposure, and to promote your photography skills even further.

Last but not least, the important thing to mention is that it costs $65 to have this responsive and fully customizable theme.


kathy theme

Another best WordPress photography theme you could go with if you are looking for something minimalistic is Kathy. Rich in features, but easy on the eye, with a lot of white space for your photography to speak for itself, this theme could be the one to help you create the website you need.

This theme is, unlike the previous one, fully content-focused, and allows you to showcase your work, without distracting the visitors with too many elements. You have two layout styles: list and grid. While it seems a bit limiting, it is actually enough for you to showcase your work, when you think about it.

The most important feature for the photographers of this theme is the portfolio feature that supports full image tagging and categorization. This feature is not limited to images and supports videos and mixed format as well.

This theme also allows you to get the most out of your social media by allowing several social media plugins to help you raise awareness. It is fully compatible with Contact Form 7 if you are looking to gain more bookings through your new website. You can also take advantage of extensive documentation that comes with this theme so that you can set up and customize the theme in no time to your liking.

You can get this theme for $49, and rest assured that your photography will stand out, that your site will be fast, and that you will be able to set it up in no time. However, keep in mind, that this theme works only on self-hosted sites, and that it is yet to be optimized for Gutenberg editor.


nightshade theme

Unlike the previous WordPress themes for photographers, Nightshade could be the theme to go with if you need a host of features and elements. This theme has a bit more to offer and has a bit more to get a grip on.

Unlike other themes with a minimalistic look, with this one, minimalism is an option. It comes with many features such as adding background music. There is also an option to come with password-protected pages, where you can store half-finished projects, or customer-specific ones.

Apart from being able to customize everything with just enough options to make your head spin, it comes with WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress, which will enable you to set up your website in no time with effortless drag and drop builder. You can further take advantage of numerous shortcodes you can use to have all the elements wherever you would like them.

Other important integrations worth mentioning are WooCommerce integration, which can help you sell your photographs online. While this is perfect for those who are looking to stay away from the wedding and sweet sixteen gigs, this theme is also compatible with Contact Form 7 plugin, for those that are looking for more gigs instead.

With this theme, you can further take advantage of maybe one-too-many gallery layouts and page formats to take advantage of. You can set up your gallery to be a floating one, create an animated gallery, and even a carousel gallery. If you are looking to add some bling to your website, you should take advantage of one of over ten different layouts, ranging from Masonry one to split-screen or full-screen ones.

Not only does this theme allow you to easily set up social media sharing on your site, as well as Instagram and Twitter feed, it also allows your visitors to log in via Social Media, which is crucial nowadays for proper user experience. You can also rest assured that with this theme, your site will be fully responsive and also, retina-ready!

A bit more expensive than the others, for $79, you can get this theme with the features mentioned above, and much more. If you are looking for something more from your site than having a mere online presence, then this theme could be the one you are looking for.

To Sum It Up!

Regardless of whether you are merely looking to establish your online presence as a photographer, or if you are looking to sell your photographs through your site – these five best WordPress photography themes will have you covered.

Some of them are rather simplistic, easy to set up, and without the steep learning curve. However, they are not as rich in options like the other ones. Others might take some time to figure out and are usually more expensive.

Take the time to figure out where your business is at the moment, how you expect it to scale, your budget, and which features you need your website to have. We’ve considered all four when coming up with this list, so you can probably just pick one. So, which one will you choose?

Disclaimer: This is a guest post contributed by ThemeCircle.

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