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How to Create a Photography Website in 2024 – Easy Guide

Updated on January 22, 2024

7 Min Read
Create a WordPress Photography Website

If you are a photographer and want to share your work with the right audience, then there’s no better option than a digital medium. Your photos deserve a portfolio website to showcase your hard work and ultimately earn from them.

So how do you start making a photography website? One way is to spend a hefty amount of money to let the professionals do it all for you. The other is to do it yourself. But how does a non-technical user use the latter method without being technically sound and well-acquainted with coding programs?

Well, it is possible through a more innovative option. In fact, you can launch your photography website in just a few minutes with a couple of clicks.

Wondering how? Skip to this section to learn the steps to get started with the revolutionary Cloudways Photography Bundle.

Let’s walk through the struggles that non-technical users typically face while building a photography website and learn how the Cloudways Photography Bundle simplifies all the complexities for you to be the best choice for all users.

Why Creating a Photography Website Is Too Technical for Beginners

Building a photography website from scratch can be a big scary thought for beginners. But there are multiple page builders and themes that make the job easier, no?

Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. Even getting started with these codeless tools requires you to make complicated choices about the right website builder, plugins, and themes. Choosing the right theme, plugin, or website builder requires some degree of customization and technical knowledge to decide what would work best for your photography website.

Sure, there are hundreds of listicles that may guide you on the best-selling tools, plugins, or themes, but it is a difficult task to ensure they’re optimal for your photography website.

technicalities of a photography website

If you listen to the wrong advice, you could end up with an average photography website that eventually fades away in the ocean of other mediocre websites. Or worse, you could choose plugins or themes that clash with each other, leading to site errors that drive potential clients away.

What you need is a smooth performance from a portfolio website enriched with the right elements to stand out above the ordinary and mark its presence, ultimately generating more leads.

The chances of making such a website are minimal with the traditional approach. You want a modern tool that packs all you need in one place. Here’s when the Cloudways Photography Bundle jumps into play.

Cloudways Photography Bundle – A Pre-Built Solution

Imagine there’s a package that includes all the right tools in one place, doesn’t require the user to deal with even a single line of code, and builds the perfect portfolio website automatically with just a few clicks.

Well, the Cloudways Photography Bundle translates this crazy idea into reality with a comprehensive solution that frees you from all the photography website-building troubles.

Cloudways Photography Bundle

No big budgets, no time wasted in testing the plugins, themes, or website builders. We’ve done it all for you. We’ve handpicked the best tools that offer photographers the best environment to market their photos and sell them. Your job is to avail yourself of the free trial, click around a few times, and have your perfect photography website ready in minutes.

Don’t believe me? Let’s dive in to see how easy and fast it is to build your portfolio website with the Cloudways Photography Bundle.

How to Create a Photography Website via Cloudways Photography Bundle

Create a striking photography website in minutes with the Cloudways Photography bundle, and start selling. Follow the steps below:

Launch your photography website

  • The setup will redirect you to the signup page. Enter your details, and click theStart Free button.

Cloudways Platform Signup

You’ll see that the “Photo Portfolio Starter” option will be pre-selected under the application and server details section.

  • Name your managed application and managed server, and select your project.

Cloudways application details

  • Choose your preferred IaaS provider from the five options.


  • Select your server size and the preferred location.


  • You’ll see the hourly and monthly rates as per your selections. Click the “Launch Now” button to launch your server.

launch now button

  • Your photography website and the server will launch in under seven minutes.

Server Launching

  • Once the server launches successfully, click on the www option and then click on your application.

Access Photography Application

You’ll be redirected to the application management tab. Locate the admin panel in the access details section.

  • Click the URL in the admin panel to access your photography website.

Access Details

  • Copy the credentials from the admin access, and paste them to log in to the dashboard of your WordPress photography website.

WordPress login

  • You’ll be redirected to your photography website’s dashboard.

WordPress Welcome Screen

  • Hover over to Plugins and click Installed Plugins.

Installed Plugins

  • You will see a list of all the plugins that come pre-installed in the Cloudways Photography Bundle.

Photography website pre-installed plugins

  • Also, you can see the pre-installed theme by clicking Appearance > Themes.

Photography Theme

  • Let’s look at the front end of our newly created photography website.

Photography Bundle Website

There you go. A fully functional photography website enriched with the right elements is ready in under 10 minutes. That too without dealing with any technicalities, just click. click. click.. and your website is live.

So What’s Inside the Cloudways Photography Bundle?

Sure, the Cloudways Photography Bundle makes your photography portfolio website in minutes, but what makes it so special?

Our research team and experienced technical professionals collaborated to test and shortlist the best plugins, themes, and all the other elements needed for an ideal photography website. That’s right – it’s all the needed ingredients in one bundle to deliver a complete solution.

The Cloudways Photography Bundles include the following plugins essential for a photography bundle, among many other plugins:

Envira Gallery Lite

Envira is a robust plugin that allows all users to create stunning photos and video galleries with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

We included this plugin in our bundle since it is user-friendly and optimized for maximum speed. Gaining immense popularity among photographers, bloggers, and designers, its pre-built templates and responsive forms make it a valuable tool for all photographers.

Envira Gallery Lite

With Envira, you can import your Instagram images, add the Pinterest Pin It button, integrate WooCommerce, easily organize your albums, add watermarking, and perform all the other activities needed for a seamless photography website experience.

Blocksy Companion

The Cloudways Photography Bundle includes the responsive Blocky theme and the Blocksy Companion plugin to accelerate the building process through its vast starter sites library.

Blocksy Companion

It enables users to use the extra header builder features and have ample control over their website’s performance via additional options. Also, you may activate the extensions ecosystem to turn on and off specific functionalities as needed.


Stackable is yet another plugin in our bundle that lets you build dynamic websites with powerful yet lightweight custom blocks, interactive UI kits, and ready-made designs. This plugin converts the Gutenberg editor into a page builder, allowing you to create attractive photography websites.


Its pre-built block designs and UI kits allow you to kickstart your design process. We have specially included this plugin in our bundle as we don’t want our users to get tangled with design intricacies. Instead, you get to use ready-to-go designs that you can customize to suit their requirements.

Moreover, this plugin transforms your page-building experience by letting you integrate a variety of popular tools, including WPML, Toolset, Google Fonts, Blocksy, and more.

WPForms Lite

Your photography website will require contact forms at one point or another – but again, a non-technical user may not know how to add them. We have made it easy by including WPForms in the Cloudways Photography Bundle so you can create all types of stunning contact forms instantly.


With the easy drag and drop contact form builder, every beginner can build their own forms or use the existing templates and simply fill it up as per their needs.

Moreover, this plugin’s contact forms are very responsive and mobile-friendly. Want to decorate your form with even more elements? You can customize and extend the form via section dividers, custom CSS, and HTML blocks.


The Cloudways Photography Bundle is an all-in-one solution for all users, regardless of their technical backgrounds. It allows them to kickstart their photography portfolio website in less than 10 minutes. Not only does it instantly launch a photography website, but it also combines all the correct elements needed for an engaging photography website.

Through Cloudways’ partnership with the industry’s top players, the Photography Bundle allows you to focus on your photos solely and let us take care of all the technicalities. The bundle’s 3-day free trial (no credit card details required) gives you a risk-free opportunity to try out the bundle and benefit from its fast and robust functionalities.

Save massive amounts on hiring external resources and time researching the right tools; get started with the Cloudways photography bundle right away, and start selling!

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