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24 Top Premium WordPress Themes Providers Of 2018

Updated on  7th March

10 Min Read
premium wordpress themes
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One of the many features, why WordPress is the most popular CMS globally, is the large repository of very versatile themes. Whether you wish to give your website a sophisticated look or a casual styling, there are several themes to achieve your desired looks and any other business requirements effectively and efficiently.

WordPress theme providers can be classified into two categories: free and paid. The paid ones are called premium themes providers. Now, those of you who have spent quite a time designing websites on WordPress know about tons of free WordPress themes providers. So, why should one pay for a premium theme?

Premium themes offer several important benefits over free themes. The most important benefit is the number of features offered by premium themes that are simply not available in free versions.  Premium themes come with a much better and cleaner code and offer better features with excellent support. The most important aspect of a Premium theme is the documentation that details all the features and options of the theme.

Once you decide in the favor of a premium WordPress theme, the next challenge is where to get your theme. There are so many studios and development agencies that offer premium themes. To make the decision simpler, I have listed top theme developers and providers. This is a curated list of suggestions. This is certainly not a ranked list.

  1. Themefuse
  2. TeslaThemes
  3. ThemeGrill
  4. TemplateMonster
  5. Elegant Themes
  6. ThemeIsle
  7. MysteryThemes
  9. ThemeLab
  10. Theme Bullet
  11. WooThemes
  12. iThemes
  13. Theme Junkie
  14. StudioPress
  15. WPExplorer
  17. Press75
  18. ColorLabs
  19. PremiumCoding
  20. Obox Themes
  21. Colorlib
  22. WPZoom
  23. ProteusThemes
  24. CyberChimps

1. Themefuse


Themefuse gives users eye candy designs for WordPress. All the themes at Themefuse are equipped with advanced features and diversified usability functionalities. These functions are powerful and simple to use. The good thing about Themefuse is its TestLab feature, which allows users to try the WordPress back-end admin and check whether the theme meets the user requirements or not. With the premium package, you can gain full support on your website.

2. TeslaThemes

Tesla Themes

TeslaThemes consider itself as the Netflix for WordPress themes. At TeslaThemes, you are provided the access to more than 60 different premium themes for WordPress that are perfect for your vision. You can now create the website of your desire whether it be a blog or a business. All you need to do is subscribe and avail 2 or more themes every month so your website network doesn’t look the same.

3. ThemeGrill

ThemeGrill is a premium WordPress theme provider with flashy colors while remaining professional. Ideal for startups or any business in high-tech, their themes will impress your visitors with striking looks. So, find the latest innovations in web design, including responsive, customizable backgrounds, HTML5/CSS3 and much more.

4. TemplateMonster

template monster

TemplateMonster was founded in 2002 and has been offering themes for WordPress since 2006. Although it has been around for some time, it is well known for its trendy designs and great customer support. It offers a wide selection of themes with almost 2000 WordPress themes. You could easily find the right theme for your website based on your requirements for functionality, style, color scheme, etc. Themes by TemplateMonster are usually stocked with high-resolution stock photos which can be used absolutely free.

5. Elegant Themes


Elegant Themes offers sophisticated and neatly designed WordPress themes. The core emphasis of the themes is on great UI/UX and user-friendly navigation. You can find built-in custom post types for adding content to the website with little or no trouble. One of the unique features of the themes is the built-in WordPress Theme Customizer that allows effective customization such as changing the background (color and image), set portfolio posts per page, manage custom logo uploads and much more. The premium feature of the theme includes additional styling options, typography options, frequent updates and well-written documentation. 

6. ThemeIsle


ThemeIsle offers ten different theme categories for users to choose from. It is designed by people behind CodeinWP website. They prefer to refer themselves as pirates seeking diamonds within the world of WordPress. If you are looking for a theme website with rock-solid WordPress background and excellent customer support then ThemeIsle is the best option by far. You could upload Photoshop files of your design and receive a high-quality WordPress theme that looks and functions just the way you wish.

7. MysteryThemes


MysteryThemes is a theme development company that fit for specific purposes – for a business, magazine, blogging themes and much more. The features of themes include custom layouts, clean and responsive design and amazing supports with lots of advanced functionalities.


mu dev

WPMU DEV has been a part of WordPress community for more than ten years. Given this long presence, it has become a very reliable name in the industry for WordPress premium themes. Rich designs, streamlined functionality, and creative layouts are the hallmark of their premium themes. Although it has a large repository of themes and plugins for WordPress, by far the most popular product is the exciting Upfront Theme Framework that lets you customize theme templates as per your requirements. You could drag, scale, position and see every edit as you make it in real time. WPMU DEV is well known for its prowess in multisite WordPress configuration and integration of BuddyPress in order to improve online business presence.

9. ThemeLab


ThemeLab is a reliable name in the WordPress premium theme repository. They build high quality, good looking premium themes that are suitable for almost any type of website. ThemeLab offers customers a variety of beautiful designs which are easy to use at beginner levels. They are mobile ready and responsive offering a commendable support to its customers. Not just that but it gives an exponential SEO exposure and fast, scalable performance to website builders.

10. Theme Bullet


It hasn’t been long since Theme Bullet has gained fame within the market. They develop versatile and high-quality theme templates for blogs, eCommerce stores, portfolio websites, and businesses. Some of these themes are known for their flexible designs or specific niches such as Aslom, Cattleya and Food Factory. It comes with endless customization, a powerful theme option Panel, and unique designs.

11. WooThemes


WooThemes is an integrated theme feature for WooCommerce which is a plugin used for building online web stores on WordPress. They offer customers a theme called Storefront which is a parent theme; it has multiple numbers of child themes. You can either purchase them individually or you can purchase the whole package just for $399.

12. iThemes


iThemes allow users to create theme layouts on their own. You can either choose a pre-designed style template or you can go ahead and make one of your own. Themes such as Parker, Klein, Anderson, Carter, and Jackson are worth a watch. Themes at iThemes are further categorized into four categories; mobile responsive, exchange, classic designs and allure. Choose the type of theme you prefer and give your website an exclusive look and feel.

13. Theme Junkie


Theme Junkie is categorized into different categories such as business, creative, ecommerce, magazine, mobile responsive and free themes. It depends on your requirement for a website which one suits best for you. You can either choose a single theme which is a bit expensive so going for a bundle package will be my recommendation as it will be less costly and preferable.

14. StudioPress

studio press

Established in 2007, StudioPress has won worldwide recognition for its sleek designs and highly functional themes. To discover the theme you are looking for, you can filter the catalog by categories (business, enterprise, magazine, photography, real estate) or features (color styles, custom header, HTML5 markup, responsive). The Genesis Framework forms the backbone of all the StudioPress templates. Because of this choice, users can benefit from state-of-the-art coding and smart design architecture, which greatly aids in SEO activities. The framework also contributes to the security of websites.

15. WPExplorer


WPExplorer is an online store offering high quality multi-purpose WordPress themes.  The themes are WPML-compatible and can be integrated with WooCommerce without issues. To make theme selection easier, the selection is divided into categories such as business, ecommerce, ecology, education, gaming, music, news, religion, restaurant, wedding, etc. Almost all themes by WPExplorer are responsive.


themify stepped into WordPress theme market back in 2010. Since then, it has become a highly respected name for quality premium themes. Whether you need a high-quality design for a blog, magazine, portfolio, or any corporate and ecommerce website, this is a great place to find your desired theme. One of the many advantages of using theme is the amazing drag-and-drop builder empowering users in creating incredible page layouts and real-time previews. In order to customize themes, you do not need to alter a single line. Instead, changes are being done with a styling panel allowing users to take full control of the details of the website’s design.

17. Press75

press 75

Press75 offers high-quality WordPress templates with extremely simple functionality. the Press75 WordPress theme library is divided into six categories: blog/magazine, business, photo, portfolio, responsive, and video. Each of the themes is fully customizable and you can change background style, palette, fonts, etc. to create a website with an individual flair. On top of everything, Press75 themes come with extensive documentation that greatly facilitates installation and customization.

18. ColorLabs

color labs

Whether it is business, ecommerce or a news portal, ColorLabs offers a wide assortment of high-quality templates for WordPress based websites. Confirming to the latest web design and development standards, ColorLab develops HTML5 & CSS3 based themes that are updated to keep pace with constantly changing standards of web technologies. The themes are highly compatible, responsive and neatly coded that allow users to build the online presence they require. Furthermore, social media sharing options are fully integrated within the themes so that the users could start using the themes without many configurations.

19. PremiumCoding

premium coding

PremiumCoding is a highly reputable WordPress theme directory offering a long list of themes. Themes by PremiumCoding offers a number of useful features and can be easily customized, largely thanks to its clean code base and highly detailed documentation. PremiumCoding offers an impressive array of plugins for WordPress as well They provide premium support for their products through regular and frequent updates and improvements.

20. Obox Themes

obox themes

Obox Themes is another excellent directory of premium WordPress themes. Established in 2009, it is renowned for WooCommerce-ready templates that can turn sites into highly functional and user-friendly e-commerce storefronts. In addition to ecommerce, the company also develops designs for business, blogging, photography, videography, and portfolios. The themes by Obox are highly customizable because of the emphasis on the latest web development standards. The best thing about these themes is the highly appealing visual elements and a variety of application options.

21. Colorlib


If you are looking for a simple, clean and responsive theme on WordPress which is well-documented then Colorlib is your solution. Themes for WordPress on Colorlib are highly customizable with a dozen theme options. Themes at Colorlib are of the best coding standards reviewed by WordPress experts. Colorlib gives you performance, simplicity and an error free experience.


22. WPZoom

wp zoom

The last reputable WordPress theme provider on our list is WPZoom. It was founded in 2008. Looking through its offerings, you can filter down based on such criteria as responsive, business, ecommerce, magazine/news, portfolio, and video categories. Powered by the ZOOM framework, each theme is built with HTML5 & CSS3 and, therefore, has a clean and SEO-friendly codebase. The design can be modified via an intuitive and easy-to-use options panel, that removes the hassle of code writing and testing. Updates are implemented in a single click.

23. ProteusThemes


ProteusThemes is a company that makes niche WordPress themes for small businesses.

All their WordPress themes have super clean and slick look with a great focus on the user experience. Their themes include One-Click-Content-Import for an easier start and fast expert support, in case something goes wrong. WordPress themes made by ProteusThemes are SEO optimized and fastest ones on the market.

With appealing membership price and over 28,000 satisfied customers, ProteusThemes is the perfect choice for WordPress freelancers and small web design agencies.

24. CyberChimps

CyberChimps offers a wide range of premium and free responsive themes for WordPress users, including the most popular Responsive Pro. These WordPress themes can be purchased individually or in form of Club bundle which is listed on the site. This makes them a great choice for all the small and big businesses owners looking for an apt WordPress theme for their site.


Choosing to start a blog or website is a big decision, and it’s incredibly important to select the right WordPress theme to power your site from day one. In the case of WordPress based websites, the sheer number of options usually makes the decision very difficult. However, using the above list, you could easily select a premium WordPress theme and be assured of a highly functional and update-ready theme for your website. If you think I have missed your favorite premium WordPress theme studio, do leave a comment.

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