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Guide To Increase Your Blog’s Market Reach

Updated on August 16, 2017

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There is no point in producing the finest content in the world if it doesn’t reach the right audience. You may be the best blogger in town with fresh and trending content, but what’s the use if it’s not getting the right eyeballs?

If you have read my guide to starting a blog, I’m assuming that your blog is in place and you know how to get those early readers for your blog; the next step is deciding on what channels to use for marketing your content and making sure it reaches wider but relevant audience base.

For this purpose, I have listed down some channels and means you ought to consider for t marketing your blog.

Making Use of Social Media

Social media provides one of the best platforms for newbies in the industry to create brand awareness for their products or in this case, their blog. Most of the social media promotions are free and perfect for bloggers just starting out.

Before we get down to learning how to use social media to the benefit of your blog, it must be noted that spamming via social platforms will not get you anywhere. This channel is a way to connect with the larger like-minded audience in a convenient way, but you need to make sure that your content is well-timed and well-presented.

Technically, you should start off by adding social sharing options to your blog i.e. after every post you make. This will enable your audience to share your blog post to their preferred social network, provided that they like what they see. Now, there are certain tricks to marketing your blog on social media and I have tried to sum them up in the least possible words.


For sharing your blog on the most popular and biggest social platform, you can write as many as 1,000 characters of description to catch readers but only the first 480 characters are actually visible, so that’s your only window to sell your blog post.


We all know the drill with Twitter, 140 characters and you’re done. You really need to sum up your entire blog post in a single line or it gets difficult to gain results from this channel. If you aren’t able to think of catchy one-liners, I’d suggest adding hashtags, images or links to make your tweets more attractive.


Even though Pinterest is comparatively less popular than aforementioned channels, it still has some neat tricks you can use. Whichever blog post you intend to share via Pinterest, be sure to set your primary focus on the image; next comes the description and you have 500 characters to catch reader’s attention.

Connect & Share Using LinkedIn

There is a reason I have mentioned LinkedIn separate from other social media channels and that’s primarily because of the platform’s formal approach. You need to have a built up profile with relevant connections before sharing your blog on the platform. Unlike casual social media channels, it is advised to keep a formal and to-the-point approach when writing a description for your blog post on LinkedIn.

Don’t appear as a salesperson on LinkedIn, you wouldn’t want your connections to disregard your posts. It is understandable that as a genuine profile you need to be active on LinkedIn with regular updates, but going overboard with these updates is where most newbies lose it.

For starters, reach out to people with similar interests; this could be industry competitors or potential audience for your blog. Look up what groups they use to connect with each other and interact with individuals.

Help Potential Audience on Quora

Next up on the list is Quora and let me put it out there “Quora is not a channel for marketing your blog”; having said this, it is still there on my list and there are reasons for it. This is the channel where you don’t have to be sharing your content to increase blog traffic, instead, this is where you solve problems of others. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert in your field or not, all you have to do is have the intent to help others with their queries and they’ll eventually look you up.

So how does this market your blog? Your profile is the answer. When beginning on Quora, set up a decent profile and clearly identify the niche that you’re interested in. Follow topics closely relevant to your blog, so that when people look up your profile, they find your blog and thus your content reaches the wider audience with this channel.

Share your Story in an Interview

This is another interesting approach to spread your blog’s reach but it’s not an easy one. The idea behind this channel is not to interview others but to be the interviewee yourself. How’s that difficult? It is if you are not a famous personality or an influencer of your niche.

However, there is still a way to go about it, but you have to look out for interview websites that are publishing stories of people other than just influencers. But what can you expect to share? An interesting story if not a successful one. It must be noted that such platforms aren’t easy to find and there could be a long queue of people waiting to get their stories published.

Present your Blog With SlideShare

Let’s talk about the unsung hero of marketing business: SlideShare. It’s another popular channel for creating brand awareness and achieve better ranking on Google search. I will not go into details of making the perfect presentation for SlideShare. For this guide, I’ll just stick to making smart use of SlideShare.

There are few ways you can market your blog via SlideShare and one of them is to include your entire blog post in the presentation with a bit of introduction and conclusion. As easy as it seems, it must be noted that such a presentation needs to be absolutely eye-catching and worth the time of the reader.

Other ways to use SlideShare would be giving a bit of your content in the slide and then directing readers to the blog. Now, it’s totally your call whether you want to throw a teaser in the presentation or just the introduction; it all depends on what’s catchy enough for readers to jump straight to your blog.

Use Infographics

If you are a new blogger and have already faced penalties for resharing same content on too many platforms then this is the channel you should be looking toward. For starters, it’s safe. You don’t get penalized for resharing and it’s quite attractive, considering its to-the-point approach.

However, there is a catch. You can’t just come up with an infographic on a random subject and expect traffic on it. The first step toward creating an interesting infographic content is carrying out the due research on the content subject.

After carrying out research on what subjects are being discussed among the audience of your niche, jot down points and form an infographic; your product should either add value to the discussion or solve common pain points of your readers.

Be Part of Niche-specific Communities

Be it Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform, try looking up your niche-specific groups and present your content in attractive manner.

You can choose from any of the aforementioned content types to share within a community. Create a mixture of SlideShare and formal content and post it in a LinkedIn group or a community of professionals; chances are that the communities may have other bloggers too and this is your opportunity to interact with them.

It is important to note that the community road goes both ways, you can’t just exist to share your content but you ought to appreciate others’ work as well. This helps build relationship with other bloggers and you never know if one of them wants to invite you to write for their blog.

Feature Influencers to the Best of your Advantage

This is more of a hack to market your blog and most new as well as established bloggers frequently use it. The idea is to look up influencers in your target market and feature them in your blog. These famous personalities could be experts of their respective fields or simply bloggers who receive trunk load of traffic on their websites. The deal is simple, you craft your blog post around them in one way or the other and watch them share your content; just like that, your blog reaches their reader base.

Another way to include popular personalities in your blog is to interview them. Once you have identified a list of people who have major contributions against their name in your targeted niche, take out the time to interview them. Carefully design the questionnaire in a fashion that is not only informative but also brings out details that the interviewee has not already mentioned elsewhere on the web. Chances are these influencers are already heading some communities and they will most probably share these interviews with other members.

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Hamza Khalil

Hamza Khalil works at Cloudways—A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He’s an engineer by books and a marketer by passion. In his spare time, Hamza loves discussing Spanish football league and latest trends of tech industry.

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