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Finding the Best Alternative of Display Widgets Plugin

September 15, 2017

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With over 200,000 active installations, Display Widgets was one of the most widely used plugins of WordPress. However, users are probably wondering why it has been missing from the WordPress repository for more than a month now. They are also most likely to consider a good Display Widgets WordPress plugin alternative when issues about its disappearance have eventually surfaced.

Widget Options

The Popularity of Display Widgets

A plugin wouldn’t obtain over 200,000 active installations if it wasn’t good. When web designers realized that it’s important to display different sidebar contents for every page, they relied on Display Widgets. They also counted on it for the many aspects of widget management. One is ensuring there are no duplicate widgets and multiple sidebars. When it came to effective sidebar customization, Display Widgets delivered the best user experience for its users.

Why Display Widgets Disappeared?

For a month now, Display Widgets has been missing from the WordPress repository. WordPress support team has refused to provide an official statement about the plugin’s sudden disappearance. However, some users have provided account of what they believed to be the causes.

One of the alleged causes of Display Widget’s removal from the repository is that it has collected website visitors’ data without their consent. This is a potential violation of the privacy policy. Moreover, it has allegedly snuck in an article that contains spammy links that only search engines can see. Such articles can affect SEO rankings.

Finding a Good Display Widgets Plugin Alternative

While issues with Display Widgets are yet to be resolved, a lot of its users are in search for an alternative that should match or perhaps surpass its functionality. To help them choose the best alternative, I have listed here the highlighted features of Display Widgets. They should be able to find similar functions and more that they think would help them manage their widgets efficiently.

Display Widgets

  • Shows/hides widgets on posts and pages
  • Shows/hides widgets based on category
  • Manages visibility based on taxonomy

Widget Options Plugin for WordPress: The Best Alternative

Widget Options Plugin

Users find the above-mentioned features quite useful, and if they must find the best Display Widgets alternative, consider Widget Options by Phpbits Creative Studio. It has covered ALL the functions of Display Widgets and more.

  • Shows/hides widgets on posts and pages
  • Shows/hides widgets based on category
  • Manages visibility based on taxonomy
  • Custom WordPress Widget Alignments
  • Display Widget Logic
  • Hide Widget Title
  • Live Widget Search Filter

You can download Widgets Options for free from its official site or from the WordPress repository.

Final Thoughts!

For a little over one and a half years now, more than 20,000 active users have been enjoying all these features of Widget Options. It currently has more than 500 five-star ratings due to its secured, fast and seamless, and spam-free interface.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Bernadette from Phpbits Creative Studio. The opinions and ideas expressed herein are author’s own, and in no way reflect Cloudways position.

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Saud Razzak

Saud is the WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed WooCommerce Hosting Platform. Saud is responsible for creating buzz, spread knowledge, and educate the people about WordPress in the Community around the globe. In his free time, he likes to play cricket and learn new things on the Internet. You can email him at

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