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Themeco’s Two Powerful WordPress Themes For All Customer Types

November 8, 2017

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Cloudways is excited to introduce you to two incredible WordPress themes that are sure to change the way you think about building sites in WordPress. As a follow up to our partnership announcement with Themeco, we wanted to give you a quick guided tour of their two flagship products X and Pro. Let’s dig in!

X: The Ultimate WordPress Theme

Debuted in 2013, X is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market. It is used daily by customers ranging from new bloggers to the U.S. Government and everyone in between. Throughout the years, Themeco has lovingly updated this powerful theme with many new features and enhancements, and we’d like to walk you through just a few of them today.


This powerful 100% front-end page builder set a new standard for page building when it was debuted in 2015. Since then the team has been hard at work, bringing advanced controls to their list of Elements in addition to several under the hood enhancements.

Themeco Cornerstone

As of October 2017, they have released their first phase of “V2 Elements” (Elements with advanced controls) and are getting ready to begin work on a completely revamped template manager that will allow people to share and reuse their design assets across their own personal and client sites or with others.


Perhaps the most value-packed feature of X is the (near 30) premium plugins that are included with each and every purchase. With the combination of Themeco and third-party plugins, these tools have become some of the most popular premium products on the market today.

Even better, Themeco provides updates for users as they are made available from the developer and support. Themeco correctly calculated that most of their professional customers use many different tools to put together a finished site. Now their customers have a chance to get just about everything they could ever need through the Extension ecosystem.

All Extensions are separate plugins for maximum performance so as to not “bloat” the theme with unnecessary features that not everyone wants.

Additional Features

We’re really just scratching the surface on what X can allow you to do. In addition, there are many Expanded Demos, a term Themeco coined that means you get the entire full site design (images, sliders, copy, and more).

This means, with the click of a mouse, you can install a multi-page site. This is great for quick prototyping, which you can always deconstruct — take away pages or content sections — to build whatever you would like. It’s the perfect starting point and a great feature of X.

For a full list of the dozens of other features, be sure to check out the feature section of the X overview page. X is a tried and true workhorse with a dedicated team and large user base behind it. It is indeed a great tool for beginners and professionals alike!

Pro: The Most Advanced Website Creator for WordPress

In early 2017, Themeco set the standard again with a completely new theme called Pro. As the name suggests, this theme is targeted to the creative professionals out there — people who build sites for clients or who want maximum control over the web building experience in WordPress.

Header, Content, & Footer Builders

The most impressive and foundational feature of Pro is the family of interconnected builders. Covering the 3 parts of your page: the header, content, and footer. Builders work together to provide you a veritable canvas to create custom layouts, content, and functionality all in a native environment.

Themeco HeaderThemeco Pro Header


Themeco ContentThemeco Pro Content


Themeco Banner

Themeco Pro Footer


As a matter of fact, in many ways, Pro is like an immersive WordPress experience leveraging the powerful parts of WordPress while leaving the “creation” to a well thought out, end-to-end solution.

Partials: The Lego Brick Pieces of the Pro Theme

One of the more profound pieces to the page building puzzle is finding a way to provide near limitless flexibility, while also being performance conscious. Themeco’s answer to this problem is something they call Partials, which you can think of as Lego brick pieces.

Effectively, a Partial is any bit of reusable HTML, CSS or JavaScript utilized across multiple elements to help create a unified building experience. One of the best examples of this in action is their “Anchor Partial,” which powers all of Pro’s buttons, toggles, and navigation links.

Since the same set of stylistic options and interactive functionality is available across all of these elements, you don’t have to learn a unique set of controls for dozens of elements. Instead, you are working with the same familiar, flexible base everywhere. This also means that when they release new features to a particular Partial, that functionality instantly rolls out to all elements utilizing it.

This unified way of nesting partials within partials and being able to more readily mix and match them as needed keeps Themeco from having to reinvent the wheel over and over again and instead allows them to capitalize on an already solid base, which can be extended to include new situations as needed.

What’s in the Pipeline?

Themeco is working on an incredible new Template Manager for Pro that will allow you to easily take everything from an Element Preset (styling for a button) to a Content Template (page content) to a Header or Footer and easily export, share, and reuse the asset on your other Pro sites. This feature is slated to go live in late 2017. Rumor has it they are also working on another top secret feature related to templating that users are going to love!

In addition, there are about 15 other V2 Elements they are working through. These Elements allow for an incredible (native) customization experience through well thought out controls. If for some reason you don’t want all that customization control, the Classic Elements are more opinionated options that are quick and easy!

In many ways, Pro represents an entirely new vision for what is possible in WordPress, and we invite you to see why so many creative professionals are standardizing their businesses around this incredible product.

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