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LearnPress Review – Is It the Best LMS Plugin in 2024? [In-Depth Guide]

Updated on January 24, 2024

10 Min Read
learnpress WordPress plugin

Are you a tutor who has decided to embrace digitalization and build online course content using WordPress? If that’s the case, you’ve already taken the first step to expanding your brand and capturing the online audience.

The next step is selecting the right WordPress LMS plugin for this job. LearnPress is one of the most popular choices in this domain. Plugins like LearnPress have transformed teachers into online entrepreneurs by launching their online courses, information-based products, and training programs to audiences worldwide.

So is LearnPress worthy of being the right pick for the best WordPress LMS plugin? This in-depth review should clear that up and help you decide whether or not LearnPress meets your requirements.

Short on time? Skip to the relevant topic from the TOC to get your answers. We have covered LearnPress’ features, installation steps, pricing, pros and cons, FAQs and have given a final verdict on its usability.

Who Uses LearnPress?

Tutors, educational websites, and entrepreneurs use LearnPress plugin to create and sell their courses online. This WordPress LMS plugin allows you to create a curriculum and add various lessons and quizzes to help your students and assess them.

Do you necessarily have to be a coder to use LearnPress? The answer is a big fat no; because the specialty of this plugin is that it has been made for all kinds of users. Even the non-techies can create their courses without any coding obstacles blocking their way.


Another factor that makes LearnPress WordPress plugin a favorite of many online tutors is its freemium offering. Yes, the revolutionary LMS plugin is FREE for all users, so you may begin using it right away and start making money online. Also, LearnPress is a savior for all non-English tutors, thanks to its availability in 14 different languages.

Small wonder LearnPress is the MOST USED WordPress LMS, having over 100,000 active  active users, and rated as the best LMS platform.

LearnPress – Key Features

Features drive a plugin; they increase its feasibility and ease of use. LearnPress acknowledges the need for rich features and offers multiple functionalities to give its users the optimum experience. In this section, I have covered the main features that make LearnPress the best player in the world of WordPress LMS plugins.


LearnPress’ easy-to-use interface is known for its intuitiveness and responsiveness. The user can create courses and lessons without dealing with any coding complexities using the WordPress dashboard.

Thanks to its gentle learning curve, any non-tech savvy user can get started with LearnPress and master it quickly. LearnPress’s dashboard is quite similar to WordPress’s, which eases management, so building courses is relatively easy with LearnPress if you are acquainted with the WordPress interface’s basics.


LearnPress’ usage experience is maximized by its variety of free and paid add-ons. Even though you are not obliged to use the add-ons, you can use them to add more value to your content.

Add-ons like advanced quizzes, reviews, drip-feeding and certification, help improve engagement and assessment. You can enable or disable the add-ons anytime as per your requirements.


To beautify your website or store with unique themes, get the LearnPress themes priced at 69.99 USD on ThemeForest. Don’t want to spend extra on themes? LearnPress also provides a few free themes for its freemium users.

The best thing about the premium LearnPress add-ons is that they only require a one-time payment for lifetime usage.

Easy Course Creation & Management

LearnPress’s easy-to-use drag and drop builder simplifies course creation and management, letting you create new courses, quizzes, and lessons.

All you need is to create your content and paste it into the relevant section of your resource created within WordPress. Users can make their courses more interactive by adding images, text, videos, slideshows, and more to their lessons and quizzes.

You can easily customize multiple quiz types to monitor your students’ progress, and there’s no limit on the number of courses, quizzes, or lessons with LearnPress.

The user can mark their courses as paid or free and set the payment options. Want to show a little preview of your course or lesson before your student takes them? LearnPress allows you to set some lessons as viewable before taking the course.

Moreover, users who own multiple websites that use the LearnPress plugin can easily import or export their courses and lessons to other websites.

FREE – No Hidden Costs

What separates LearnPress from all other leading WordPress LMS plugins is that it is offered for FREE. Yes, you can use all of this plugin’s functionalities without investing a single dime.

Considering LearnPress’ features, usability, and functionalities, it’s incredible that it’s free, but that’s the truth. There are no hidden costs to this plugin, and you can use this risk-free to build your courses.

The only place where the term “price” coincides with LearnPress is its premium add-ons, for which the user has to pay a one-time fee for lifetime usage. That said, those add-ons are optional, and it is totally up to the user to opt for them or just use the freemium ones.

Even though LearnPress is offered free, its creators are generous enough to let users make money from their content. Users can sell their courses and use multiple payment methods for smooth payment procedures.


Flexibility is the one factor that every WordPress LMS plugin must tick to survive in this constantly growing and competitive market.

Don’t doubt LearnPress’s flexibility just because it’s free!

learnpress flexibility

Not only does it allow you to add multiple payment options, but it also lets you experiment with your content using its various features. It advertises your content in a manner designed to gain students’ attention online.


Devising a successful content strategy is not child’s play. The process requires a lot of thought, insight and then is developed by a solid plan. After coming up with an engaging curriculum, you don’t want to surprise your users with a broken or problematic site.

learnpress support

Since LearnPress is built for all kinds of users, not every user is acquainted with the technical terminologies, let alone potential software issues. 24/7 active support is required for timely help and quick fixes.

That’s the one area LearnPress lets you down. I won’t vouch for the support since there’s massive room for improvement. LearnPress has a support forum on social media platforms to resolve your queries, but that’s not enough to substitute for 24/7 support.

How to Create an LMS Site with LearnPress [Easy Steps]

I’ll guide you through the easy steps to create an online course and a complete LMS website for your online audience. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the setup process.

Note: I’m assuming that you’ve already launched a new WordPress site and are only looking for the installation setup.

Step 1: Install the LearnPress LMS Plugin

Start with visiting your WordPress Dashboard.

  • Go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Search for “LearnPress
  • Click Install and Activate.

learnpress installation guide

  • Once the plugin is installed, click on Quick Setup and complete the setup wizard process to configure your LearnPress LMS site.

learnpress setup guide

When the setup wizard finishes, you will have two options to start, i.e., a demo course and a new course. I suggest you go with the demo course to help you analyze how a basic course is created, and it will also serve as a sample of your courses.


Step 2: Create a New Course

  • To create your first course, go to LearnPress Menu > Course > Add New.
  • Fill in the title, course overview (description), add the featured image and other details.

add new course

You can also add lessons and quizzes, pricing, level settings, student enrollments, and other elements to your courses from the same section.


Step 3: Create a New Lesson

  • Navigate to the lessons section and click “add new” to create a new lesson.
  • Fill in the lesson title and description.
  • Add images, and set duration.


Moreover, you can assign the created lessons to any course with a few clicks. You can see in the picture below how I have listed the lessons for a particular course.


Step 4: Create a New Quiz

Creating a new quiz is similar to creating a new lesson.

  • Add the title, description, and questions for the quiz. Moreover, you can set the question type, e.g., a true/false, multichoice, blanks, etc., questions.


  • Set up the quiz duration, passing grades, and other configurations in the quiz settings.


  • If you want to add your quiz to a particular course, go to Courses > Curriculum > Select Items > Quiz and select your quiz.


LearnPress Pros and Cons

Sure, LearnPress is all about user-friendliness, affordability, and responsiveness, but it has its cons as well. Here’s a quick analysis of its positives and negatives.

LearnPress Pros

  • It’s completely FREE.
  • Allows you to add multiple question types in quizzes.
  • Supports freemium and premium add-ons for maximum feasibility.
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations.
  • Easy course creation via drag and drop builder.

LearnPress Cons

  • Limited and confusing documentation.
  • Support needs massive improvement.
  • Ads may appear in the free version at the bottom of the directory pages.

LearnPress Pricing

You might be wondering why we have a pricing section for LearnPress when we have already declared that it is available for free for all users.

Don’t worry; LearnPress is definitely free! But users who want to experience it with theme bundles and advanced features can opt for its paid versions,

I have divided LearnPress’ bundles into three sections and will be pointing out each bundle’s offerings separately.


LearnPress Free

Unlike other WordPress LMS plugins, LearnPress’s free version isn’t just for display. It doesn’t offer limited features designed to lure the audience into buying the premium versions. On the contrary, its free version is equipped enough to allow every user to build their courses, play around with add-ons and themes, and start earning without paying a dime.

Here are some of the benefits of the freemium version:

  • Unlimited users, courses, and lessons.
  • Free add-ons.
  • 1 site license.
  • Free timely updates.
  • Usable with any theme.
  • Provides 3 basic quiz types.
  • Allows you to sell individual courses.

In addition to the above benefits, the freemium version will soon be incorporating more exciting features like course wishlist, course reviews, import-export, more integrations, and much more.

LearnPress Theme Bundle

If you want to upscale your LearnPress usage experience, gain unlimited access to all of its add-ons, and use any theme, you should opt for its Theme Bundle.

The LearnPress Theme Bundle offers the following benefits:

  • One-time payment ranges from $49 – $69
  • Unlimited courses, users, lessons, and instructors (also co-instructors).
  • Multiple payment options including PayPal, WooCommerce, 2Checkout, Stripe, etc.
  • Offline payment.
  • Free active support for 6 months.
  • Lifetime access to all the latest updates.
  • Ability to sell courses individually, multiple courses, and course memberships.

LearnPress PRO Bundle

Users seeking unrestricted service and access to all premium and advanced features should go for the LearnPress PRO Bundle, which allows you to create 3 different websites.

The salient features of the PRO bundle are as follows:

    • Currently available at the discounted price of $249.99 (original price: $499).
    • 3 site licenses.
    • Unlimited courses, users, instructors, and lessons.
    • Co-instructors + Content Drip.
    • Free support for 6 months.
    • Usable with any theme of your choice.
    • Free add-ons.
    • Automatic email system.
    • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Offline payment.
  • 3 basic quiz types.

Final Thoughts: Is LearnPress the Best WordPress LMS Plugin?

All things considered, LearnPress is an excellent WordPress LMS plugin that combines usability, features, and flexibility to offer tutors, teachers, and entrepreneurs the optimum solution to create and market their courses. On top of that, it is offered for FREE, which is why it is the most used LMS plugin and is gaining more popularity with time.

The only downside to LearnPress is its support, which is too limited for a novice user to work on the plugin without any technical obstacles. But that aside, the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

This LearnPress review reflects my experience; does it fulfill all your LMS needs, or do you think it lacks something? Share your experience with this LMS plugin in the comments below.

How do I use the LearnPress plugin in WordPress?

Follow the steps below to use the LearnPress plugin on a WordPress website.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Navigate to Plugins and click Add New.
  • Type “LearnPress” in the search bar, and click enter.
  • Click “Install Now” to install the LearnPress plugin.
  • Click Activate.
  • You’ll see the setup wizard; click “Run Setup Wizard.”
  • Set your preferred currency.
  • Then, name the pages yourself or automatically allow LearnPress to do it for you.
  • Configure the payment options.
  • Set up emails.
  • Click “Create New Course” to build your first course with LearnPress.

How much does LearnPress cost?

LearnPress is available for free for all users. However, LearnPress offers its theme bundle at a range of $49-$69 and its Pro Bundle at a discounted price of $249.99.

Which is better: LearnPress or Tutor LMS?

LearnPress and Tutor LMS are both rich in features, and both offer their free and paid versions. However, LearnPress’ freemium version is much better than any of the other WordPress LMS plugins thanks to its intuitiveness, advanced features, and user-friendliness.

How do I add LearnPress to WordPress?

You can add the LearnPress plugin to WordPress by following the steps below:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Navigate to Plugins and click Add New.
  • Type “LearnPress” in the search bar, and click enter.
  • Click “Install Now” to install the LearnPress plugin.
  • Click Activate.
  • You’ll see the setup wizard; click “Run Setup Wizard.”
  • Configure the setup as per your requirements.
  • Click “Create New Course” to build your first course with LearnPress.

How do I add a payment method on LearnPress?

Follow the easy steps below to add a payment method on LearnPress:

  • Go to LearnPress on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Payments.
  • Now select your preferred payment method and click to edit its settings.

Is LearnPress open source?

Yes, LearnPress is an open-source WordPress LMS plugin that you can use to create and sell online lessons and courses.

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