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Tutor LMS Plugin: A Powerful Plugin for Creating LMS Using WordPress in 2022

Updated on June 3, 2022

11 Min Read
tutor lms

With online education becoming the norm, students and teachers swiftly move towards modern digital solutions. If you are looking for ways to shift your traditional classroom online or start an eLearning platform, a WordPress LMS plugin can ease your job.

With the growing number of top-rated LMS solutions available online, choosing the right LMS plugin can be daunting. Tutor LMS is a trusted name among the best WordPress LMS plugins, famous for its drag & drop system to create resourceful courses.

In fact, we’ve partnered up with Themeum, the company that owns Tutor LMS, to allow users to launch the LMS on top of high-performance servers in 1-click for a highly convenient solution. More on this later, though.

But is Tutor LMS worth all the praise? Let’s find out in this in-depth review. Furthermore, I’ll also cover its installation and course-building steps in this blog. So, keep reading to find out more about this budding LMS plugin.

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Before we jump into the review, let me give a short overview of Tutor LMS to help you understand the plugin better.

Tutor LMS – An Overview

Tutor LMS is a WordPress LMS plugin built for creating an eLearning project. With over 40,000 active installations and frequent updates, it has already become a serious player in the LMS industry.

tutor lms overview

From course and quiz creation to adding monetization features or awarding certificates, this feature-rich LMS covers it all and efficiently delivers all eLearning platform requirements.

Tutor LMS Review – Key Features

Tutor LMS has tons of features that help you create interactive, effective, and engaging courses for your learning platform. This section focuses on its most impressive features and how they can help you build an intuitive eLearning platform.

Frontend Course Builder

Tutor LMS offers a highly extensive drag and drop builder which facilitates the non-tech-savvy users to build their courses without dealing with any design frustrations.

tutor lms frontend course builder

Using the intuitive builder, you can easily create quizzes, lessons, assignments and use the builder’s extensive features to embellish your eLearning platform with the correct elements to fall perfectly upon the requirements of both the teachers and the students.

The front-end builder gives you live editing results to get a clear idea of how your implemented changes will look. This way, you may make any changes if required before going live.

Advanced Quiz Creator

Once students have taken your courses, it’s time to test them by conducting quizzes. While many plugins can help with quiz creation, not every plugin will let you build interactive quizzes.

tutor lms advanced quiz builder

Tutor LMS understands the need for creating engaging quizzes and offers ten different quiz types.

  • True/False
  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Open-Ended/Essay
  • Matching
  • Ordering
  • Image Matching
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Image Answering
  • Short Answer

Additionally, you can set a deadline or time limit for completing each quiz and have the choice to display or hide the timer. Other than that, many convenient customization settings are there to help you create a quiz that lets you gauge students’ understanding appropriately.

Automatic Emails With Email Template Editor

Tutor LMS has a built-in email notification system to keep the students and tutors updated with the latest happenings. You can manage the notifications sent to the teachers and students when you have enabled the email notification add-on.

tutor lms email template editor

Automatic emails come in handy as you can set them up once a student finishes a course, a teacher creates a new course, etc. In addition, you can use Tutor LMS’s customizable email templates to improve user engagement by connecting with your audience. You can easily edit the email templates right from the Settings and send a Test Mail with the email template editor.

Multi-Instructor Friendly

Assigning multiple instructors to a single course will broaden the chances for students to take your courses as they can choose their preferred instructor.

Although this is an excellent option that promotes diversity and gives the students a choice, it is crucial that you only add qualified instructors to a course to avoid any risks. The best practice is to review an instructor’s profile and check their subject relevancy before adding them to a course.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Passive income is the secret to survival these days, and building an LMS platform is an excellent way of getting extra bucks. Tutor LMS allows you to monetize all your courses. It also lets you create different monetization plans via eCommerce plugins.


With various users visiting your monetized store, there’s no guarantee of them using the same payment method. You can’t rely on a single payment gateway, so here’s the catch: Tutor LMS allows you to set up multiple payment gateways allowing customers to pay using their preferred option.

Multiple payment gateways allow you to maintain flexibility and scalability and are worthwhile for your growth. Moreover, you can also add shopping carts, one-time or lifetime access, subscription models, etc., to your teaching platform.

Learning Path Management

Tutor LMS grants its users full control over their platform to adjust it as per their requirements and create engaging eLearning platforms.

Tutors can create a learning community allowing students to interact with their teachers. You can create a learning path using addons like Content Drip and Course Prerequisites to help students have a better learning experience.


Working with an LMS plugin requires support, regardless of its user-friendliness. Tutor LMS has provided extensive documentation on its website that tackles all the recurring problems and provides easy solutions. Video tutorials are available on their website for visual help seekers.

Tutor lms support

Suppose the problem you’re facing is not mentioned in the documentation or the videos. In that case, you may contact Tutor LMS by filling up the contact form or simply emailing Themeum to seek support.

Other than that, Tutor LMS also provides a live chat service. You can access the service by clicking the Help button on their homepage.

Q&A for Instant Communication

Tutor LMS provided an intuitive Q&A feature to communicate and solve students’ queries instantly. It comes with handy features like marking questions as Solved, Important, or Archive questions asked by students.

tutor lms q&a for instant communication

Other Tutor LMS Features

In addition to the aforementioned features, Tutor LMS offers several other exciting features, some of them include:

  • Unlimited courses and lessons
  • Detailed reports & analytics
  • Frontend dashboard
  • Notification bar on the dashboard
  • Pre-made instructor layouts
  • Course prerequisite checks
  • Sales commission and fees option
  • Gradebook
  • Content drips
  • Assignment submission and manual review
  • Certificate download and public URL
  • Course review and rating system
  • Centralized monetization settings
  • Gutenberg, BuddyPress, Yoast SEO, GamiPress, WP Fusion & WooCommerce compatible
  • Content security
  • Restrict Content Pro
  • Paid Memberships Pro

Tutor LMS WordPress Plugin Installation Prerequisites

To get started with the Tutor LMS WordPress plugin, you need to make sure you have chosen WordPress as your default CMS of choice. After that, all you need to do is install from the WordPress plugins directory or manually download, install & activate it.

The plugin has both a free and a paid version, so let’s see how to install both.

How to Install Tutor LMS on Cloudways

The Tutor LMS WordPress plugin installation process can get quite challenging for some users, but with Cloudways, it’s just a matter of a few clicks.

We’ve partnered with Themeum to simplify the Tutor LMS installation for all Cloudways users and help them use the plugin within a few minutes.

Follow the steps below to install Tutor LMS on Cloudways.

  • Step 1: Visit the Themeum + Cloudways partnership page, and click on LAUNCH TUTOR LMS FOR FREE.
  • Step 2: Existing customers will be redirected to the server configuration page. If you are a new customer, you will have to sign up on Cloudways.

install tutor lms on cloudways

  • Step 3: Name your managed server and application.
  • Step 4: Select your preferred IaaS cloud provider, then choose your server size and location.

install tutor lms on cloudways

  • Step 5: You will see the hourly and monthly charges per your server configuration; click LAUNCH NOW to power up your new server.

install tutor lms on cloudwaysThat’s it. Enjoy building your eLearning project, and start earning!

How to Install Tutor LMS Free Version [Easy Steps]

It’s very easy to install the free version of Tutor LMS. The free version is available on the plugins directory. You can install Tutor LMS from your WordPress dashboard as well. To do that:

  • Go to your WordPress site Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  • Type “Tutor LMS” in the search field.
  • Find Tutor LMS from the list and hit “Install Now.”

TutorLMS free version

After successful installation, activate the plugin to create a full-fledged online learning platform.

How to Install Tutor LMS Pro Version

Follow the steps below to install the Tutor LMS Pro version:

  • Visit Tutor LMS’s official website.
  • Click Buy Now and choose your plan.
  • After filling in the required information, you’ll get a zip file and a license key.

install TutorLMS pro


  • Go to your WordPress site Dashboard
  • Navigate to Plugins Add New
  • On the top, click the “Upload Plugin.
  • Upload the file, and follow the setup’s steps.

How to Add New Courses in Tutor LMS

You can add new courses to Tutor LMS by following the steps below:

  • Go to Tutor LMSCourses.
  • Click Add New.
  • You will be redirected to the course creation page.

add online courses in tutor lms

  • Enter your course title, description, tags, and a featured image.
  • Now you can include a course excerpt and set the course prerequisites.

Create Quizzes in Tutor LMS

create quizzes in tutor lms

 Tutor LMS has advanced quiz creator features to benefit from the following ten unique question patterns.

  1. Image Matching
  2. Image Answering
  3. Ordering
  4. True/False
  5. Single Choice
  6. Multiple Choice
  7. Open-Ended/Essay
  8. Fill In The Blank
  9. Short Answers
  10. Pattern Matching

For a better understanding, you can check the demo.

The Grading Process

Every course needs an evaluation system. With Tutor LMS, as part of the assessment process, you can set the following options:

  • Set the passing grade
  • Limit quiz attempts
  • Automated quiz results
  • Manual review for open-ended questions
  • Display result status

Monetize Your Courses

Tutor LMS supports Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and WooCommerce as monetization options. Depending on your preference, you can integrate any of these options. For in-depth understanding and setup procedures, you can visit the official documentation.

monetize your courses in tutor lms

Present Certificates to the Students

In recognition of successful course completion, you can reward students with a nice certificate. Tutor LMS comes with several customizable certificate templates. You can also create your own custom certificates using the Tutor LMS Certificate Builder using the additional (free) Certificate Builder plugin that comes with an active Pro license.

The drag & drop certificate builder comes with all the elements needed to create the perfect certificate for your courses.

tutor lms certificate builder

Follow the steps below to create a certificate with the Tutor LMS Certificate Builder.

  • Install the Certificate Builder plugin
  • Enable the Certificate add-on
  • Go to the Tutor LMS Settings
  • Click on Create Certificate

Tutor LMS certificate

This will take you to the editor window, where you can either customize pre-built templates or create a certificate from scratch.

Tutor LMS Pros and Cons

No matter how incredible or user-friendly a tool, it always has positives and negatives; Tutor LMS is no exception. I have listed its pros and cons below to help you make an informed decision.


  • Intuitive drag and drop builder.
  • Advanced quiz creation.
  • Insightful reports.
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Unlimited courses.
  • Feature-enriched LMS plugin.
  • Easy administration.


  • Limited integrations.
  • The pro version has just a few more features than the free version.
  • Not compliant with SCORM.
  • Lacks gamification.

Tutor LMS Pricing

Let’s say that you are delighted to find an LMS plugin that fulfills all your requirements, but then all your excitement gets snatched away when you become aware of the plugin’s astonishingly high pricing. You want an LMS solution that assures high performance and is pocket-friendly as well.

Tutor LMS offers you both annual and lifetime plans and has separate plans for individuals, freelancers, and agencies.



  • The individual plan is priced at $149 (annually), and if you opt for the lifetime plan, you will get it at $399 (one-time payment).
  • Includes one site license.
  • The annual plan comes with free updates for a year, and the lifetime plan covers lifetime updates.
  • Includes all add-ons.
  • One free installation service on both annual and lifetime plans.
  • Supports third-party integrations.


  • The freelancer plan is priced at $199 (annually), and if you opt for the lifetime plan, you will get it at $599 (one-time payment).
  • Includes five site licenses.
  • The annual plan comes with free updates for a year, and the lifetime plan covers lifetime updates.
  • Includes all add-ons.
  • Two free installation services on the annual plan and five on the lifetime plan.
  • Supports third-party integrations.


  • The freelancer plan is priced at $299 (annually), and if you opt for the lifetime plan, you will get it at $999 (one-time payment).
  • Includes unlimited licenses.
  • The annual plan comes with free updates for a year, and the lifetime plan covers lifetime updates.
  • Includes all add-ons.
  • There are five free installation services on the annual plan and ten on the lifetime plan.
  • Supports third-party integrations.
  • The annual plan offers live chat support.
  • The lifetime plan offers an EXCLUSIVE 1-hour customization service.

Closing Remarks – Is Tutor LMS Worth It?

All things considered, Tutor LMS certainly is an excellent LMS plugin, given its rich features and ease of use. Although it is still a budding plugin, it will make its way up to the most preferred LMS plugins with time. Other than that, its flexible pricing and the freemium version are convincing enough for tutors and entrepreneurs to at least give it a try.

Which is better, LearnPress or Tutor LMS?

Both LearnPress and Tutor LMS are feature-enriched LMS plugins. While Tutor LMS is more user-friendly and has better designs, LearnPress’ freemium version is almost equivalent to other LMS plugins’ paid versions.

How do I export a Tutor LMS course?

You can export your Tutor LMS courses by following the easy steps below:

  • Visit your existing quizzes in the course editing mode.
  • Click the Export option (located on the right side).
  • Export your existing quiz as a CSV file to your local environment.

How does Tutor LMS work?

Tutor LMS is an LMS plugin for tutors and entrepreneurs to create new courses and build an eLearning platform via its easy drag-and-drop front-end course builder.

Is Tutor LMS compatible with Elementor?

Yes, Tutor LMS is compatible with Elementor, and you can use it with the popular page builder to create an eLearning platform.

Can Tutor LMS handle institutional eLearning programs?

Yes, Tutor LMS has a full-fledged solution for all institutions, whether it’s a school, college, or university.

Does Tutor LMS support third-party add-ons?

Yes. Tutor LMS supports several popular third-party integrations.

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