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Top 7 Web Design Magazines For Australian Designers in 2018

Updated on  14th February

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To be honest, online space is littered with one-click access to free web design news and guides. These are so rampant that many visitors hardly see the point in buying or subscribing to a web design magazine.

But ask an industry expert, and you’ll hear that it’s far from the truth.

Design Magazines

In fact, it is the web designers with the latest skills and knowledge up their sleeve that are best equipped to shake the industry. And, one of the best ways you can sharpen your saw is devouring – you’ve guessed it – the web design magazines.

5 Reasons Why Web Design Magazines Are Worth Your Time (And Money)

There are tons of reasons why you should read web design magazines. What you need to bear in mind is that reading a magazine isn’t the same as reading a blog or an article. These are two very different content formats.

A blog or an article puts more emphasis on engagement with an informal writing tone. A magazine, on the other hand, is focused on hands-on research. It is compiled by multiple authors with the articles framed around specific topics of interest.

So, what do you gain from skimming through these web design magazines?

Fresh content and industry insights

With magazines, you get to read the latest insights and industry updates. They offer exclusive research and content – the kind you’d rarely find in a regular blog – about the latest design trends, tools, and survey results.

And, these can be a source of immense competitive advantage in the mind of a skilled designer.

Career Advise and Jobs

There are only so many web design jobs you can find at job portals, and the majority of these aren’t for highly skilled designers. Web design magazines, on the other hand, present you with an array of jobs and useful career advice. The magazine articles also offer top-notch career tips and advice to secure well paid roles and what certifications you need to make your CV stand out.

Design tools, guides and reviews

Want to get an expert review about web design tools and frameworks? Magazines have you covered. You can easily find in-depth guides and reviews on the hottest design tools that are all the rage in the market.

Special offers and giveaways

Spending money on paid monthly magazines does pay off in the form of exciting offers and discounts. Web design magazines are excellent marketing and sales extensions for many brands that wish to promote their tools through enticing giveaways. You may win the chance to avail free trials of premium design tools or – if you’re very lucky – win a year’s worth of hosting service.

Web design networking events

Partaking in networking events is a fantastic opportunity to grow your network of fellow designers, clients, and industry influencers. Web design magazines often include an events section that details upcoming events featuring professional speakers and mentors. Taking part in such events can broaden your web design knowledge and help you get feedback on your pain points.

So if you want to get ahead of the curve, be sure to add these five web design magazines to your reading list.

Top 7 Web Design Magazines to Read in Australia this Year 

Web Designer

The Web Designer magazine offers a holistic and in-depth coverage of all the latest insights emerging from the web design industry. It sheds light on professional tutorials of trending design tools, such as CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, and JQuery.

It also features industry interviews, top design agency profiles, and access to designers of all skill levels.

And it doesn’t stop here. As a Web Designer subscriber, you receive 13 issues a year with 3,000+ free creative resources. This includes icon packs, brushes, HTML templates, and much more.


Dealing a variety of activities – from corporate branding to exhibitions and events, Print is a proud winner of five National Magazine Awards.

As a published magazine active since 1940, Print covers everything related to graphic design. It features content from a variety of design wizards on the “why” aspect of design, the evolution of the design and why design matters. It also conducts interviews of leading designers to showcase top design trends that are taking the industry by storm. Most important of all, Print also hosts the Print Design Awards as a means of scouting best talent.


This online magazine is ideal for staying updated with trendy design content. It offers a plethora of web design tips and tricks, career advice, job openings, UX, and covers a whole lot of impressive stuff. You can access How magazine in both digital and print formats.

How magazine also has a section on online learning that regularly features how-tos, design tutorials, online courses, and workshops. Also, you enjoy this magazine’s own online shop where you can buy exclusive web design books, tutorials, and magazine issues.


Layers magazine is the go-to destination for all types of design freaks – designers, filmmakers, and photographers. It has quickly grown to become one of the top design lifestyle magazines, despite being a little over a decade old. The magazine covers tutorials, photography, filmmaking, design, inspiration, and originals. It is owned by Kelby Media Group.

Net Magazine

This UK-based monthly magazine publishes a variety of content on web design for novice web designers. It offers a breadth of professional advice to guide young web designers on using popular web development and design tools, and infuses inspiration to become seasoned professionals.

You can buy the magazine either in print, digital, or both.

Graphic Design USA

Graphic Design USA has been the popular design news and insights source for the past five decades.

Available in both digital and print edition, the magazine brings you up-to-the-minute news on a wide spectrum of web design content including industry trends, new technologies, influencers to watch out for, design schools, latest job openings, and much more.

Graphic Design USA also shines a spotlight on the best designers of the year, recognizing new talent.

Communication Arts

As a bimonthly magazine available in both print and digital formats, Communication Arts magazine offers a fresh take on design topics from photography and advertising to illustration and typography. It provides a fashionable take on the web design industry with a specific focus on events and competitions. Best of all, you can download it in PDF format to later reading.


Web design magazines are an excellent source for staying abreast of new industry developments and resources. The above magazines are our top picks to hone your skills and knowledge. Can you think of any more design magazines that should be included to our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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