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How to Sell Ecommerce SEO Services to Maximize Revenue in 2022

Updated on January 29, 2022

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There are a number of factors involved in selling ecommerce SEO services. If you already have an operational plan ready for selling these services, there are a number of different steps that you need to take, starting with creating a website.

In this article, we shall discuss how to sell SEO services for ecommerce websites and go through the most common services that you can package or offer standalone to your audience.

What are Ecommerce SEO Services?

At its core, ecommerce SEO refers to a set of techniques that are used to rank an online store higher on search engines, such as Google. Without an iota of a doubt, having a website is a must for all Ecommerce platforms.

There are several common ecommerce SEO services that digital agencies can offer, which allows them to complement their existing set of services and boost revenue.

How Can You Sell Ecommerce SEO Services?

There are a number of ways to sell different ecommerce SEO services. Here are the most popular methods.

Create a High-Converting Landing Page

Your first step should be to create a landing page. Make sure you highlight all of the benefits of the services that you are offering. It is important to ensure that your landing page breeds confidence in the users. There are several key elements of high-converting landing pages that you should take into account as well.

Package with Existing Bundles

If you already have existing bundles that you offer to your clients, you can package your ecommerce SEO services. Start by offering a promotional discount to your existing customers to generate demand, and once they sign on for a specific period of time, you can then eventually sign them on for a longer period.

Promote Standalone Service Offerings

You can also promote standalone service offerings and add them to your existing complement of services. It is important for you to get some testimonials or proof of the work that you have done for other clients, so that you can present this to your audience.

Ask for Referrals

It’s always a wise idea to ask for referrals from your existing clients. That’ll make it easy for you to get your initial clients, allowing you to eventually promote your services to a wider audience.


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The 10 Most Common Ecommerce SEO Services That You Can Sell

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Now, if you are going to offer an ecommerce SEO package or even sell these services independently, you can focus on offering the following services.

1. Ecommerce Keyword Research

Without any doubt, your website relies on keywords more than any other thing for its ranking. Keyword research will help you know the phrases related to Ecommerce that your target audience searches for on Google. Thorough keyword research will tell you which keywords you should target, and which keywords your competitors are using.

There are a myriad of websites that offer keyword research services. You can get a paid subscription to different ecommerce SEO tools to easily monitor keywords and research new ones.

You can then prepare reports and share them with your clients. It’s a fantastic way to make more money, especially because clients can use these to craft their content strategy.

2. Technical SEO Analysis

Website analysis encompasses a deep examination of your website to get an insight into its optimization. Of course, for your ecommerce seo service provider to rank your website, he has to know about how your website has been optimized so far. For this purpose, they’ll have a close look at the content of your website and analyze the keywords that your website ranks for.

3. Complete E-Commerce SEO Audit

An SEO audit is a process of analyzing the technical infrastructure of a website. It includes both on-page and off-page elements to improve your ecommerce website’s ranking on search engines. For a website to achieve high rankings, its audit must be done regularly. This is one of the most popular SEO services for ecommerce websites that you can offer.

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4. Ecommerce Content Strategy

If carried out the right way, Ecommerce content strategy can make your Ecommerce website outshine your competition. To have a winning content strategy, your ecommerce B2B SEO services company will research to understand how your audience consumes content.

5. Internal Link Building

Internal linking refers to adding hyperlinks to the pages of the same website. They come in handy because they help Google understand your website and its content. By adding links, you tell Google what pages are important on your website and what content they have. They are also known to increase the traffic of linked pages. On an Ecommerce website, you can link pages of your other courses.

6. Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization, otherwise known as CRO, is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of conversions on your Ecommerce website. It helps you get more revenue by lowering the visitors’ acquisition costs and improving the user experience.

7. External Link Building

Unlike internal links that take you to another page on the same website, external links, commonly referred to as outbound links, are the hyperlinks that lead to pages of some other websites. They are important because Google views them as third-party votes. Aside from that, they direct visitors to other websites and hence, increase their traffic.

8. SEO Reporting & Ecommerce Focused Stats

As its name suggests, SEO reports tell which ecommerce SEO strategies are effective. They give you an idea of which services are result-oriented by giving you an overview and thus help you plan your SEO campaign better.

9. On Page SEO Implementation

The on page SEO implementation refers to the techniques that you can apply to improve your chances of ranking high. It aims to improve individual web pages on your website and drive more targeted traffic to your website.

In on page SEO, you have control over some of the factors that impact your website’s ranking. Keyword optimization, meta descriptions, tags, header tags, internal links, all fall under this umbrella.

10. Off Page SEO Implementation

Off page SEO implementation encompasses all the actions that you take off from your Ecommerce website to boost your website’s ranking. It can include links from other websites (external link building), guest posting, social media posting, and many more. It is sometimes not included in ecommerce SEO packages, so make sure to ask your ecommerce SEO consultant beforehand.

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Benefits of Selling Ecommerce SEO Services

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In an era where over 90% of online experiences start with a simple search, SEO serves as the roadmap to getting more eyes on your website. This is why a survey suggests that roughly 55% of business professionals hire an ecommerce SEO consultant to carry out SEO strategies.

Recurring Revenue

One of the prime reasons for selling SEO services for ecommerce sites is that it helps you generate recurring revenue. If you tie down a client to a recurring contract for the long-term, it’ll help you generate more revenue consistently. If you want, you can even white-label the best ecommerce SEO services from another agency.

Scale Your Business

By selling ecommerce SEO services, you can eventually work on scaling your business too. It’s a fantastic way to rapidly scale your business while maintaining significant profitability. If you currently don’t have the resources available to offer this service, you can always hire a SEO professional or white-label the services of another agency. This is a simple, yet highly effective way to get started.

Communicate and Review Services with Your Clients

Another fantastic benefit that you get for selling ecommerce SEO services is that it allows you to sit down with your clients after every month or so and discuss their needs. This helps open new channels of communication and allows you to build a better understanding with your clients.

The Importance of Ecommerce SEO in 2022

No matter what your business is, SEO can help just about every business. As far as ecommerce is concerned, it is a growing market, and for the time being, everyone seems to jump into the bandwagon and we see new companies launching day in, day out. Expectedly then, to make your name in this industry, you need to make sure that you constantly update and improve your service stack.

You can also set up a separate tier for optimizing landing pages, ecommerce product page SEO, and checkout and thank-you pages as well, and continue to get feedback from your clients to eventually grow.

Moreover, in order to follow a 360-degree approach in leveling up your ecommerce seo checklist, read the following actionable in-depth articles related to your seo goals for the year:

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